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'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britons ask Google after results declared

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Re: Seriously...

Whilst you are more specifically correct, technically "average" can refer to any of "mode", "median" or "mean".

I will concede that the most common use of "average" is as "mean" though ;-)

You MERCILESS FIEND... you put that audio file on AUTOPLAY

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Phew! Only 1 more week to go... :-)

Andrew Fraser

Hope you're enjoying your holiday...

...missing your weekly "Something for the Weekend?" article this hot, stuffy Friday :-(

We've got to wait another 2 weeks!!!

Pioneer DVR-116D multi-format DVD rewriter

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Misleading article and a poorly formed conclusion

As others have noted, this article is a little misleading.

Firstly the limit in speed is due to the physical limits of the spinning discs; it's not going to be any different to CD given the manufacturing processes, materials and dimensions are near identical. As James says, a 16x DVD = 48x CD (in terms of spindle speed) and a 20x DVD = 60x CD - nowhere near the claimed 180x which would be impossible with standard discs.

Secondly, and far more importantly, less than 25% of the disc was written to - Pioneer even commented on this result and yet you failed to re-test with 4GB or so to fill the disc.

The result of this is that you cannot form a proper conclusion until proper empirical testing has been carried out.

El Reg normally have such consistently good reviews and news, I feel somewhat let-down in this instance - perhaps you can (and should) re-test with 4GB of data to the disc?

UK.gov £12bn comms überdatabase 'wouldn't spot terrorists'

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Can't be THAT hard, surely?

SELECT a.*, b.*, c.*, d.* FROM

tbl_landline a, tbl_mobile b, tbl_geographic c, tbl_phorm d

WHERE a.id = b.id AND b.id = c.id AND c.id = d.id AND (a.call_transcript LIKE '%bomb%' OR b.call_transcript LIKE '%bomb%' OR (c.lat = <latitude of potential target> AND c.long = <longitude of potential target>) OR d.search_query LIKE '%bomb%')

All done. Can I have a small cut of that £12bn to offset my loss on Banking shares now please?


Windows Update to trumpet Vista Capable debacle?

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Oh the irony

"But there's the very real possibility Microsoft's very own Windows Update and MSN could be forced to carry ads promoting a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft"

LOL ;-)

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

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Paris Hilton

re: place your bets..

Funny, I only clicked on the article to see if they'd managed to include a picture of the Asus blonde again ;-)

The brunette could be interesting, but there's something about a blonde in a skimpy outfit on the beach that does it for me. That and the fact that melon sized headphones aren't all that flattering...

(Paris, since I prefer the [stereotypically] ditzy blonde)

Should the IT department be accountable for energy use?

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It's all about the incentives...

I think it should be the IT departments responsibility to *investigate* / measure / monitor power consumption, but the bill should come at the feet of the department that is profiting from its (whatever the equipment is) use.

For example, every 6 months you adopt a new company desktop PC standard - instead you offer 2 types: one for performance and one for energy saving (although with todays processors you can make very good compromises). You charge the cost centre more for the 'less green' machines, or you charge them a higher service / support / facilities monthly fee.

e.g. Quad Xeon CAD workstation - £1500, £100 /month

e.g. Core 2 Duo slimline desktop PC - £600, £50 /month

The point is that you must move the incentive onto the end-users (well, their managers, etc.) otherwise if put on the IT department it will not work - you reduce costs so they reduce your budget as others have already commented.

@Tawakalna - it's not difficult to monitor workstations that are left switched on; even if you accept that there's legitimate reasons for doing it so you don't want to automate a shutdown, you _could_ charge the originating cost centre for the extra usage. I'm sure managers that were getting £10-£50 penalties per head per month for PCs being left on would soon be screaming at their staff to switch them off (and probably going round at 5.30pm and forcing them off).

Reg readers bring down HMRC website

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Cause of the issue...

...is surely that they can't burn the incoming data quick enough to CD? HMRC are obivously not employing insufficient PFYs to burn the data to CD and post it off (unencrypted) to someone else (can't lick the stamps fast enough?) ;-)

Google Earth mobilised in search for Fossett

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Possibe location?

I found a possible location here :-


It certainly looks plane-shaped and it's about the right size (according to Amazon's guide)

Mystery SNAFU exposes email logins for 100 foreign embassies (and counting)

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Public Disclosure

Whilst I accept that he may not feel it sufficiently rewarding to run-up a phone bill calling each of the embassies, he could have simply emailed them all to say A) You have a security exploit, and B) This is your password : 1234 to prove it.

I think that would have been more helpful than what he has chosen to do.

MS lawyers take out AutoPatcher

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@ lansalot

"simple solution

By lansalot"

...you say you have it working, but it needs a little polish; care to share?

PlusNet blasts email into blackhole (again)

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If you use them for the pipe, and not the services, then fantastic...

I just wanted to re-iterate what others have said, in that if you use PlusNET for their connection only, not the additional services like email, then they really are fantastic value for money. I've been with PlusNET for nearly 7 years now, enjoy a full 8mbps (even at peak times), fantastic packet shaping (so that my gaming on one computer is not affected by activites on another computer) and a clearly stated usage policy - simply schedule your big downloads for the off-peak time and you have no problem - I regularly go over 100GB a month, but <10GB during peak hours. Oh, and all this with a static IP as well.

A few words of caution, however: don't use their email !