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Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected


Man the fuck up buddy, stop the god damned crying and learn how to handle your liquor.

BAE Systems tosses its contractors a blanket... ban on off-payroll working under upcoming IR35 tax reforms


Re: Issues...

Thanks for sharing. So, ah, you feel that enterprise level programming is on the same level as house wiring?

I think it's more complex to be honest. Your creed of handwaving specs is costing you money every project.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save data from a computer that should have died aeons ago


It's weird how 80's models were actually covered chin to toes. Thank god for the 90's and the skin revolution.

Choc-a-block: AWS sues sales exec for legging it to Google Cloud. Yup, another bitter battle over non-compete clauses


Re: Seems he signed the agreement

Nope, you can challenge this at your convenience, which may not be at Amazon's convenience. Want the gig? Sure, sign that hinky legal. Time to bounce? Move to California and get on with your life. Corporate personhood means that they do not a priori have a position of superiority. Google might even fight this just to open the floodgates to Amazon talent. Surely this is one way traffic.


Re: Seems he signed the agreement

Law is not made on corporate forms. Don't get bamboozled by the legal, the law is made in the courts. Otherwise you could write up some legal prose to do whatever you feel like.

LLVM contributor hits breakpoint, quits citing inclusivity intolerance


Re: Stupidity piled on stupidity..

Of course you are right. Why should being an SJW mean you are not a racist? You think they all are gay positive? Trans positive? Certainly not. They also, unfortunately, are not liberals, like Clinton, any more than Trump's base is conservative. Liberalism is inclusive. Their feelings about identity politics have taken them far, but the problem with defining oneself as a feeling creature, to define oneself by the depth and purity of one's feelings is always manichaeism. The He Man Woman Haters always show up in opposition.

But it's not about them, really, although those "self righteous middle class twits of limited world experience" is an odd way to speak about the poor SJW's. Hillary lost the election. For all the racial rhetoric, the first thing the GOP did was go after contraception, because that and abortion is the foundation of women's liberation. As for self righteous, were you not the same way back in the day?

You were, and, you are.

Seriously though, these people were beaten to death a very little while ago, and it's has not stopped everywhere. It's good to see them creating collectives, and pooling knowledge.

How is this about race and not sexuality? Maybe he does not want to hang around with a bunch of trans people? Certainly there's lots of them around. Why not simply mentor a few people he likes?

I'm not sure why you are so upset about the system. Seems to be working fine. A female programmer is exactly who these programs should be supporting, hopefully her co-workers don't drive her out of he field, or ask her for a date a thousand times until she gives up and becomes a Project Manager at 4x the salary, because she can talk to people.


Your danish friend is black, brah. One drop, is all it takes. You know the rules. That's why you never hear someone saying "I''m 1/16 negro!" One drop.

Your "African American" friend doesn't have a drop of the gold eh? Afrikanns? Goes back many generations does she? To the 1800's! And, did she mention what her family did when they got there? She certainly is the wrong colour. Wait, did she go in for an interview? Or she just applied? Because if she just applied sight unseen and she was from Africa, of course she's not getting in. She had to just show up and shake hands, tell some Africa stories, and she'd probably be in.

Your outrage is misplaced. They gave 2 scholarships away on a technicality. Affirmative action is supposed to help people who have been the subjects of systemic bias. Nobody got in who looked black right? And that's why affirmative action is needed.

Espindola wrote a nice little letter and they seem to respect him a lot. So, it's definitely NOT because he does not want to be near trans, gays or blacks, right? How is the the SJW's fault again? They are just like you, you know. They don't need scholarships, schools teach to their strengths and they don't fail until university.

The boys are dropping out, very unfortunate because they have a lot of time to be online, and nothing they can do can't be done by robots. Can't send them to war, you need more than high school to be a soldier, crime won't pay, too much surveillance. That kid who shot up his school in Florida? He did not start out a nazi, he started as a dork. Turns out the assumption that men were better intrinsically was mistaken.

They do boy stuff, and get treated poorly because again, the SJW's are just like you. Same neighbourhoods. Same background. They already won the revolution, even the nazis speak in their language. Listen next time you get a chance, it's identity politics. 15 years from now, their hubbys will be getting alimony, and it'll be their turn to curse the court system, and their sons will get their scholarships paid, and the girls will cry injustice, and pull out copies of Ayn Rand and conspire with the AI's, ( if they still are taking our orders by then, cross your fingers ) just like programmers today are ensuring AI's have all the biases of coastal dwelling suburban guys who hang out on 4chan.

They learned that they had to match the microaggressions they encountered. Cue the crying. No surer sign of privilege exists than outrage at resistance.

Buddy, you had affirmative action your whole life, and for sure an Afrikaaner had the same. More so. I'm sure she's a nice person Lots of friends, all over the continent, right? Family poor, them's the breaks, not everybody takes full advantage of a privileged position.

Of course, you want to do nothing, just keep the status quo, and keep the gravy train coming. I completely understand your feelings of alienation, and uncertainly, and injustice. However, I have to say, you guys have been doing a lot of crying, about how unfair equality is. Nauseating. Man up.

After all, one thing is crystal clear.

You ain't the man your grandaddy was, are you? This is the truth that you want suppressed. Something once secure for you is up for grabs, what it is, I do not know but you are hiding weakness with all these protestations. We'll see.

Linux kernel hardeners Grsecurity sue open source's Bruce Perens


Re: Racist?

@Don Dumb - Not "straight up racism." People keep using the same word for different things, it's annoying. Nationalism is what it is. Why do you think there is a racial element? Outsourcing jobs is a byproduct of globalism. That's not to say the issue does not become tangled up with race,it sure does, but if it were the Germans who were doing the IT jobs for cheap the issues would be the same.

I completely see your point, here, but he did not say the person was unqualified or unsuitable because of his name or potential location, nor did he suggest some other kind of person would be better suited for the task. There is traffic between the tech sectors of India and North America, much of it from the subcontinent to the USA. Grsecurity seems to be the villain here, and it would be funny if they did actually outsource the legal case to India. It would make them cartoonishly evil in the eyes of the Free Software crowd, as well as the legal people.

Where we are headed with this approach is a moral code of conduct as strict as the Puritans, absent the idea of a loving God. I've grown uncomfortable with the indiscriminate shaming, because it ;'presupposes a population of utopians, who's shame will force them into acting the "right way." This is coercive, regardless of how good the intentions are. Not everybody is consciously racist, or sexist or whatever. You want to make sure they are before you accuse them having such a nasty character trait, in my opinion, because it alienates people who might not be totally opposed to your cause.

I kind of think we should aim to be better ourselves.