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100,000 home routers recruited to spread Brazilian hacking scam


Which Specific Huawei

Which specific Huawei models exactly? Considering all major telcos here in NZ use them but DON'T CARE PROVIDING FIRMWARE UPDATES.

Thunderstruck: Azure Back in Black(out) after High Voltage causes Flick of the Switch


A Moment of Silence to fellow Sysadmins Sorting This Out

And for the families too who will be missing family members for dinner, breakfast, lunch for a few more days..

Microsoft Azure: It's getting hot in here, so shut down all your cores


I think its gonna give them enough time for the sysadmin dads to tell their families dad's not gonna be home for dinner (and possibly breakfast) ;)

Meltdown, Spectre bug patch slowdown gets real – and what you can do about it


Red Hat Patches Does Not Contain Latest Microcode Update

Has anyone tried patching their RHEL 7 system with the latest updates? It includes the patch for these but sadly it doesn't fix variant 2 of Spectre. Verified this on a fresh RHEL 7 install and updated to the latest patches via Red Hat Subscription Manager yet running their detection script still tells you its vulnerable.

On a more technical note, the culprit seems to be that the microcode update does not yet contain the latest one for the processor we are using, as the microcode version is still 0x700000d, dated 2016-10-12. The microcode for this processor though is already available from Intel, as we have manually applied it already on other systems.

Reported this to RH and hope they release updated patches soon.


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