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NUC NUC. Who's there? It's Intel, with a pint-sized 8-core Xeon workstation

Stuart Burns

Re: How noisy is it?


Sorry, I missed that out in rhe review. During day to day work its silent. Doing compiling or rendering it does get a bit noisy but its still a whisper and you could have a conversation in hushed tones and have no problem.



Anon biz bloke wins milestone Google Right To Be Forgotten lawsuit

Stuart Burns

I think it's a sad day. Now the internet will be a shiny polished ad for "look, this is the true me" whilst anything else is washed away under threat of being taken to court. It's Facebook all over again in terms of "Look, this is my real life" where in reality it is anything but.

Man who gave interviews about his crimes asks court to delete Google results

Stuart Burns

I disagree. If he was convicted of financial naughtyness and he still involved in the financial sector, it calls into question his character, rehabilitated or not.

If we do allow all these links to be removed then we are only really getting one side of a story where an individual can effectively "manage the truth",

Crappy Christmas! Dixons Carphone dials back profit expectations

Stuart Burns

I wont deal with them since they burnt me badly (not literally) on a duff iphone. From that day I still go there to look at the tech but if a sales droid approaches I decline and buy it online.

Their loss as I was one of those consumers who would buy things quite regularly. No longer. They cant go out of business soon enough for me.