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It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs


Re: Redmond office hours only - are the any human people anymore?

I have managed to discuss with "virtual agens" only, when trying to contact support.


64bit AMD x2 in full use - before this MS patch

My family, three generations, use a lot computers which I, as a retired e-professional, maintain and update. We have a lot "older" computers, mostly all six to ten years old, which have been in full use: in working, studying in university and school - depending of the age of each user generation.

We could buy "the latest" shiny models, but we think that it is more ecologically and naturally also economically correct to use equipment till their end rather than throw them to worlds growing thrash piles. I have updated sw, increased memory, replaced HDD, and made fine usable computers from wrecks or "outdated" business laptops.

We have a couple of Acer and eMachine laptops and workstations running with 64bit AMD x2-processors, and they have been surprisingly powerfulbb and reliable as compared to new hp:s and lenovos. In normal browsing, streaming, writing - no user does heavy gaming, they have Sony PS's for that.

I really do not understand, when some people think that these fully sufficient and reliable machines are outdated and should be replaced with new ones - just because Microsoft could not write proper correction code, nor test it sufficiently before sending this "fix" to millions of computers compelled to install all Win10 fixes.

Or is this a campaign for just trying to sell more new computers (with new Windows licenses) to people, who don't actually need new computers - only they need working windows code in their "old" computers.


An "old and outdated" grandfather who is pc-support-boy for his large family.



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