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Surge in Zoom support requests was 'unexpected', says tool team as it turns taps down


I'm a stand-alone pro user, so am also the account administrator. I've also had the message on a support call raised 30th March:

Unfortunately, we are unable to respond to your open tickets at this time.

So I suspect they've just said this to all non corporate, even paying users.

Whirlybird-driving infosec boss fined after ranty Blackpool Airport air traffic control antics


Re: Arrogant dickhead

if you were held waiting for 10 minutes in a shop, while the cashier chatted to the person at the front of the line, would you be a bit miffed?

Googlers, eggheads urge web giant's bosses to kick top conservative off its AI ethics council


Re: Articles of Faith

They are a think tank / campaigning organisation - they don't "do" things.

You may disagree with much of their politics but their views are those of many Americans and deserve to be heard.

You probably agree with this article /analysis https://www.heritage.org/courts/commentary/no-packing-the-court despite not agreeing with many of their stances.

Fun fact: GPS uses 10 bits to store the week. That means it runs out... oh heck – April 6, 2019


New cars too

I bought a Renault Zoe 3 weeks ago. It has built in TomTom sat nav. Renault have just released a patch for it.

I suspect all TomTom based satnavs may be vulnerable.

UK drone collision study didn't show airliner window penetration


Remember the wee aircraft too!

Most aircraft in the UK aren't airliners, but much smaller aircraft (96% of UK registered aircraft), with 1 to 4 seats, with a perspex windscreen, normally travelling below 2000 feet and going at 50 to 150 mph. They are very vulnerable to any flying object.


- keep your drone below 400 feet (150 meters) (above which you can't see it clearly, so can't avoid things, and other aircraft generally stay above 500 feet)

- keep it within your line of sight, (if you're using "First Person View", have someone else beside you, watching it who can warn you about avoiding things)

- keep it more than 50 meters from people who aren't in your group and 150 meters from crowds or build up areas (to stay legal).

- don't fly near airports.

- don't invade other's privacy


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