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3 Ireland's broadband (nearly) back on its feet


Not fixed at all.

I think El Reg has fallen for 3's smokescreen. From my point of view they have fixed nothing.

I have sporadic access to emails and FTP is not working which is a pain when trying to update a business website. Http access is still hit and miss and it often requires 2 to 3 clicks to open a webpage. This has consequences when submitting online forms etc. Speed is also an issue as the advertised 3.6 Mbps is totally unrealistic with actual speeds of 1.0Mbps available only in the dead of night with only sub dial up speeds at peak times. The net (pardon the pun) result of this is that I am forced to use dial up to update my websites. It definitely does not what it says on the tin.

To add insult to injury 3 have offered a free month but you have to call Mumbai to get it. When I called they refused to give me the free month claiming to know nothing about it despite it being on their website.

El Reg please don't fall for 3's PR smokescreen.