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China bans Micron products after security review finds unspecified flaws


Of course it was China starting this.

And of course, since your comment was accompanied by a plethora of examples, it makes your claim all the more credible...

Oh wait....

Amazon, Games Workshop announce Warhammer 40k film deal


Re: Tax Avoidance

The Expanse was cut short. I would have watched 12 seasons of the Expanse if these were made.

Rings of power was a woke, boring, forgettable, cheap-looking, uninteresting non-tolkienesque PoS.

Though it looks like the logic for the Mechanicus was already embedded. A ship floats because it looks up. Maybe WH40k is the grim dark future of Rings of Power.


Re: Not the first

As long as the space marines don't have blue hair and their sexual relationship with one another on the battle barge becomes more important than violently dismembering and blowing up the evil xenos and other heretics, we should probably be ok.

Fresh version of Xfce, the oldest Linux desktop of them all, revealed in Xubuntu builds


Try Devuan.

Comes with XFCE as an option and you're able to choose from 3 different init systems during installation (none of which is systemd).

Morgan Stanley fined $35m after hard drives sold with customer info still on them



Customers entrust their personal information to financial professionals with the understanding and expectation that it will be protected

I no longer have that expectation. I *should*, but I don't.

I expect alll my data that sits stored at large corps (or worse, in 'The Cloud'), to be meticulously scrutinised and gone through with a fine comb by several TLAs.

Atos investor says turnaround plan 'too ambitious and complicated'


The 'needful'? By destroying staff morale, profits are going to pick up any time now.

Supply chain worries heat up again as China shuts down factories to cool its citizens


Re: Unprecedented

Aside from the 'Middle Kingdom' apparently who at first glance would like their citizens to be cool.

Personally I suspect that the effect of this move is the real reason though.

Economies in the West are already teetering on the edge; a new supply chain issue may just give it a further push.

Nancy Pelosi ties Chinese cyber-attacks to need for Taiwan visit


Given that Russian forces occupy half the territory they did in Februar

OMG. You're delusional. Not even CNN makes such a claim. Not even Ukraine itself does.


China and Russia share a border.

Russia has oil and other raw materials, China has a huge manufacturing capability.

They are self-sifficient. Especially with their new trade alliance.


Don't see any critical food items as a major import, which would be strange with a 1.2billion population.


Didn't you mean Putin bots? Everyone who has a minority view contrary to yours, must be a bot.

Have actually ever thought about someone just blindly (I don't see any proof of your claims) main stream media (not even non-mainstream articles from western media, but the most generic drivel that outlets such as CNN considers news), is actually being a sheep?


Re: Historical approach

Loudly telling everyone you won WW2 to everyone, while ignoring the major (and much larger) sacrifices other nations have made is also ludicrous.

Total US casualties in WW2 was aroud 350k, casualties on just the russian side was 20-24 million.

Absolutely not diminishing the sacrifice made by US citizens in WW2, but please stop with the blustering.


Re: ... the likes of TSMC turned Taiwan into a vital source of technology

Yes, for some reason, jump-starting an economy of 1.2billion people who are living in poverty and have had sanctions until the 1970s imposed by the west is slightly harder than jump-starting an economy of 23million people, with industry backed by 'the west' from day 1.


no matter how much propaganda you pump out.

Yes... it's all propaganda.





Note that these are all western websites.

As for even China not wanting to trade with Russia:


Stop watching CNN, it rots your brain.


But of course all done to promote Democracy and Freedom(tm).

It's like the Mitchell and Webb sketch; 'Are we the baddies'?

It's hard to look in the mirror and realise that the country you are a citizen of are not 'the good guys'.


Re: China's just testing the waters

(several million peasants probably didn't enjoy that bit of how it was done from what I understand)

Then you don't understand what happened there after Mao came to power.

It were the chinese intelligentia that were decimated under Mao, as they were seen as the ones collaborating with western powers, which pushed opium to the chinese population.


Russia is getting more revenue after the sanctions than before it.

Pensions and wages have been increased by some 10%, the Ruble is the new gold standard and is the best performing currency in the last 6 months, while BRICS countries are creating a new reserve currency backed by commodities, the USD is no longer being the sole currency in which oil is traded by Saudi Arabia.

With the USD only being backed by debt, and the printing presses running overtime to 'curb inflation' I see Zimbawan type USD bills not too far over the horizon.


This is exaclty my fear of the US govt. With their current still large military power, which will disappear overnight if their economy crashes (unless they start a war).

China and Russia are completely self-sufficient, whike western countries have sold their crown jewels to foreign nations to make a quick buck.


Very little difference. Both are used as proxies to contain what the US sees as threats to their hegemony.

Instead of focusing inward and making life.better for its citizens, the US is desperately trying to cling on to the unilateral power they wielded after the USSR fell, after which, instead of using their power to lift everyone up, they used it to enrich themselves, while keepimg everyone else down.

This has now come back to bite the US in the ass.

50% of every tax dollar paid in the US goes to the MIC, while infrastructure is crumbling, healthcare is #38 on the planet in quality, while being #1 in cost, life expectancy has actually dropped in recent years and mental health has dramatically decreased, resulting in mass shootings and the whole blue hair zher, xe, they, them idiocy. Meanwhile the prison population has explodede and is higher in both absolute and relative numbers, compared to a 'tyrannical' government like China's.

With US inmates being used as slave labour and people going to prision for having a joint in their possession, while the son of the current president has been filming himself with deug dealer amounts of crack, which is being muffled under the carpet.


Re: China's just testing the waters

And pushed drugs on China through force of arms.

I feel that, seeing what was done to China in the past by the UK, that the response of the chinese governement to western bellligerence is very calm and measured.


Re: China's just testing the waters

The chinese governnent has lifted lireally a record number of people our of poverty.

You may not like the way it was done, but that doesn make this any less true.

The US in the meantime has 60% of the population lkving from.paycheck to paycheck, and food insecurity on the rise, even with the group of people that are regularly thanked for their service.

The foundations of the US constitution was a great feat, but it's devolved into an oligarchy, with a few ultra-rich people essentially owning everything that's nailed down.


If people are able to derive future behaviour based on a multitude of exanples of past behaviours, then this not propaganda, just the US' modus operandi.

If you don't see this pattern of behaviour, you're either unaware of history or willfully ignoring it.


 100% independent democratic nation

Asude from the fact that the Taiwanese govt is doing exactly what they're being told by their US overlords.

If you want to see what happens to US allies, just at the multitude of former 'allies' of the US that were no longer useful.

If there's going to be a hot war in SE Asia, the US will have no qualms to fight it down to the last japanese, south-korean and japanese citizen.


Re: Call China’s bluff without quarter

The guy who stood in front of the tank was not hurt (at least by that incident).

The Tianemen square 'massacre' never happened.

Spent Chinese rocket booster splashes down over Southeast Asia


Re: HOW DARE THE CHINESE... NASA's exploding Space Shuttles fell to earth Predictably

CCP does not care about anything except the CCP (and world domination).

I think you misspelled USA.

US authorities threaten Alibaba with NYSE delisting


Re: Re Kabukiwookie: Political Xenophobia is destrying the US Exchanges

If any of those you mentioned had occurred in China, you'd have never heard of them.

If you use your Google skills on 'melanine china scandal', you'll find that China, although there's no doubt that they would have hidden this if possible, actually executes ceiminally negligent C-level management inatead of giving them golden parachutes.

Also no doubt that they do this to appease the population, but regardless of the reason, they do a LOT more than the US has ever done to rich people scamming others out of their money.

Though this may have happened before you were born, so that may be the reason for your ignorance.


Re: Re Kabukiwookie: Political Xenophobia is destrying the US Exchanges

Sure. Defrauding people for billions by lying about your financial state and defrauding people for billions by lying about your products and their capabilities are two very different tyoes of scam...

And it's CPC. You look uneducated if you're using CCP to indicate the Communist Party of China.

It's just as stupid as someone who would refer to the United States of America as ASU.

Please get a clue


Re: Political Xenophobia is destrying the US Exchanges

ENRON, Theranos, Bernie Madoff, Libor rigging by Barclays and several european banks,

Sure it's only China cooking their books...

Most 'western' banks in 2008 should have gone tits up if it hadn't been for corporate socialism, because of mismanagement.

Go thump your chest some more elsewhere.


Re: Political Xenophobia is destrying the US Exchanges

Which rules are you talking about?

The rules created around economic participation on the US market of course.


Re: Political Xenophobia is destrying the US Exchanges

The US stifling competition by (of course coincidental) all chinese companies, because they're unable to compete, even though they created the rules in the first place.

Dump any assets in USD while it still has some value.

Feds put $10m bounty on Putin pal accused of bankrolling US election troll farm


Re: This has been going on for a long time

Russia's yearly defence budget is 69 billion USD.

The US just sent 54 billion in 'aid' to Ukraine. Some of it in the form of pallets of money to be 'distributed' in the most corrupt european country , with asditional regular huge cash and supply injections planned.

In the meantime stingers are popping up for sale on the web at $30k a pop.

Tbis is a disaster waiting to unfold.


Re: This has been going on for a long time

25% of us military families currently are currently food insecure.


Article is from 2020, couldn't immediately find an article with the current number, but ut hasn't imlroved.

Some 50% of the annual defence spendkng in the US goes directly to the MIC.

Couldn't be bothered to look up an article. Do your own research.


Re: This has been going on for a long time

Doesn't matter if real climate change deniers are almost non-existent. Just build up and attack your strawman to create outrage and clicks.

Russian ChessBot breaks child opponent's finger


Re: story made it to Russian readers and then out of the country

War is never good and should always be avoided with diplomacy if possible. A lot of people have been blown up by many countries. But why point the finger specifically at Russia, which compared to some other countires >cough<US>cough< is relatively benign if one compares body counts.

Regarding russians not getting real news; wasn't Ukraine kicking Russia's ass? Then why are they not only still in Ukraine, they are moving west every day.

Wishful thinking is not news.

Bravo for the Reg editors to make this piece of tech news political btw.


Re: Questionable Explanation

Then you get people complaining about having to dislodge chess pieces from their eye socket...

Yarrr.... it was a chess accident...

China seems to have figured out how to make 7nm chips despite US sanctions


Re: Chess. (says it all)

This is late stage laissez faire capitalism.

Capitalism can only work if the market is highly regulated.

Adam Smith, actually mentions in Wealth if Nations that certains services should not be privatised and mentions that monopolies, as are rampant in the US, are the death of the free market.

The so-called capitalists in the US only take parts of his writings that are convenient to them and ignoring the parts that stop them from making money, but which will eventually break the system.


Re: "Close copy"

they would be shouting from the rooftop how great they where.

You must be mistaking chinese with chest-thumping USians.


Re: "Close copy"

There's plenty of evidence that the US engages in industrial espionage.

The US govt spying on Airbus on behest of Boeing for example.

And it's not 'whataboutery'; it's the 'people in glass house' throwing stones.

Disentangling the Debian derivatives: Which should you use?


Re: Devuan

Just stop selling the lies that you can't use the OS with sysvinit.

That completely depends on your definition of 'use'.

The result of removing systemd from Debian, results in a for most people unacceptably broken system, where the unfortunate soul spends more time workng around everything that's broken, than acrually using it for any productivity.

It's like saying that you can 'use' a car if you take off 2 of the wgeels and the steering wheel and throw the ignition key in the Thames.

You can sit in the driver's seat and loudly grow 'Vroom' all day, but you're not getting anywhere.


Re: Devuan

Which is what Debian should have done, were it not that some extremists wantes their brand so much that they'd happily take away your choice, as it doean't affect them.

Systemd supremo Lennart Poettering leaves Red Hat for Microsoft


incorporating a little bit of everything into a bloated mess.

Last time I checked, init clocked in around 140k, a few scripta, some directories and symlinks.

How can this be described as a 'bloated mess'?

It's possible to exactly follow what happens at boot. I have no idea how you would come to that conclusion. I would call it lean and transparent...

Don't know enough to compare it with BSD init myself, but 'bloated mess'?


You probably should have appeased the machine spirit with some incense or maybe the sacrifice of a virgin.


Essentially this is why the Tech-priests of WH40k are so relatable.

To get something to work, you just need to use the right 'incantations' and if the machine says 'Poof' you see the machine spirit leave the machine.


Re: People are awful

This very approachable guy has wasted countless hours of my life that I will never be getting back and I am far from the only one working with Linux that's in the same situation.

Not only that, his 'legacy' will waste many more of my hours in the coming future as I unfortunately have to deal with that pile of crap that's systemd.

Why would it matter if someone who has wasted so much of other people's time is 'approachable'?


Re: Maybe he was working for them all along

Microsoft did that to Nokia, so would not be surprising at all.


Re: Depart, I say, and let us have done with you.

It also standardises the boot system, whereas if RH had gone for one and Debian for another it would have complicated things.

If you want something that looks less complicated there's alreay 2 choices for desktop.

People who have trouble understanding sysV init, will not touch any of my servers. Ever.


Re: one step forward

The design of the wheel is also 'long in the tooth', most Unix/Linux admins don't want the trendy new square ones.

UK signs deal to share police biometric database with US border guards


Re: Bit that wasn't mentioned...

Welcome to Airstrip 1 citizen.

Old-school editor Vim hits version 9 with faster scripting language


Re: Who wants that?

and then try to figure out why...

Ah. I see you're coding Perl.

FBI warning: Crooks are using deepfake videos in interviews for remote gigs


It's bots all the way down..


Re: What role does the deep fake play?

This is an article brought out by a TLA to pave the path to plausibly denying major gaffes from politicians on live television.

It wasn't really Biden sniffing that girl's hair, it was a deep-fake