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3 Ireland's broadband stumbles to its knees


Fixed - don't make me laugh

It ain't fixed, I still can't connect reliably, most times I only get Dial Up speeds, IPSEC VPN does not work, SMTP won't be offered and customer service now threatens to report to credit reporting agencies if the bills are not paid. They engange in commercial fraud and I get threatend.

And in respect of the above post of Maude about customers using this as replacement for their fixed broadband. That might be true, but that is also a target market of 3. They said so in the press and if you look at their comparison page, it actualy compare mobile to fixed providers:


It is amazing what our goverment allows a company to get away with for month now. None of the customer protection agencies here does anything beside repeating the PR comments of 3.

What for a sad story this is.

3 Ireland's broadband (nearly) back on its feet


Friday Lunch Time Update

For anybody that wants the whole story, check here:


In short as of this Friday:

Speed is very sporadic and depending on time of day and location, far from the 95% coverage and speeds promissed

VPN works in some cells as pure PPTP only, add IPSEC and no VPN possible

SMTP is out of the question as most providers have blocked the IP used by 3's ISP as SPAM

Exchange is only possible via RCP over HTTP as direct exchange connections don't work (3 says Outlook won't work, but that is wrong, it works with RCP over HTTP just not as direct connection).

Netmeeting/Live Meeting still does not work

Web Suring works with different results depending on how sensetive your browser is and several refreshes of the page might be needed

Downloading works only if you use and agressive download manager and acceppt several hunderd retries and have a lot of time as it's slow on sub-dialup speeds

Peer to Peer (yes there are legal applications like Joost or SkyAnytime) don't work at all.

OnlineBanking etc. which uses https and forms you better don't try because submitting a form don't work.

In summary you pay for broadband and you get subdialup with limited surfing ability. Reminds me of Clearwire in Ireland.


Far from fixed

Despite the press releases this is not fixed by a long shot.

The best speed I have seen this week is 439 kb/s download which is an improvement from the 106 kb/s I got for month now.

But VPN still does not work, sending mail via smtp is not possible and attempts to download any larger file result in several broken download attempts that even a good download manager is quitting after a while.

Fixed? Not by a long shot.