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Gemini goes back to the '90s with Agenda, Data and mulls next steps


Re: I have the Gemini PDA

I, too, was a backer and I, too, find the Gemini disappointing. The claims of Linux and Sailfish support were vastly overstated. Yes, there are versions of both for the Gemini, but they depend on many large MediaTek blobs and the Googledroid kernel. Linux is all but useless with no pointing device and no pure console mode. The chief effect of my Gemini in my case was that I have now gotten GPD Pocket, put Linux and KDE on board, and am now appreciating it more knowing how bad things can be as witness the Gemini.

How's this for a stocking filler next year? El Reg catches up with Gemini


Re: " like to be able to quickly glance at a message coming in, or a call waiting. "

Alternately, you could adapt some of the available freeware apps to blink out the message in Morse code . . .


Re: Very Interesting

I agree with you re. pure Linux, but one thing that has me worried is the (so far) crap telephony support in Linux. Am wondering how/if the phone will work when Linux is booted.


Blackberry isn't Blasckberry anymore and doesn't support anything running the Blackberry OS. Apple has taken a wicked authoritarian turn that puts MSFT at its worst to shame. So I really hope this takes off, for two reasons:

1. Otherwise I'm out $450 (including shipping to the U.S. from, I guess, Mars).

2. What else is there? This is the only new phone/PDA/palmtop for grownups I've seen in forever.


Re: Linux

I looked at the Pyra and decided that it's got little in common with the Geminision -- keyboard even worse for typing, lower resolution (which sometimes matters) and, well, the community kind of at its worst. Also, far more expensive.