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Shuttleworth stretches Ubuntu from netbooks to heavens

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Agree with you, rhoderickj

I'd really like Ubuntu to concentrate on the desktop for now, ease into the cloud later. There's a funkiness to the Gnome desktop that's hard to put your finger on, but I will say that I prefer Ubuntu's Gnome to any others I've tried. As for the server, I stick with CentOS and its rpm/yum system. It's just tried and true for me. I have it playing ball perfectly with Active Directory at work, serving up an application-rich intranet.

That password-protected site of yours - it ain't

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@all Experts Exchange haters

The answers are indeed in plain text at the lower end of the page, but a single-session cookie is set that goes away when you close your browser. That prevents you from viewing the answers on a second EE page. Prevent or delete the cookie, read answers for free all day long.

In their meager defense, their experts often seem to have the answers to the issues I'm troubleshooting...

Microsoft Silverlight: 10 reasons to love it, 10 reasons to hate it

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Just what we need, a top-heavy alternative to Flash that won't run on all platforms.

Should destroy Flash like ActiveX wiped out Java.

Busts 4 Justice battles Bulgarian airbag tax

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I thought about this twice before posting

The extra material=more cost=stop whining line of thought held water until I thought about the possibility of my own size 13 shoes costing more. Now I see the other side of the issue.

BTW, it's NOT true. I wish it was. (sigh)

Dog off the menu at Olympic restaurants

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Obligatory comment here

This is all because of the Bush-loving, gun toting, tree-hugging, commie, fascist yanks!

South African survives exploding fridge attack

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I regretted the soccer term as soon as I hit Submit.

Perhaps if mom and dad hadn't been so closely related...

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My apologies, rundata. We yanks are brainless, wife-beatin', God-believin'-in, nose-pickin', butt-scratchin', ignorant hicks without a trace of sophistication like you Brits have, especially the soccer fanatics ;-)

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Not unusual

I've had refrigerators explode, microwave ovens melt down, and once spawned a small black hole with a matter/antimatter blast involving a toaster oven.

MS takes Windows 3.11 out of embed to put to bed

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I actually messed with 3.0

I like Geoworks a lot better. That was one sweet GUI.

File system killer leads police to wife's bones

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You Limeys may bash the Prez...

But the real issue here is the California penal/judicial system. Charles Manson (and the rest of his sicko, scum "family" who have not already been released) is up for parole every two years. Ten years ago, a rapist who chopped the arms off of his victim got protection from the state after he was relocated to a community (at state expense) that really didn't want him around. He did a very light sentence, BTW. My guess is that this piece of dung will indeed get a reduced sentence, possibly let off with time served. After all, his lawyer said the whole experience of leading the cops to the body **was** traumatic to him.

Welcome to California, land of Scientology, touchy-feely, and a forgiving atmosphere for criminals.

One last note, don't fail to license your vehicle on time. You CAN be severely punished for that...

Dell offers 'Windows Vista Bonus' to frightened customers

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@Neil Miles

So Neil, did you never use XP? It blew by 2K in terms of speed and reliability, especially with its "adjust for best performance" tweak that is buried under System settings.

I could see Vista viewed as an improvement over 2000 in overall speed. But I would have a hard time believing those who opined so had used XP for any period of time at all.

The penguin, because FOSS is the future of computing.

God makes you stupid, researchers claim

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Yeah, you've probably heard this one

"God is dead" -- Nietzsche

"Nietzsche is dead" -- God

Mine's the one with the manna in the pocket

ITV challenges Beeb for cheap innuendo crown

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Paris Hilton

Butt, Head Recruiter, Arrested

Paris, because she shows how far a butt head can make it in this world

London store brews £50-a-poop cat-crap coffee

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The ultimate coffee experience

A nice warm kopi luwak enema . . .