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Petition asking Microsoft to open-source Windows 7 sails past 7,777-signature goal


I really want to destroy my business too

Why on God's green earth would Microsoft want release W7 code as Open Source?

Or more pertinently why won't they:

They will have to seperate out all the licensed code - cost a time and money for no return

They risk revealing aspects of the code that just might have followed into later product, potential compromising secuirty.

Users won't upgrade to W10 if they can hold on to W7 as there is now a less expensive support path - essentially f-up their own business.

Piss off users who've are lready paying for support.

And the list goes on...

These guys are bonkers if they thing MS will go for this base on the 7,777 people who signed a petition (100's of millions of users didn't sign the petition).

UK's beloved RNGesus machine ERNIE goes quantum in 5th iteration


Shurely theres some mishtake? Hic!

420 million prizes, worth £19.1m?

Shurely theres some mishtake? Hic!

That's an average of 4.5p for each prize.

Jeez, what a Huawei to go: Now US senators want Chinese kit ripped out of national leccy grid


Let's take this to it's logical conclusion....

I think they should take this to it's logical conclusion, scrap any device or equipment that is designed or built by a Chinese company whether it be a a passive or active component, PCA, storage device complete equipment.

Finding alternative suppliers would be interesting.

The company I work for make complex measurement systems that were designed in the US and Europe and are manufactured in the US but their country of original is listed as China because by value the product content is predominantly Chinese - packaged chips, wiring, passive components, LEDs, connectors, pcbs etc.

Go figure that out.

Smart meter firm EDMI asked UK for £7m to change a single component


13 people, 1.5 years, £13M?

Seriously, they are taking the piss.

I work on similar (equipment that measures electrical power, much more advanced than these meters) design projects (probably more complex) that requires a big element of firmware and application software.

If our team proposed a project like this asking for that budget wed be shown the door.

Would I have a Smart meter? No, consumer savings are marginal unless you have no idea where your electricity goes.

The savings for the power infrastructure companies is where the money is.

Marriott's Starwood hotels mega-hack: Half a BILLION guests' deets exposed over 4 years


Being fair to Marriott

Marriott can't be held wholly responsible, they only acquired Starwood in 2016, this hack seems to pre-date that. Still shit if you had your card deets swiped though.

Home Office seeks Brexit tech boss – but doesn't splash the cash


I'm applying...

I think I'll apply then we'll find out how really desperate they are to fill the post.


EU wants one phone plug to rule them all. But we've got a better idea.


Re: EU Standard plug

I hate the bulk of the UK plug, very chunky to carry while travelling. We should adopt the Australian plug, it's properly polarised and almost all electrical outlet are now protects by RCD breakers so fuses are not vital any more.

Fix this faxing hell! NHS told to stop hanging onto archaic tech


What the FAX going on?

What I don't understand is who are they sending and receiving FAXes from?

Are the 8,000 machines just communicating with each other?

FAXing is very few people's medium of choice any more, is it?

East Midlands network-sniffer wails: Openreach, fix my outage-ridden line


You can barely make up the stuff that goes on with these ISPs.

I recently had a problem with BT so they said they were going to send an Engineer to take a look at the connection in my home. Said engineer was dispatched, he called me to ask to be let in, I went to the door to let him in but he wasn't there. He said he was at the address for sure, after some back and forth I realized he was at my old address from a year ago, he was in Glasgow and I was in Manchester!

How I laughed! (not).


Re: Exactly the same situation

Politely send a pleading email to BT MD Gavin Patterson, they will most likely assign an individual to your problem who will coordinate the relevant departments to get to the root of the problem. It's worked for me.

Infrastructure wonks: Tear up Britain's copper phone networks by 2025


Openreach should change their name to Overreach.


If we closed down the NHS we could 'save' even more money.

UK has data adequacy issues? Oof, that's too bad! says Isle of Man


Government buyout transport supplier

There is one other problem IOM have, the lack of supplier of sea transport to get supplies to them. The primary ferry, Ben-my-Chree that is due to go out of service in the next three to four years. The current owner of the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company had been reluctant to spend the money on a replacement ferry so the government has had to buy them out for £124.3m. The spending of the money was only made public after the event. The government is putting a positive spin on it but it will be the population who have to pay for it. There's frequent talk of dodgy deals on the island, this one goes back a long time but is typical: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=37927&headline=Gubay%27s%20legacy%20marred%20by%20controversy&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018

It could be you: National Lottery hands £16m to England's Jodrell Bank


Re: Not wanting to be picky

I was thinking the same thing.

Hitler 'is dead' declares French prof who gazed at dictator's nashers


Ah yes but....

They don't know if he was cloned or not do they?

yeah! you never thought about that did you?

Crazy me? No.

What the @#$%&!? Microsoft bans nudity, swearing in Skype, emails, Office 365 docs


Offensive moi?

What the fuck do they mean by offensive language?

Who's to say what is offensive?

More power to UK, say 'leccy vehicle makers. Seriously, they need it


Re: Its not just manufacturing that needs a solution

Well, you could charge up on the way at motorway services and then seek out a local charging station near your son. Not everyone lives next to a petrol station and we seem to get around that problem.

Trump buries H-1B visa applicants in paperwork


I'm not sure how much this has changed. I had two consecutive H1Bs and had to do pretty much what it says, even to the extent of having someone from the Department of Labor turn up, unannounced, at my workplace to check I really was there working and doing the job I'd applied for. Also my employer had to advertise my position in multiple places. This looks like they are clamping down on the worst excesses that agencies cream up.

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF CARS: SpaceX parks a Tesla in orbit (just don't mention the barge)


One of the best headlines, very good.

NASA's zombie IMAGE satellite is powered up and working quite nicely



Maybe because it's something else that might fail in the wrong position?

Electric cars to create new peak hour when they all need a charge


The simple solution...

A simple solution is to have EV charger owners have a separate electricity meter that has a variable tariff that charges more at peak EV charging time, users then have the choice of when they charge their vehicles.


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