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3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees


Service please, I don't care about the smile.

"Though there are IP-addressing problems with running a server on a mobile network, all the other major network operators seem to manage this with the minimum of fuss".

>> But this is 3/Hutchinson we're talking about here. Earlier today their their "mobile fraudband" wouldn't even authenticate me, let along give me as much as a byte of data. Bliss.

3 Ireland's broadband (nearly) back on its feet


And I though it was just me....

So these appalling speeds I've been experiencing over the last 6-8 weeks are network-wide....well at least I'm not the only one. I frequently fire up www.speedtest.ie just to see and I'm always annoyed with the 200-300kbps results for what, theoretically, could be 3.6Mbit. After having experience of 3Ireland's paltry attempt at customer service (hi Raj, remember me?) I simply couldn't face reporting it (besides, most of the time the throughtput is just about enough to support RealAudio/radio - forget about graphic web pages, it's just not up to the task).

But wait, there's more: It ain't just 3IRELAND's bandwidth which sucks big ones. Right now I'm in the financial heart of London and speedtest.ie is reporting a download speed of 133Kbps - so 3UK is EVEN WORSE. You'd think that in the white-hot business-centric City of London they'd have decent service, but no. Gonna try in Dublin later but not till 4am will there be anything like the quality-of-service I actually pay for.