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Reg hacks confront really wide Oz load terror

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Deprecated units...

I'm sorry to have to correct you, but the brontosaurus is a deprecated unit - it was renamed the apatasaurus some time ago.

North Korea photoshops stroke from Kim Jong Il

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Squat leader?

Actually (unless I'm missing the element of the photo that is supposed to look photoshopped) it looks to me more like all the soldiers in the front row are standing with knees slightly bent to make him look taller.

Google in mass 404 land grab

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Yep, not the same thing

I'm with A. Gould on this. The difference is fundamental.

In part it isn't about what the purpose of the change is. If I as an ISP search and replace (for example) Huckabee's name with some amusing homonym that would (probably) get me sued for meddling in the democratic process or some such. If I do the same to promote myself that is supposed to be acceptable somehow?

But Google offering a tool that has amongst it's capabilities, the ability to help me find the page I wanted when I get back a result that says 'nothing there', well personally I won't use it, but it's a tool. Use it if you want it. And if you install software without knowing what it does (it's not like it's likely to be a hidden feature) then you deserve what you get.

My one thought against Google with this is that the page they offer should include the returned error page as well as the helper content, rather than just dropping it.

The broken terror systems that killed de Menezes

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Preparations can lead to problems

It seems to me that we're seeing more and more events where the police are extensively prepared for worst case scenarios, and where they (as a result) turn up expecting the worst. In Melbourne (Australia) predominantly peaceful protests were being approced by police who had spent the last 5 days in training on baton charges, riot control etc. When a large group of protesters stood (or even sat) peacefully, the police formed up and charged them.

This process of preparing for the worst must be examined, and supplemented with significant training in how to recognise when the worst is not happening.

In addition, ploice forces absolutely must be liable for their failures when the mis-assess situations. otherwise there is no reason for them to improve process. Fear of extra paper-work isn't enough.

Any police officer who strikes or shoots an innocent bystander must never be allowed a weapon in the future. The ability to control your weapon and assess your actions is always down to the one with the weapon. You shoot a bystander, and you are out of the force. You are compensated by the force if their failures misinformed you, but you have to be responsible for your actions or the Nazi Guard argument "Just obeying order" starts to be used.

Cow poo: the building material of the future?

Keith Ealanta

But who'd want to work with the boards...

It's all very well being able to make strong enough planks out of it, but will anyone want to use it? I can make plasticine out of it but I doubt you'd encourage your kids to build stuff with it.

One of the joys of working with timber is the warm sweet smell of the wood as you cut it. If next time I cut a piece of wood I end up covered with bull-dust, I'm not going to be any to happy. Things will not be smelling of roses.


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