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Microsoft retires Windows 3.11 on 18th birthday


Sad day..

But it annoyed me when it failed to run on my Amstrad 2086 :(

I'll miss it.

Force listeners onto DAB by killing FM



Isn't DAB+ the better standard? Even a BBC report a year or so ago slaughtered the DAB standard and it's quality, saying FM was superior!

Sales slide at PC World, Currys


Prices are now realistic....

....rather than the utterly ridiculous mark-ups (which still exist on memory products). Dug their own grave..

BBC calls DRM cops on iPlayer download party


Yep downloads dead still...

Looks like they're up to something. Perhaps the problem wasn't as fixed as they thought...

Apple posts iPhone update, bricks unlocked handsets


In response to JayKay...

Not sure if JayKay's actually had the experience of buying one, or is just going on the fact that he reads the IT journos.. There are no warnings when you buy the phone. In fact, I bought one from Apple's flagship store on 5th Ave a few days ago. I literally walked in, said "I'll have an iPhone please" and that was it.

Yes, I know personally about the network lock-down, but there is no sign at all in-store that this is the case. Only on the box does it mention it - And you don't get that until you stump up the moola.

PlusNet blasts email into blackhole (again)


What was the appliance

I'm curious as to what the "Appliance" was? Who was the vendor eh? I can't think of any proper installation that would loose ALL email - maybe a percentage, but not all....