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Cybercrooks are telling ChatGPT to create malicious code


Battles of the AIs

I'm no futurist, but could we end up having a good cop AI hunting down bad/malicious AI?

Thinking of how security software will need to be rejigged to block all those perfect English phishing emails not coming from some Nigerian

Crypto craziness craps out – and about time too


And hopefully the end of crypto mining

Look forward to seeing the electricity consumption drop, as well as the prices of GPUs.

It would be great if those useless hot houses could be turned to SETI / Folding @ Home powerhouses that could really make a positive impact to mankind.

'At least' 6.5 exabytes lost after contamination hits Kioxia/WD 3D NAND fabs


Did somebody p**s on their chips?

Throw away your Ethernet cables* because MediaTek says Wi-Fi 7 will replace them


6G will replace WiFi

Once we have proper 5G roll out and network signals all over the place, what will be the point of having two standards delivering 10gbps+ signals everywhere?

The inevitability of the Windows 11 UI: New Notepad enters the beta channel


Is it going to end up like windows 8?

The enthusiasm with which it has been received does make me wonder how long it will last...

What was the urge to change the interface (again)?

What life changing features will I be getting by switching to W11?

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram deplatform themselves: Services down globally


Iran is rocking it

The Ayatollah is taking no crap.

The only country that can get it is Iran


Researchers warn of unpatched remote code execution flaws in Schneider Electric industrial gear


The other problem

Most users of PLCs are also not used to updating their firmware. They take the view that if it's working fine, then just to let it be. Why risk production etc especially after it may have taken months to get the software commissioned to work just right.

And I am also sure that some don't even know how many PLCs they have as if they don't have an HMI then it is invisible.

And yes PLCs need to be networked together and mostly will tie up to SCADA and often telemetry systems.

Microsoft runs a data centre on hydrogen for 48 whole hours, reckons it could kick hydrocarbon habit by 2030


***Pedantic alert***.

Can we make that a subscript 2 rather than superscript after the CO. Pretty please or I won't sleep tonight.

New Zealand releases Bluetooth-free COVID-19 tracing app


reinventing the wheel?

Doesn't Google track your every movement by default, and make it like look like it's doing you a favour by giving you a timeline of where you've been?

And I remember there was an article on here sometime ago on FB making associations between people just based on proximity even though not socially linked.

And scanning QR codes with your phone is no guarantee that the info will stay on your phone. If the app won't do it, Huawei/Xiaomi/Google/any other might.

Latitude 9510 lappy has a speakerphone so you can tell the conference call all about your 30-hour battery


Re: Speakerphone

Got this on my HP elitebook. There are microphones at the back of the screen and you can change from one person only (i.e. the one facing the screen) to conference mode. Useful feature for work.

A few reasons why cops didn't immediately shoot down London Gatwick airport drone menace


What's up with the tennis ball?

It seems to be part of the spectrum analyser kit.

I declare my ignorance!

Microsoft's latest Windows 10 update downs Chrome, Cortana


I'm with you on that.

The only good thing is that you can roll back the update without losing settings.

Bring back the notify of update and choose to install.

Poop to save planet as boffins devise bullsh*t way of extracting gas



It has to be a professor from WaterLOO.

2 weeks to April's fool.

Kernel-memory-leaking Intel processor design flaw forces Linux, Windows redesign



Just got myself a new laptop in the boxing day sales...

Is the 8th gen series ok? Could not find info anywhere. Specifically Intel® Core™ i5-8250U Processor

Thanks pals