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Google force feeds Web 2.0 to US gov

Terry Silver badge


From the UK side of the ocean I canonly sit with a dropped jaw that anyone even thinks that "WEB 2." is of real value to anyone outside of the PR or IT worlds.

Governments make powerful communications to whole nations ( via TV, papers, even web sites) and specific ones to individuals or groups (phone fax, mail etc).

But the idea that a few fragmented, trendy, commercial, ad-supported, social networking sites, because they're the latest thing are somehow an improvement on this is laughable

Kodak ESP 7 all-in-one inkjet printer

Terry Silver badge


It's aimed at home users, so no fax.

It's the same idea that Vista contains.

Let's test the logic.

Office users - assume that they do need the fax for business - so they will decide to throw out the existing dedicated fax machine and make do with the fax facilty in a printer or use a fax modem on the PC should they have one.

Home users -may need to send the occasional fax, so if they want to do that they will need to buy a dedicated fax machine to squeeze on the desk next to the printer, because neither printer nor MS Vista have fax facility.

That does make sense, doesn't it?

ITV 'could dump' Friends Reunited

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Used to be good

I loved the original Friends Reunited. I have no interest in the likes of My Face etc.

I can contact the people I want to by the traditional methods.

But in the beginning Friends was fun . If a bit naughty.

Then it got intimidated. And last, it went corporate.

So now it's just a bit pointless and boring.

Hotmail hack punts person in peril scam

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remembering passwords

I'd agree with Carl. Every blasted site seems to need a password as well as a user name these days.

Even with a password vault it's just not practical for even an avid techie to have a different one for each site. Most members of the public haven't a chance of coping. Part of the solution is that sites should consider whether they really do need both a username and a password to log in.

(Like this one, which I had to reregister for, since I have no idea which combination of e-mail address and password I used last time!)


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