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Whether to move off Oracle is the $100M+ question for Europe's largest public body


Re: Are there other choices?

Which is one of the problems with local councils, why have different processes and policies? Sort out the mess of different policy and beurocracy and standardise stuff then develop a many instance single system for all local councils!

Formal ban on ransomware payments? Asking orgs nicely to not cough up ain't working


From a sequence of 34 random numbers and letters how do you know its a domestic payment?

Server sales down 31% at HPE as enterprises hack spending


I still need to buy, i still have on prem hardware, we used to be 100% HPE. Paywalled firmware updates for out of support hardware means they can jump in a lake. Why would I pay for ongoing support for hardware thats only fit for lab experimentation after the 3/5 years of support it came with expires?

I realise firmware / driver updates cost HP money but surely this should be built into the original equipment cost as is the case with most other suppliers? Maybe if they wernt "agile" then firmware would arive with less bugs and security flaws?

Intel drops the deets on UK's Dawn AI supercomputer


Re: Why ?

At least it will be able to generate lies and marketing bullshit REALLY REALLY quickly

UK signals legal changes to self-driving vehicle liabilities


Re: 1985

Dont forget it will only accept electronic payments in governemnt crypto/digital coin so if your on the naughty list you cant travel!

Privacy advocate challenges YouTube's ad blocking detection scripts under EU law


Re: Not this guy again

"Which is not only stupid because it's obviously nothing most of us (and probably not even you) would want to, ie. if we'd have to pay $5-10 for every single website we use and visit, every month, so we can access them, but also because in order to pay with a credit card or other means you'd have to give up even more personal (and more personally identifying info) than what any adblock detector technology would possibly collect."

Maybe this isnt such a bad thing for society as a whole?? If we spent less time on the internet reading pointless bulshit and lies then the world might be a better place? Half the tripe on the internet wouldnt exist as nobody actually wants it. If what I viewed online had to be paid for then maybe three or four sites would get some money. Stack Overflow, elReg, Code Project maybe one or two others. If I didnt waste so much of my life on other online shit then maybe I would go outside, lose some weight, spend more time with friends and family. The benefit of all of that seems to outwiegh the £30 a month for content I acutally want that will benefit my life. Obviously never going to happen but meh whatever, musings of an old fart that remembers days before the internet.

In the begining the internet was a great idea, the whole free exchange of ideas and knowledge thing, but unfortunately capitalism got hold of it.


In my mind this just means PooTube will just add a consent screen and re-add the script. Maybe get a slap on the wrist with a fine of 2 seconds worth of revenue.

How will this consent be presented in a fashion that a layperson would understand? If they dont understand it does it become void?

This does lead to further thought on consent and dialogues, EULA's etc. Are these things even enforcable? In the UK at least, a child (a person under the age of 18) cannot enter into any legally binding agreement neither can adults who are not of "sound mind".

YouTube allow children as young as 13 to have accounts and channels etc. without proof that its authorised by a parent / guardian beyond clicking a link in an email which isnt verified to be owned by an adult.

No software company I have ever heard of confirms that their "Accept EULA" button was clicked by an adult of "sound mind" does that make every EULA unenforcable? Would an adequate legal defence for breach of an agreement be "I never agreed to it, my kid has admin rights on my pc because im tech illiterate"?

UK government awards chunk of mega-billions tech framework


no Crapita in the list?

US AGs: We need law to purge the web of AI-drawn child sex abuse material


Re: Psychological studies

"I think evidence-based policies for reducing abuse of minors would be a good thing."


I think evidence-based policies for all law would be a good thing.

Shame most governments think evidence and reality are optional...

Microsoft wants Activision so badly, it's handing streaming rights over to ... Ubisoft?


Re: @Wolfclaw

Which makes it simple.... Make the port prohibitivly expensive then you dont have to do it. Meaning that clause is worthless and would only come into play if M$ actually wanted to do the port.

Capita wins £50M fraud reporting contract with City of London cops


Have victims of crime not been through enough already?

Im guessing the secret plan is to make Capita take the calls so that people give up and drop charges of fraud so the crime figures go down.

WFH mandates bad for staff morale and stunt innovation


Re: Bad headline



Could care less makes no sense, it infers that they do care as they could care less. ARRRGGGGRRRGG!!!!!11!1!

How prompt injection attacks hijack today's top-end AI – and it's tough to fix


Security should be part of the design of any product, not bolted on afterwards. Security 101....

Scientists speak their brains: Please don’t call us boffins


Re: Deter people from studying in the field?

But who's "truth" will it be?

BianLian ransomware crew goes 100% extortion after free decryptor lands


Bad business to leak after the fact.

After all they are in the malware "business" to make money. If you breach someone and they pay the ransom to not leak but you do anyway or come back for more money later then eventually someone like ElReg will report on it and nobody will pay your ransoms any more and you wont make any money.

Anyone want an International Space Station? Slightly used


Re: I've got a better idea...

Why bother with the inky - black - beyond, set it on its way to the Sun....

The UK's bad encryption law can't withstand global contempt


Re: Any sufficiently stupid technology is indistinguishable from magical thinking

Whether you are good or bad is decided by the oppinion of the home secretary? Is that info mainained large database maintained by Crapita thats actually just a giant excel spreadsheet with a vlookup?

Tech job vacancies hamper England's digital health plans


Theres a reason they call it helldesk afterall!

Better to be the knight in shining armour that turns up with the replacement RAID card to save the day than the guy answering the phone to abuse!

UK tax authority nudges net 'influencers': You may owe us for those OnlyFans feet pics


Re: Customer?

Oh look, a sarcasm detector, what a brilliant invention!

VALL-E AI can mimic a person’s voice from a three-second snippet


Re: Accents needed

Not only global accent but regional as well. A quick google recons there are at least 40 regional dialects in the UK alone for English language.

On the 12th day of the Rackspace email disaster, it did not give to me …


Re: who's bollocks: Rackspace, or hosted exchange?

"*Hopefully* your hosting company will have scripts to apply patches in a timely fashion across their fleet of VMs - but they might be lax, and in any case this is software with a long and illustrious history of zero-days. *Hopefully* they are taking regular immutable backups (and doing test restores), but clearly that wasn't happening in this case."

And lets hope they test those scripts in a development environment first.... Remeber a few years ago the "Dead VM" cleanup script with the wrong variable at 123-reg that deleted all of their customers VPS? I do, I had to rebuild quite a few at other providers!

Gunfire at electrical grid kills power for 45,000 in North Carolina


Re: probably wasn't an act of terrorism

mmmmmmmm its coming right for us

Blockchain needs a reason to exist, Boris Johnson tells roomful of blockchain pros


"I think that we are going to need some way of holding people accountable," said the floppy haired politician, adding that if cryptocurrency was going to succeed it needs trust and thusly it has "got to be regulated."

2008 called, they want to know who was held accountable.

International cops arrest hundreds of fraudsters, money launderers and cocaine kingpins



So as much as its a good thing that they cuaght some bastards, will it make any difference?

Im not saying dont bother trying but at this point in human evolution isnt it just banging your head againast an ever growing brick wall?

Shouldnt we by now be looking at the reason for crime and trying to tackle that instead? Its not like crime is without any sort of effort, yes the rewards to effort ratio are higher, but why do some people turn to illicit means of making a living while most of us slave away at the grindstone for 50 years to end up with a pokey house and some ungrateful grand/kids that never visit?

Dont look to this post for any answers or even suggestions just questions and a statement that the world and they way we all live is broken.

'What's the point of me being in my office, just because they want to see me in the office?'


Re: Hmmm

Post it using the CEO's account?

Sizewell C nuclear plant up for review as UK faces financial black hole


Re: Why overbudget? Why behind schedule?

"Do we need to engage some people that manage residential developments and juggle all of the timing that various trades need to start and finish? How much of what materials need to be delivered on site, that sort of thing."

Have you seen the quality of new builds recently? I wouldnt put any of the major house building firms in charge of planning a piss up in a brewery let alone a power station.

Sure it will be on time and budget, but the doors to the reactor wont quite fit unless you put your shoulder into them. The "radition proof" windows looking into the reactor core will have 3 inches of mastic round them and the air bricks will be below the damp course in the cooling towers!

Parody Elon Musk Twitter accounts will be suspended immediately, says Elon Musk


Re: I've (also) managed without Twitter this far

Dont be greedy, you already have a silver badge

Big Tech silent on data privacy in post-Roe America


Re: Swiss-Cheese Reassurances by Clue Co-CEOs

To make money.... duh

MPs charged with analysing Online Safety Bill say end-to-end encryption should be called out as 'specific risk factor'


Re: end-to-end encryption

They could try not being self serving bastards so that people dont want to conspire against them. Or is that asking too much?

UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'


I can almost hear the big wigs at Crapita wringing their hands from here!

If my understanding of how digital currencies work is correct the basic way they all work is through the "owner" of a specific token signing a transfer request of that token to another user using their private key ( or one derived from it )???

What happens to all of these digital currencies when said encryption alogrithm is broken? Please dont tell me oh x y z algo is completely unbreakable because we have all seen "unbreakable" algos come and go in the past.

Im not sure of the specifics but say BTC is based on a ECDSA function to sign the tokens. When (not if) ECDSA gets broken does the whole ecosystem fall apart or is there a built in mechanism to change to a different cryptogrphic standard? Would that not invalidate all existing private keys (users wallets) and effectivly reset everyone to zero? if an encryption algo has been broken then how would you verify the new algo private key has been generated and belongs to the person who had the original now cracked key without a valid / known source signature? Where would the instruction to change algo come from as there is no central command and control?

Its all well and good having these risks present when its individuals and hedge funds cocking around with money but when a central government of an entire country embraces these risks it has a much wider ability to send a country into anarchy.

Hijacked, rampaging infrastructure will kill humans by 2025 – Gartner


So im gonna ask the obvious question.... Why are things that have the potential to hurt / kill etc etc. a large number of people connected to a network / accessible by people that would want to do such things?

Background checks?

Air gapping?

EncroChat hack case: RAM, bam... what? Data in transit is data at rest, rules UK Court of Appeal


I can never use data again

Some of our contracts at work state that data at rest must be encrypted. If RAM now counts as data at rest how am i supposed to ever decrypt/use that data without breaching contract?

New t-shirt slogan: 'My job was outsourced to an Indian company that moved it to Vietnam'


Those pesky indians

Those pesky indian call centre staff have obviously started to unionise and ask for enough money to feed themselves how dare they! Best see if we can exploit someone else!

UK competition watchdog fast-tracks investigation into mega-merger of O2 and Virgin Media


Viring media Positioning for 5G

Can see the why... when 5G rollout is completed who the hell will wnt fixed lines, either in business or residential? If i can pluck 1gbps out the air then wyh would i pay for a leased line?

European Space Agency will launch giant claw that drags space junk to its doom


Re: They should have gone with the James bond scoop design

Or even better, so we dont end up with more particulate matter in our air you know that we breathe and would quite like to not contain stuff that our bodies dont like, you could send them on a course to the sun. Doesnt matter if it take 400 years to get there or whatever, just put it on that course and forget about it.

UK regulator Ofcom to ban carriers from selling locked handsets to make dumping clingy networks even easier


Re: Wait, what?

I think they took "slowly slowly catchy monkey" too seriously

President Trump's H-1B visa crackdown wiped $100bn off market value of America's largest corps, top study finds


GDP and various economic outputs are a poor measure of a countries "success" and needs to be dropped asafp.

A better measure would be median income per capita minus median cost of living. Giving a more accurate view of "success" if success is defined as the quality of living for a countries inhabitants.

Yes there is the age old argument of money doesnt bring happiness but not being able to afford a roof and 3 square meals tends to make being happy more difficult.

How the tables have turned: Bloke says he trained facial recognition algorithm to identify police officers


Re: Portland

Omni Consumer Products gonna get that contract?

QUIC! IETF sets November deadline for last comments on TCP-killer spawned by Google and Cloudflare


Re: Faster loading web pages!

Dont forget video and audio, UDP is perfect for those. Dropped a frame or 1/4 of a word? resend it so you get a random frame/word out of sequence or "sod it the user wont even notice" Not to mention the added latency and bufferring required for sending ACK's of every packet leading to weird pauses in conversations.


Re: I don't get it

I think they are probably just dropping ACK from TCP with some sort of list of misseed stuff at the end.

TCP is typically Send Packet <-> ACK Packet

UDP is Send Packet -> Send Packet -> Send Packet dont care if you receive them.

had a quick read of the wiki and it seems QUIC processes data in the applicaiotn layer with an applicaiton ID as part of the data packet. With the applicaiton informing the server of anything that didnt make it to the client.

Thought the FBI were the only ones able to unlock encrypted phones? Pretty much every US cop can get the job done


Active Directory and Administrator passwords are tools, you let all your users have access to those? You know because your network might get broken into and they might need them to help defend the network.

Morgan Stanley hit with $60m penalty for failing to properly decommission old kit hosting 'wealth management' data


I guess a few grand for their own hard disk shredder is looking more like a wise investment now then. No subconractor, no problem. A PFY writing down serial numbers and chucking disks into a muncher is cheap by comparison eh?

UK govt advert encouraging re-skilling for cyber jobs implodes spectacularly


Im offened

That the Ad's all imply that im not "special" being in IT and that anyone can retrain to do my job. It implies that its a simple and easy process! Am i really that thick that its taken me 20 years to get to a poistion that 'swell paid and technical?

We don't need maintenance this often, surely? Pull it. Oh dear, the system's down


Re: How about nonpayment?

You mean issueing "trial software" with full funcitonality and if a valid license key isnt added (after invoice payment) it goes into bork mode? I think this is generally accepted in software!

Court hearing on election security is zoombombed on 9/11 anniversary with porn, swastikas, pics of WTC attacks


Re: What?

Third point fails miserably unfortunately.

I will agree your analogy is correct but it just doesnt apply.

What actually happened is more akin to someone leaving their door open with a fat ass sign outside saying "OPEN HOUSE, PUBLIC WELCOME".

The owner then subsequently giving everyone a paintbrush and a paint can then wondering why some joker decided to paint the kitchen bright pink with green dots whilst others did no painting at all and the acutal decorators stood to one side.

Nobody is saying that everyone needs to be a computer expert just that before letting people loose with tools that have the potential to cause fuckups they should have adequate knowledge and training associated with the tools they are using. Would you give a circular saw to random person with no carpentry training/experience and tell them to go build a shed?

'My wife tried to order some clothes tonight. When she logged in, she was in someone else's account ... Now someone's charged her card'


But it was delivered within sprint right?

Hey we delivered agile......

What would you prefer: Satellite-streamed cat GIFs – or a decent early warning of an asteroid apocalypse?


WHy bother looking at asteriods that will destory earth?

So the scenario is theres an asteroid thats going to hit the earth and destroy the whole thing only we cant see it because of all the cat GIF distribution satelites......

Who cares? If said asteroid was gonna hit theres nothing we can do to prevent it so why not spend our last few minutes in blissfull ignorance looking at cat gifs?

Thanks for the memories... now pay up or else: Maze ransomware crew claims to have hacked SK hynix, leaks '5% of stolen files'


Re: Recovery

We all talk of good backups but that only gets you access back to your data, it doesn't mitigate, in the least, the leak of the possibly-sensitive documents that have occurred from the theft.

Encrypt your data at rest!

US voting hardware maker's shock discovery: Security improves when you actually work with the community


Re: What he didn't say...

"Best way is some sort of chaos-monkey approach where you try and inject some totally crazy inputs and see if it gets elected"

Didnt they do that already on the last elections?