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Senior officials now in frame for HMRC data fiasco

nick brice

@It beggars belief that they couldn't extract just the stuff the NAO wanted

From a technical point of view, the operation is very simple

However, as mentioned, if IT is outsourced, this sort of one-off is not usually contractually defined, so you have to launch the procedure for non-standard work, which is normally slow and painful (in my experience it almost always involves having to explain what you want to non-technical people as a first step) and leads to all sorts of farcical situations, or gets bypassed

To be fair to the outsourcer, if it's not in the contract, why should they do it except following contractually agreed steps and getting paid for it, same as any other contract?

No2ID calls in pledge cash to 'probe' ID Act's enabling laws

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@James Pickett

A messages was sent this morning - maybe your e-mail address has changed in the meantime?

US customs bust coke-smuggling 'submarine'

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You could do with one of those for the Rockall Navy