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Pentagon beams down $10bn JEDI contract to Microsoft: Windows giant beats off Bezos


AWS=Amazon WEB Services

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. There's a reason for that which is that AWS is primarily good at hosting Linux based Web servers. Microsoft Azure is more focused on corporates who want to move Windows server based systems into the cloud, which is why they are offering attractive licence deals for Windos Server and MS SQL in Azure. I suspect that this sort of workload aligns more closely with US DoD requirements. I have no doubt that Microsoft can fulfil this contract entirely.

Apple files yet another appeal against $503m FaceTime patent payout


Reminds me of Apple's maneuvering over the eBook conspiracy case. They lost that one too. Shameful behavior.

Hyperoptic's ZTE-made 1Gbps routers had hyper-hardcoded hyper-root hyper-password


Re: The gigabit provider's routers are made by ZTE

I think you have it the wrong way around. The wired performance of the ZTE router is pretty good however if you have a Gbit connection and want fast wifi you need a third party router that does MU MIMO.

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign


Re: VMWare ESXi

Precisely. Many vSphere engineers will be on the edges of their chairs waiting for an update from VMware about this. Patching all Windows and Linux VMs with a potential 30% performance hit will be bad enough, but if it applies to the ESXi hosts as well! Lets see.



The one vendor not mentioned at all in this article or any other about this is that I have read is VMware. How will this affect systems virtualised on VMware esxi?


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