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UK space firms forced to adjust their models of how the universe works as they lose out on Copernicus contracts


Re: "We were pissed at the bought of being merely bid fodder."

For quite a while UK govt had more faith in Germans (particularly) but to a lesser extent French and Italians actually delivering the thing that was procured, hence not using the minimum local content stuff


Re: It was ever thus

I would argue that there was a slight failing on behalf of your bid teamm not to understand the situation here.

Having been on both sides of that situation before in past lives, our bid teams were very good at researching our competitors and picking out if any of the unique features that only our competitors had appeared into a tender spec. If they were there, then that tender had been "got" by a competitor, so we would just stick in a token effort so we stay on the framework rather than go all out.

If not then go all out to win. We also worked hard to improve our market and business intelligence to try and get in ahead of tender in the future.

Segway to Heaven: Mega-hyped wonder-scooter that was going to remake city transport to cease production


Re: I look forward to the time.

I was asked recently if my use of segue rather than Segway was an autocorrect error...

845GB of racy dating app records exposed to entire internet via leaky AWS buckets


Re: Herpes Dating?

These days it'd be courier, sad times...

Someone got so fed up with GE fridge DRM – yes, fridge DRM – they made a whole website on how to bypass it


Re: Next great idea

Kyocera do a decent colour laser/scanner/copier with pretty much all the bells and whistles for under £300 these days, comes with enough toner for 1200 pages straight out the box as well.

EU aviation wonks give all-electric training aeroplane the green light – but noob pilots only have 50 mins before they have to land it


Re: Boost from Solar?

Re-generative props? :D

Climb up to altitude, throw a suitable hefty switch to switch your electric drivetrain into charge mode, then dive for all your worth, pull up into zoom, throw switch again to get power back up to altitude. Rinse and repeat... Sick bags provided...

joke obvs, just in case...

Microsoft tweaks its 'New Outlook' for Mac – but no support for Exchange on-premises yet


"like Exchange pubic folders"

YAY! It's Friday!

Booo - it got corrected :(

If Daddy doesn't want me to touch the buttons, why did they make them so colourful?


Re: Many years ago...

Poor tradesman, must have been rather sore... fnarr fnarr....

Latest NHS IT revolution is failing to learn lessons from the last £10bn car crash


Re: There are simpler ways to transfer public money to private companies

Giving it directly breaks EU state aid rules...


Re: No one seems to understand who is responsible for what ...

Precisely, you can't "digitise" business processes until those processes are fit for purpose, and clearly understood, documented, and accepted by all

Dude, where's my laser?


Re: Not unbelievable

"A good friend of mine has a brain the size of a planet and does some very sciency stuff for a government, he often misses the mundane in pursuit of the arcane.

I think it is because the bleedin' obvious is so obvious its ignored right to the point where it buggers something up."

It's also invariably because the bleeding obvious isn't interesting enough to be considered, that's left for the applications team afterwards :)

Nine million logs of Brits' road journeys spill onto the internet from password-less number-plate camera dashboard


Re: Massive invasion of privacy

Hitler never won enough votes to get elected into power, Nazi vote was in fact starting to fall in November 1932 (lost 35 seats), compared to 1930 and the earlier 1932 election.

No party had enough votes to form a government, so it was backroom dealings with Papen and Hindenburg that gave Hitler the chancellorship as part of a coalition with DNVP. Hitler then outmaneuvered Papen and started taking control. Despite all this (election tampering, state violence, terror campaign etc) Nazis still only secured ~44% of the vote in March 1933 so had to maintain the coalition.

Hitler then required a 2/3rds majority for the legislation to become a dictator so used emergency powers to arrest all 81 Communist Party representatives, and bar opponents from entering, and thus pass the Enabling Act, which made him a dictator..

The factory workers, the railwaymen, the labourers, the ship-builders, they were not enough...

Microsoft attempts to up its Teams game with new features while locked-down folk flock to rival Zoom... warts and all


Re: Neither one thing nor t'other

Chat window does that because it is useful for recurring meetings that use the same "instance" you can see when new team members join, temporary presenters leave etc. Agree could be handled better though.

Browsery bit will invariably be due to bad set up as you suggest, or using on prem Exchange, rather than an O365 cloudy one, which integrates and plays a lot more nicely.


Re: More than four concurrent videos

What sort of gauche nouveau riche allows their children to ride ponies on the terrace?

Pony club is strictly paddock darling, and preferably someone else's to provide some peace and quiet away from the entitled heirs and heiresses...

NASA mulls restoring Saturn V to service as SLS delays and costs mount


I wish, seeing that thundering into the blue yonder would cheer me right up...

Rocket Lab wants to break free, hopes next mission is more 'A Kind Of Magic' than 'Another One Bites The Dust'


Re: Ring any bells?

An old university colleague is now a structural engineer in "Persia" - whenever a new bridge is built, the chief engineer has to be the first to drive across it.

Obviously not as risky these days as it used to be, but still a laudable ambition.

Post Office burned £100m in UK taxpayer cash on Horizon IT scandal legal fees, MPs told


As an IT rag, a bit of back ground on Horizon and what it was originally procured for and intended to do, and then how and why it wasn't used for that, and ended up being foisted on the Post Office at all would be a good article...

It is 50 years since Blighty began a homegrown and all-too-brief foray into space


Re: Black arrow is red and silver?

Quiet you with your sensible explanations...

Fire Brigades Union warns of wonky IT causing dangerous delays in 999 control rooms


Re: Maybe the FBU shouldn't have sabotaged FiReControl then

Because they aim to build enough inertia so that no-one can contemplate cancelling it...

Private equity ponies up £2m to help launch satellites from sunny Shetland by next year


Re: Ideal

Come friendly malfunctioning vertically launched rockets and fall on Slough?

Forcing us to get consent before selling browser histories violates our free speech, US ISPs claim


Re: Judgement

Who said that?

Smartwatch owners love their calorie-counting gadgets, but they are verrry expensive


I'm waiting for a smart pocket watch or a smart fob watch...

Parks and recreation escalate efforts to take back control of field terrorised by thug geese


Re: "if there's something winged in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call?"

Paw Patrol downvoted as I'm convinced that my toddler uses it as a form of anti-parent psychological warfare

Dual screens, fast updates, no registry cruft and security in mind: Microsoft gives devs the lowdown on Windows 10X


Re: What's in a Name?

Shortly to be followed by Windows Snowy?

Crazy idea but hear us out... With robots taking people's jobs, can we rethink this whole working to survive thing?


Re: I agree

But then all those people currently employed directly or indirectly at the DWP would lose their jobs...


Re: They toooock ewre joohbs!!!

"Not my job" never went away, it is still alive and well, particularly in most large scale construction sites, except it is now justified by badly applied H&S policies.

Adult apprenticeships are alive and well, 3 or 4 former office based colleagues (all 30+) have gone out and are doing 3 days on site and 2 in college to become sparks and plumbers, none had any relevant qualification before...

SAP co-CEO: I'm leavin' on a jet plane... Davos knows that I'll be back again...Oh babe, I hate to go (back to work)


Re: Uh, what?

Think thats a typo in TFA as SAP's own blurb says it is to reduce single-use plastics.



Re: Virtue signalling

No no no, you're looking at this wrong, you want SAP to be compulsory for all those companies, preferably to be implemented via a huge business transformation project, it'll cripple 'em! ;)

This is also a system for GPs, right? UK doctors seek clarity over Health dept's £40m single sign-on funding


1) Turn on PC

2) Put in "Windows password"

3) Go make a cup of tea, come back, put your tea down on your desk

4) Enter all the rest of your passwords in the myriad of screens that have popped up

5) Go and use the bathroom, hang your coat up, ask Mabel the forklift driver how her weekend was etc

6) Return to your desk hoping that you can actually use your machine by now...


Re: WTF are they doing ?

I never actually managed to get eduroam to work at anywhere other than my "home" university back in the early noughties - has it improved?

Totally Subcontracted Business: TSB to outsource entire IT estate to IBM for a cool $1bn after 2019 meltdown


Re: Public?

Slaughter - I always say it's like Laughter with an S...

A fine host for a Raspberry Pi: The Register rakes a talon over the NexDock 2


Re: Bring back netbooks

IIRC, Microsoft killed the netbook by insisting they ran a bastardised version of W7 rather than XP or Linux which was what the form factor was originally built with - this pushed prices up and relative performance down.

Then tablets came along and snaffled most of the "consume content on a bigger screen than mobile" crowd - leaving such a small segment behind that manufacturers stopped bothering.

UC Berkeley told to cough up $5m in compensation to comp-sci, engineering students recruited to teach classes


Re: Just another example?

I was "fortunate" enough to draw a senior member of academic staff.

Unfortunately I drew the one who was so determined to avoid his students he removed his nameplate and room number from the door of his office, and also carried out the same on neighbouring offices. At the end of lectures he actually used to break into a run to avoid staying and answering questions.

We won't CU later: New Ofcom broadband proposals mull killing off old copper network


Re: Spare a copper?

Interesting, in my area its overheads connecting the cabinets, and ducts and pots in the pavement (sidewalk) from cabinets to premises

Why is the printer spouting nonsense... and who on earth tried to wire this plug?


Re: PE

I was in a flat in Edinburgh where, the neutral was somehow connected to a cast iron external soilpipe. It "worked" until the downstairs flat wanted a new bathroom so "teed" in using a modern plastic bit of pipe with rubber connectors thus breaking the continuity to ground.

Electrically all hell broke loose :)

Join us on our new journey, says Wunderlist – as it vanishes down the Microsoft plughole


Balls, I went to Wunderlist after Todoist became Web 4.0, with horrendous re-styling and adding rubbish features like kudos, rather than fixing broken functionality.

Now Wunderlist is going, any suggestions for an alternative? I don't mind paying for a pro version if it genuinely works.

Why can't passport biometrics see through my cunning disguise?


My quadraplegic mate was asked to stand up by security so that they could search his wheelchair...

I'm still not that Gary, says US email mixup bloke who hasn't even seen Dartford Crossing


Before the inevitable snark about the tips and corrections link - if it was something other than a mailto (maybe a form?) I would love to use it, but I ain't about to email you from my work address :)


"We asked the Highways Agency, which oversees the Dartford Charge, what was going on. Red-faced press officers eventually confirmed to us that Gary's email address had been deleted."

No you didn't, as the Highways Agency hasn't existed since 2015...

Here are some deadhead jobs any chatbot could take over right now


I stayed at a hotel in Spain once that took a similar approach to its spirits.

All the spirits came out of a soda style gun. I asked the barmaid how they did it, and it was a similar system, essentially "straight alcohol" came through the gun and pressing the appropriate button added the appropriate flavouring depending whether you wanted "whiskey", "gin" etc

It wasn't too painful when the flavour sachets had been replaced recently, but things progressed, the flavouring got thinner and it just tasted of straight alcohol. The hangovers I got at that place where something else.

ZTE Nubia Z20: It's £499. It's a great phone. Buy it. Or don't. We don't care


Re: Rolly screens?

The "rolly-screens" are tootling along quite happily, yields are increasing for flexible OLED panels, the issue is encapsulating them - essentially finding an alternative to the "glass" on a conventional screen that will cope with all the flexibility and not degrade optically - if your rolly screen starts getting creases it won't be very popular.

Google forks out $2.1bn for Fitbit – and promises not to exploit all that delicious health data to sling ads (honest)


Got rid of my Fitbit couple years ago, this reminded me to go in and actually delete my account and data, thanks Google!

Delayed, over-budget smart meters will be helpful – when Blighty enters 'Star Trek phase'


But they can be repaired, and new seals, ropes/chains and weights is a DIY job which will make all the difference.


Re: It's about money

The only reason for poor power factor is cheap/bad design - decent quality LED products, chargers, TVs etc can and should all have power factors of 0.9 upwards.

"Efficient tech" with a poor power factor is basically just a con, as if the power factor is that poor, then it isn't actually "efficient".

Will someone think of the taxpayer? UK.gov needs to stop burning billions on shoddy procurement, says Reform


Re: Nice try sisters and brothers, but...

And the project to write the tender and scope of the new policy drafting project will in itself be outsourced, and cost a few £100m, and overrun... its turtles, sorry, contracts, all the way down


Re: Growth or Real Cost?

But the Treasury Green Book even includes such things:


Pity many don't seem to read / apply it - but new Equipment / Development projects should have between 10 and 54 weeks added and CapEx increased by between 10% and 200% to account for optimism bias.

Play Huawei... for now: Firm aims Googletastic Honor 9X at young 'uns


Re: Nope.....

In exactly the same boat with my Honor 9 here, great phone

Now that's integrity: Bloke sinks 7 beers, turns himself in. Cops weren't looking for him


Re: Don't drink Budweiser.

From my experiences in Czech Republic, Staropramen is treated as bottom end, and mainly avoided. Which makes me laugh when UK punters paid £5 a pint for it when it was rolled out as premium.

But then I remember when Heineken used to be cheap ditchwater, then Champions League, Ray Liotta and sideways fermenting came along, and suddenly its "top brand"...

Margin mugs: A bank paid how much for a 2m Ethernet cable? WTF!


Re: District Council

"Magic crates" are common in a lot of industries, particularly where time limited funding exists...


Good on you for stepping up to the plate!



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