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IBM offloads Notes and Domino to India's HCL Technologies


IBM didn't like Notes either

Just out of curiosity what is the Microsoft equivalent for low code departmental apps ? It's not SharePoint, It's probably not Power Apps ( yet ? ) , Flow is just one component ( albeit becoming very impressive ).

I run a business using "Notes" and if there were an easy to use Microsoft alternative I would be using it.

Notes obviously has issues and was a 2nd class mail experience at times but as an application platform for "gap filling" around ERP systems and for departmental and site solutions it was exceptionally good - to the point where it really didn't have any obvious competitors.

The ironic bit is that Notes lost to Microsoft in a battle about mail clients when it was so much more than just a mail client - and Microsoft didn't have anything to offer its new customers for applications when they "migrated". That says something about IBM's marketing team.

Notes was way ahead of its time for NoSQL and "Low Code" but it undermined IBMs bigger ( more expensive ) products and wasn't valued by IBM.

Pickaxe chops cable, KOs UKFast data centre


Re: DR Testing Failure

We saw a small temperature wobble for the 20 mins prior to the failure. I wonder if they were on UPS ?


The inlet temperatures on our server wobbled a few degrees for 20 mins before the outage

You would almost think they must have known something was going on ?


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