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Risky business: Data cloud outfit Cloudera bares all to investors with annual report


Re: Makes eeore seem like an optimist.

Might be true for most but Big Joe was a master at M&A, see: Isilon, Data Domain, VMware, XIO, Documentum, RSA, Mozy, Pivotal. Most of these hit $1bil+ in revenue very quickly and VMware is arguably the best infrastructure acquisition in history.

Fight, fight, fight. Gloves are off again between Nutanix and VMware



Nutanix CEO comparing corporate sales to the emancipation of America and India. Up next? AHV literally cures cancer!

Dheeraj Pandey is Jesus Christ confirmed.

So you want to archive our enterprise data? Well, let's see where you fall on Gartner's magic square...

Paris Hilton

Gartner = Parasites

Let's name other businesses which rely completely on having a parasitic relationship with actual manufacturers due to the ignorance of the end user. If Gartner stopped existing, it would have absolutely no negative effect on consumers, vendors, service providers, SIs, or anyone else in the industry. In fact, most of these would save on insane subscription fees.

If you have enough money to burn on their fees and read their reports, you're big enough to do a POC of all the top products by market share and make up your mind based on facts... wonder if that'll be better or worse for businesses.

Dell is still a work in progress as it seeks to dominate all data


Re: The reason

Am I having a stroke or did someone let Facebook's chat AI on the reg?

HPE and Pure Storage all-flash array market shares decline


Re: Dell's 1Q performance based on a re-swizziling of fiscal calendar

This one-time adjustment was made nearly 18 months ago (end of Jan 2017), so how would it affect the most recent quarter results? I'm seriously asking as I don't understand.

The great Dell EMC storage slimdown: Giant to trim off product bloat


Re: Eh?

@SebastianRR: An insightful, objective comment? You clearly aren't from around these parts!

Want ScaleIO virtual SAN software? You'll need to buy Dell servers


Dell > EMC

Another sign that the Dell box-shifting mentality seems to be defeating the EMC "buy what you want, we'll work with it" one.

Veritas insiders: Job cuts? There will be blood


"they've stopped paying commission to sales staff for renewals."

...which is exactly how (nearly) every single other vendor does it, whether it's Dell/HPE/VMW/Oracle/anyone else.

The real problem is their sales teams are being told to harass existing customers for license true-ups (non-renewal) from people who they think are under-licensed, à la Microsoft. Too bad they don't realise that they operate in probably the most painful part of the datacentre (where all products are shit, but in different ways), and don't have a monopoly. I think it was either Gartner or IDC who recently highlighted this in a report naming Veritas specifically? Maybe they should have been clued up at that point.

Who's king of the hyperconverged castle? Dell or Nutanix? It's not as clear-cut as it seems


Re: Nutanix can't hide those numbers, Cisco, VMWare, and Dell/EMC can

Hmm... so Nutanix can price a solution with a single price against a deal (and $0 against individual line items) and it's fine. But when Dell EMC or Cisco does the same, it's fudging the numbers somehow, purely because they may actually include other products in the same deal?

And RE: VxRail/vSAN/HF licensing... you do realise that they're not optional licenses right? The products don't function without them. In other words, they're "free" in the same way that AHV is "free".

Looks like the divide between marketing and cognitive dissonance is still...nonexistent.

PS: Nothing against Nutanix, but don't make it seem like they are somehow cleaner than anyone else.


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