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Major telco outage leaves millions of Australians disconnected

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Re: "left millions nationwide without phone or internet access – either mobile or terrestrial"

It also warns customers to avoid bundling deals.

My internet stayed up, because only my mobile is with Optus.

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Given how essential these services are now, perhaps the mobile networks should agree a protocol to switch on national roaming if any network goes down.

Because they know it could be their network next (and in fact it happened to Vodafone in the past).

Windows 11 in detail: Incremental upgrade spoilt by onerous system requirements and usability mis-steps

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There's a free program called "foldersize" which fixes this.

Samsung: We will remotely brick smart TVs looted from our warehouse

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Re: Hmmm

"This is the worry I have with EV's that can be pwned remotely."

Exactly right. Tesla can unlock my car remotely (and a service technician did once use this functionality to get into my parked car when I was not there).

What if Tesla got hacked? thousands - nay millions - of them could be stolen or held for ransom.

Australian Federal Police hiring digital evidence retrieval specialists: Being a very good boy and paws required

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Re: Ice cream distraction

A dog sniffed out a contraband apple in my bag at Perth Airport, Western Australia.

As a result I got my baggage taken apart in a search for drugs. Spot the logic.

Think tank report names and shames 'stakeholder capitalist' Salesforce for paying no corporate income tax in the US

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It's using American terminology. To translate:

revenue = turnover

income = profit

Deloitte's Autonomy auditor 'lost objectivity' when looking at Brit software firm's disputed books, says regulator

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Re: Accountants Should Be Personally Liable

They are personally liable. One of them just got fined 500k and another 250k.

Deloitte settled HPE's Autonomy lawsuit for $45m back in 2016 and agreed to cooperate with US DoJ

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Re: Smells bad

Autonomy was the client, not HP.

Talk about a Blue Monday: OVH outlines recovery plan as French data centres smoulder

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Those nice colourful panels on the outside of the building seem to have melted. I wonder if they were supplied by Arconic?

It's in their DNA: Nobel Prize in chemistry goes to pioneers of the CRISPR gene-editing tool

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"Using CRISPR on humans, meanwhile, is a topic that divides the scientific community. Although it could prevent genetic diseases by cutting away unwanted genetic mutations, the ethics of using embryos for experiments is questionable."

It really doesn't divide the scientific community. The vast majority of scientists think that CRISPR is not yet ready to use on people. And that has a lot more to do with it being a heritable modification (and therefore a permanent change to the genetic pool) than any queasiness over experimenting with embyros (which is something that many scientists do every day with embryonic stem calls).

Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data

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Little do you know that there really *is* a gene called fucK


How is Trump's anti-Chinese rhetoric playing out? 70% of smartphones sold in the US are – surprise – made in China

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Re: HTC Korean

Samsung assembles its phones in Vietnam, but I don't know where the parts are sourced from.

Don't strain yourself, Zuck, only democracy at stake... Facebook makes half-hearted effort to flag election lies by President Trump

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What's wrong with January 2021?

You're testing them wrong: Whiteboard coding interviews are 'anti-women psychological stress examinations'

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Re: Whiteboard coding - never done it, never ask anyone to do it

According to my nephews' Local Education Authority, "blackboard" is racist and unsuitable to be used in polite society. The tell you to say "chalkboard".

However, a whiteboard is still a whiteboard, not a "penboard".

Trump gloats, telcos weep, and China is furious: How things stand following UK's decision to rip out Huawei

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Re: A sad day

But the West has beaten China in a war - the Opium Wars.

And the Chinese are still sore about it, almost 200 years later. That's one of the things that gives rise to their bullying behaviour.

Hey, Boeing. Don't celebrate your first post-grounding 737 Max test flight too hard. You just lost another big contract

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Re: Finally some real consequences

The inspectors are not contractors - they are Boeing employees. That is how the system has always worked - but with one not so minor change. Originally these inspectors reported direct to the FAA, then a change was made so that they reported through Boeing's pointy-haired managers.

Given this knowledge, I think the outcome was less than surprising.

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Re: One question

You are confusing the FAA with the NTSB.

It's the NTSB that investigates crashes and makes safety recommendations. But the FAA - cosying up to the industry - does not always follow those recommendations.

Royal Navy nuclear submarine captain rapped for letting crew throw shoreside BBQ party

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You can't hear The Archers on a sub

You can't pick up long wave underwater.

They have to use very low frequency to communicate with a sub underwater. And It's one way comms only. Shore-to-ship, and text only due to the limited bandwidth.

MWC now stands for Mighty Wallet Crusher? Smaller firms counting the cost after mobile industry event scrapped

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Absolutely. If this goes to a court of law, I'd advise GSMA to cough-up and not waste money on legal fees. They're bound to lose.

There is no farce majeure here, just "an abundance of caution".

Ministry of Justice bod jailed for stealing £1.7m with fake IT consulting contract

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Re: Master criminal

And the company has a website which is just a template waiting to be filled in:


Maybe this is what raised the underling's suspicions?

The Six Million Dollar Scam: London cops probe Travelex cyber-ransacking amid reports of £m ransomware demand, wide-open VPN server holes

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Big Brother

Re: what were they doing holding stuff like DoB & NI number?

I went to a local foreign exchange place in Chinatown here. The teller asked for ID, which I didn't have, so she used her own!

Maybe if I was only exchanging $100 instead of $10,000 she wouldn't have been so understanding.

This page is currency unavailable... Travelex scrubs UK homepage, kills services, knackers other sites amid 'software virus' infection

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Re: Compliance....

There is no fee for withdrawing cash. However "Interest charges apply to cash you take out, from the day the cash is withdrawn."

And the rate is 20% pa (or even 28% if you are deemed a not-so-good credit risk).

So if you withdraw , say, $1,000 at the beginning of a billing period, that could amount to $30.

However, if they allow a positive balance on the card, you could work around that.

That Pulse Secure VPN you're using to protect your data? Better get it patched – or it's going to be ransomware time

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Travelex TITSUP

Oh dear, it seems that Travelex has been pwned AND customers (allegedly) have had their data stolen.


They should have heeded that warning!

BlackBerry tells UK High Court that security outfit SentinelOne is its direct rival

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Re: Old habits die hard

And they made a wireless point-of-sale terminal.

Stand back, we're going in: The Register rips a 7th-gen ThinkPad X1 Carbon apart. Literally

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Screen Resolution

Does anyone really want or need 3840 x 2160 resolution in a 14" screen? A waste of money, surely.

Socket to the energy bill: 5-bed home with stupid number of power outlets leaves us asking... why?

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Re: Seems fine to me

240 V sockets are so 20th century!

Why don't they start fitting houses with 5 V + 12 V systems and do away with those plugpaks?

Or -48 V so you can run everything direct from the solar panels?

PIN the blame on us, says Monzo in mondo security blunder: Bank card codes stored in log files as plain text

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Re: All the no's

"We only pre-booked some of the stuff in advance"

I downvoted you for "pre-booked".

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's personal MiG-29 fighter jet goes under the hammer

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Please define your terms before using them. Otherwise you just end up looking like a smartarse.

Honey, hive had it with this drone: Couple lived for years with thousands of bees in bedroom wall

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Re: bees in the wall

I had a wasp's nest hanging from the inside of the roof of my house. My Dad placed a bucket of water underneath it and hit the nest with a big stick.

It dropped in the water, and he covered it with a lid. Job done!

Another time in the same house, I had a wasp's nest underneath my bath, accessed via a gap in the wall where the drain exited. I had to get the pros in for that one.

Assange rape claims: Complainant welcomes Swedish investigation's reopening

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No, it's 50 weeks.

They changed it from 22 months to 22 weeks, but The Reg is still wrong.

Dog Eatdog

22-month sentence? I thought it was 50 weeks.

EE customer: Creepy ex used employee access to change my mobile number, spy on me

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That's when it was Orange. Now it is bloody useless BT.

Whats(goes)App must come down... World in shock as Zuck decides to intertwine Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp

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Re: Damn


Should the super-rich pay 70% tax rate above $10m? Here's Michael Dell's hot take for Davos

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Re: Simple solution to Dell's problem

Actually the UK's top rate was 98% on "unearned income" (meaning investment income) because that attracted a 15% surcharge.

What a cheep shot: Bird sorry after legal eagles fire DMCA takedown at scooter unlock blog

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Can't the local authorities still come after Bird for the storage fees?

Facebook's pay-for-more-eyeballs shtick looks too good to be true: Page views, Likes from 'fake' profiles

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Re: between 3 per cent to 4 per cent of monthly active users on the site were fake

My dog and his friends would surely agree with you.

Brit hacker hired by Liberian telco to nobble rival now behind bars

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According to the BBC he was only paid US$ 10,000 per month for his DDoS attack in Liberia


I assume he had several such things on the go simultaneously, or he probably could have earned a similar amount working for the white hats,

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Re: Do the Liberians want him for Trial?

Wrong. He was convicted for the crime against Liberia.

From the BBC: "Launching cyber attacks against Lonestar in Liberia - another crime under the Computer Misuse Act"


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Re: Trial in the UK

"Living in Cyprus at the time..." suggests the attacks were NOT carried out in England.

CES flicks the off switch on massager award… and causes a buzz

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I found my old Mini could turn within its own length with proper use of the handbrake.

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses

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Re: Whisper it…

"Additionally, Autopilot works well. I should know, having covered thousands of tedious traffic-laden motorway miles with it."

Have you got autopilot V1 or V2? My V1 works well, but everyone I know who has V2 complains about it.

Shame they had to ditch V1 after Mobileye dumped Tesla for taking too many risks.

US and UK Amazon workers get a wage hike – maybe they'll go to the movies, by themselves

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Re: What's the net benefit to workers?

That will depend on each worker's individual circumstances. I would imagine a single, childless person would not be qualified for many benefits so will get most of the pay rise. It may differ for those with dependants.

Groupon to pay IBM $57m after getting money off e-commerce patent settlement

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Re: Do people still use Groupon?

Don't use groupon. Either there is a huge backlog for an offer or the service provider has gone out of business by the time you try to use it. Or sometimes both.

You know all those movies you bought from Apple? Um, well, think different: You didn't

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Movies are Bigger than That

" A DVD quality movie will typically run to around 4GB, and a Blu-ray movie to 7 or 8GB:"

I think El Reg is getting its Blu-Ray confused with its dual-layer DVD.

A Blu-Ray film is typically 15 GB to 30 GB and a DVD film up to about 8 GB.

2TB or not 2TB: Microsoft fiddles with OneDrive as competition offers twice the storage

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Re: So. Kicked in the crotch twice, eigh?

It would be a no brainer if you could rely on OneDrive to actually sync flawlessly.

Personally, I will stick with Dropbox, because it works.

Well, well, well. Crime does pay: Ransomware creeps let off with community service

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Re: Can you live/work in Holland just using English?

In the days of VHF, the Dutch could pick up British TV channels from East Anglia.

Uber 'does not exist any more' says Turkish president

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Re: Good. Lyft, Uber & their ilk suck arse.

Nonsense. Most mini-cab and taxi drivers are also self-employed. No different to Uber, etc.

Boffins bash out bonkers boost for batteries

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El Reg has screwed up

The Register is normally good at covering tech stories, but they have screwed up royally here.

As others have alluded to, this invention is about diodes, not batteries. It lowers the power consumption of any electronic device that uses diodes, and hence lengthens battery life if that device is baterry-powered.

Look at the press release:


El Reg missed an important part of the quote therein:

"Semiconductor diodes and amplifiers, which often are made of silicon or germanium, are key elements in modern electronic devices"

Heir to SMS finally excites carriers, by making Google grovel

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Re: So it's unanimous then, We all say "Piss Off !!!"

SMS is Short Message Service, in fact.

Former Volkswagen CEO indicted over emission cheating conspiracy

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Re: Ecuadorian Embassy

He doesn't need political asylum - Germany does not extradite its own citizens.

However, it does mean that he won't be able to travel for fear of arrest overseas - looks like his future holidays will be confined to walks in the Black Forest.