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Black screens in Windows 11? Bork has seen it all before


Run Linux and you'll never get a Screen Of Death -- only a kernel panic.

Mark it in your diaries: 14 October 2025 is the end of Windows 10


I happen to own a Dell Studio 17xx, 2008 vintage, and it runs Windows10 21H1 64 bit - reliably, albeit slowly. Keeps itself up to date thanks to Windows Update. Should MS stops supporting this system in 2025, this would be fair.

Apple has I think long dropped support for 2008 Macbooks...

FYI: Processor bugs are everywhere – just ask Intel and AMD


Re: Even the 6502


BadAlloc: Microsoft looked at memory allocation code in tons of devices and found this one common security flaw


Most COBOL programmers fail to use the "ON SIZE ERROR" phrase that traps arithmetic overflow.


So most COBOL programs are vulnerable to arithmetic overflow,.

Enter all "9"s in all amounts in forms of many banking apps, and you get some weird results rather than an "arithmetic overlow - please retry" error.

Doctor, I think I have an HDMI: Apple starts investigating M1 Mac Mini graphics issues


They're holding it wrong.

Mac users burned after Nuance drops Dragon speech to text software


You're a genuine expert, aren't you ?

So your first hand experience of Windows 10 is nil, and your experience of Mac OS is ... a demo by a salesperson. Yet you feel entitled to pontificate on forums over how bad Windows 10 is and how wonderful the Mac OS is.


I beg to disagree

I've used Windows 10 on my two computers (desktop and laptop) since Windows 10 was released and didn't have any problems. Running version 1809 right now by the way.

Reading aloud a PDF document on Windows 10 is very easy : just open it with Edge, right-click, then select "Read Aloud". This works surprisingly well for me (in French).

Here come the lawyers! Intel slapped with three Meltdown bug lawsuits


Re: Which Intel CPU's

Not quite. I've researched all back issues of The Register and came up with this :

"Deep inside Intel's new ARM killer: Silvermont"

"the new Atom microarchitecture has changed from the in-order execution used in the Bonnell/Saltwell core to an out-of-order execution (OoO), as is used in its more powerful siblings, Core and Xeon, and in most modern microprocessors."



MINIX anyone ?

The flaw lies arguably in the OS design rather than in the Intel hardware.

A modern Operating System should use a microkernel architecture and have different address spaces for the kernel and the userland processes.

Windows NT, Linux, Android do not use the hardware in a secure fashion, and this is the root cause of the problem. Arguably.


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