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Toshiba gets on my last nerve


probably some internal issue that deserves some tech expert's hands.

I am using Toshiba Satellite P855 for past 5 years.

costed me 700US $ running on Windows 8.1

no complains to date.

My system hasn't seen any hardware expert so far.

Except that I have had to change my battery once. well thats obvious for a 5year old system.

I don't have the urge to replace it (even now).

Looking for another smartphone recommendation


try Asus. The IC is worth depending.

haven't heard of bursting or overheating issues

slight lags aren't to be complained if you are under 200 bucks.

still you will find a handy 3 gb ram with good battery backup, storage and a quality camera at this range.

sony comes with lesser ram/rom

samsung carries lesser battery

moto and lenovo too are good options.

however I recommend asus

If you could force an honest answer from a tech company what would it be?


I had asked Nokia- Why is your marketing and sales team so inactive?


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