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Red Hat slips through Platform 16 to OpenStack wizarding world, says customers still want to run their own cloud


K8s runs very well on bare metal. When Google created K8s, they could not imagine that anyone would ever want to run it in a virtual machine. The purpose of K8s is partially to make virtual machines obsolete.

As Tesla hits speed bump after speed bump, Elon Musk loses his mind in anti-media rant


No doubt, Elon has been quite frustrated lately but being "anti-media" is quite in vogue these days. Yes, there was a time when the "media" could be trusted. That time is long since past, now it's just a bunch of partisan hacks spewing their opinions which nobody cares about in the first place.

Oh, yes, The Register is "media" but as a technical trade publication, I have seen no media bias here.


Serverless: Should we be scared? Maybe. Is it a silly name? Possibly


Marketing of Serverless Nonsense

While it must have been fun to blend together a bunch of IT concepts and claim they are somehow related to so-called Severless Compiting, it’s not useful. Spinning up server apps on a just-in-time basis for the duration of the users needs and then spinning them back down until needed again is not new. It also creates needless latency to the user. Server less is not the holy grail of anything. Move along, nothing to see here, real innovations are coming. Eventually.


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