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AMD, boffins clash over chip data-leak claims: New side-channel holes in decades of cores, CPU maker disagrees


Show something meaningful in the real world!


Intel paycheck collectors?

Do vulnerabilities matter? Intel 245 but AMD less than 20, Intel won and have been pumping $Bs Q after Q!

Not just the vulnerabilities but a lot more important is the design integrity without the cheap shortcut; Intel used partial addresses but AMD didn't!

About using partial addresses, a cheap design shortcut:

People who live on a street with 4-digit addresses can get in each other's houses as long as having addresses with the same last three digits, paying more for "Partial Addresses Inside", amazing!

Cache flow problems continue for Intel: Yet more data-leaking processor design blunders discovered, patches due soon


Who cares?

With 245 security vulnerabilities, Intel has been pumping $Bs Q after Q, so what does it matter?

People seem to be happy with paying more for MORE security vulnerabilities and the FREE patches!

HP boss: Intel shortages are steering our suited customers to buy AMD


"Quality" is a matter of "lip service"!

"When supply doesn't meet demand, biz goes looking for action elsewhere"

Instead of "When Intel used partial addresses, biz goes looking for action elsewhere"!

How stupid the IT industry is and "quality" is a matter of "lip service"! :-D

Huge news from Apple: No, not mags, games or TV – more than 50 security bugs to patch


Better than NO effective patch like Intel's "Spoiler Inside"!

It's amazing that datacenters and businesses, as usual like nothing happened, continue using the products that have the security problem with NO effective patch, e.g. Intel "Spoiler Inside" CPUs!

SPOILER alert, literally: Intel CPUs afflicted with simple data-spewing spec-exec vulnerability


Buy "Intel Inside", get "INTENDED Bugs Inside" and free all-you-can-have lip services!

"Protecting our customers and their data continues to be a critical priority for us ..."

"... we expect that software ... We likewise expect that DRAM modules ..."

We expect you stupid, mute people keep buying and paying more for our INTENDED features and lip services!

Intel Inside = INTENDED Bugs Inside = Lip-Service Ouside!

Buy "Intel Inside", get "INTENDED Bugs Inside" and free all-you-can-have lip services!

In case you're not already sick of Spectre... Boffins demo Speculator tool for sniffing out data-leaking CPU holes


Proof of stealing data in the real world environments?

How about showing stealing data in the real world environments?

Forgotten that Chinese spy chip story? We haven't – it's still wrong, Super Micro tells SEC


It caused the SMCI stock to drop more than 40%. but the related paycheck-collectors.gov is still hibernating?

Chinese Super Micro 'spy chip' story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down


SEC Hibernating?

SMCI was targeted alone and its stock dropped more than 40% in one day. Has SEC been hibernating with paychecks being automatically and directly deposited?

Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials


Is SEC still hibernating?

It caused the SMCI stock to drop more than 40%! Is SEC still hibernating?


Is SEC still hibernating?

It caused the SMCI stock to drop ~40% in one day! Is SEC still hibernating?

Why don't people report that as of today Intel processor chips still have the security risk of "Foreshadow" caused AGAIN by the spec violation?

Decoding the Chinese Super Micro super spy-chip super-scandal: What do we know – and who is telling the truth?


Is SEC still hibernating?

It caused the SMCI stock to drop more than 40%! Is SEC still hibernating?

Intel's commitment to making its stuff secure is called into question


"Foreshadow Inside" still?

The fundamental problem is the repeated spec violations! The security problems that are unique to Intel, e.g. "Meltdown" and "Foreshadow," are caused by Intel violating the specs.

Intel boss admits chips in short supply, lobs cash into the quagmire


Meet 2018 REVENUE outlook, not DEMAND, by hiking the price?

Why the shortage and price hike? How to meet 2018 revenue outlook?


Higher core count, (lower die count)*(lower yield), (lower)**2 product volume and higher cost!

Price Hike:

Revenue = (Volume)*(Price), V decreased, so P increased to meet the full year revenue outlook.

So the shortage is due to Intel's technical incompetency of not having 10nm to offset the core count increase, and the price hike is for meeting the 2018 revenue!

Intel rips up microcode security fix license that banned benchmarking


How many more INTENDED cheats are still inside?

Even worse, by peeling the onions people don't know how many more INTENDED cheats of not following the specs are still inside!

How can Intel and system companies be allowed to keep selling the known faulty products with the known flaws, amazing?

Spectre rises from the dead to bite Intel in the return stack buffer


Stupid mass don't care

"I cannot understand at all: ..."

Since stupid mass keep buying the products with the buggy chips inside, why will Intel urgently need to fix it?

Intel's security light bulb moment: Chips to recruit GPUs to scan memory for software nasties


"RSA 2018 security conference"

The 1st session should be presented by Intel:

Why our design engineers didn't follow the privilege levels defined by ourselves?

Intel didn't tell CERTS, govs, about Meltdown and Spectre because they couldn't help fix it


The CPU God is talking ...

The CPU God said that it did inform other technology companies that use its chips of the issue because they are its breads and butters and determine its sales.

The CPU God said it did not inform government officials because it’s on the need-to-know basis determine by the CPU God itself, not anyone else.

The CPU God said:

1) Not following the privilege levels defined by itself is the intended design and needing OS kernel relocation is a feature that others' don't have, not a bug!

2) People who already had the "Meltdown inside" chips just enjoy the feature, no replacement!

Hate to ruin your day, but... Boffins cook up fresh Meltdown, Spectre CPU design flaw exploits


Not even talking about whatevePrime yet, for Intel chips other than just SEVERAL (not all) Skylake-based platforms, where is the mitigation for the Spectre Variant 2?

180127-- Critical Windows Update (KB4078130) to DISABLE mitigation against Spectre, Variant 2.

180207 -- Intel released production microcode updates for just SEVERAL (not all) Skylake-based platforms.

?????? -- Windows update for the Spectre Variant 2?

Intel adopts Orwellian irony with call for fast Meltdown-Spectre action after slow patch delivery


The 2/7 update is only for "several (not all) Skylake-based platforms."

So there is nothing for the rest of zillions after the last emergency Windows update that disables the patch for Intel!

Amazing, the company can keeps launching new chips without "known-stable" working patches, and people keeps buying chips without "known-stable" working patches, just so amazing!


People asked for having a $10 faulty product replaced but haven't been asking for having Intel's expensive faulty products (without stable, working patches) replaced, just amazing!


The 2/7 update is only for "several (not all) Skylake-based platforms."

So except for the "several (not all) Skylake-based platforms," there is nothing for the other zillions after the last emergency Windows update that disables the patch for Intel!

Seems people have been accepting quite well what has been going on with Intel, amazing!

Meltdown/Spectre week three: World still knee-deep in something nasty


According to the Intel CPU design, the White House (Kernel) need to relocated for the security issue (Meltdown)!

According to Intel CEO, relocating the White House is the intended design (with no privilege level checking)!

So far, Intel isn't liable for INTENTIONALLY selling the faulty (not checking and not correctly handling the privilege level) CPU chips designed basing on the specifications with the INTENDED flaw of the privilege level handling, unbelievable and amazing!!!


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