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Old-school editor Vim hits version 9 with faster scripting language

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Re: Who wants that?

and then try to figure out why...

Ah. I see you're coding Perl.

FBI warning: Crooks are using deepfake videos in interviews for remote gigs

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It's bots all the way down..

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Re: What role does the deep fake play?

This is an article brought out by a TLA to pave the path to plausibly denying major gaffes from politicians on live television.

It wasn't really Biden sniffing that girl's hair, it was a deep-fake

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Black Helicopters

"In these interviews, the actions and lip movement of the person seen interviewed on-camera do not completely coordinate with the audio of the person speaking. At times, actions such as coughing, sneezing, or other auditory actions are not aligned with what is presented visually," 

I knew it! Every supposed member of my team in our online 'Teams' meeting is a bot.

Amazon fears it could run out of US warehouse workers by 2024

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 Or is Amazon building a bigger and bigger pool of disgruntled ex-employees who want nothing whatsoever to do with the company ever again?

I sincerely hope so. I can't remember the time I bought anything from Jeff and I will not use any Amazon product or service.

Intel demands $625m in interest from Europe on overturned antitrust fine

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Re: Ban Intel from EU systems

They didn't flip back due to technical reasons, but for financial incentives offered by MS.

Aka bribery.

I was fired for blowing the whistle on cult's status in Google unit, says contractor

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Re: "If we find evidence of policy violations, we will take action"

But you still get the glass of wine right?

Google offers $118m to settle gender discrimination lawsuit

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alleging the search giant hires women in lower-paying positions compared to men despite them having the same qualifications.

Same qualifications does not equal same skill and experience level.

Female staff are also less likely to get promoted, it was claimed.

To be promoted you have to be assertive, men usually are more aggressive in pursuing promotions and are usually more able to put in overtime as women are generally mkre interested in a gold work-life balance.

You can't expect to have a good work-life balance and still get the promotion (well, you can, but it's not realistic to anyone aside for millenials, who think that no effort is needed, because even without trying they're all special snow flakes and they also have the right to get anything other people, who do put in effort, get.

US tweaks requirement for investors to dump Chinese tech stocks

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Re: The 'West' is 'lead' by a demented idiot and his cackling token side-kick.

I was actually referring to Kamala, but I can see how the cackling part could be applied to Boris... though I would qualify Boris' rants more as waffling....

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Re: Old old, song -- surely we need somthing new?

Right. That's why it wasn't a big deal when the Snowden leaks showed that large US tech companies were working hand in hand with the NSA...

Of course 'technically' you'd still be correct, the NSA is not the military, but how is this not a close entanglement of corporate and US goverment interests.

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Re: Old old, song -- surely we need somthing new?

The 'West' is 'lead' by a demented idiot and his cackling token side-kick.

This reflects both the moral, economic and intellectual state of most countries that would call themselves part of the 'West'.

Other more lean and more efficiently lead countries are eating our lunch and we (I consider myself part of the 'West') seem to hang on to hubris while clinging on to an era of prosperity that is now gone.

Sadly the 'West' is itself responsible for this downfall due to this hubris, along with greed and globalisation where the 'West' has literally sold the rope with which it will be hanged.

Russia, China warn US its cyber support of Ukraine has consequences

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Re: Consequences Schmonsequences

I get my firewalls probed hundreds of times a day from Russian and Chinese based IP's

And this tells you exactly what?

In case you're new to this whole cyber scerity thingy. Attackers usually mask their tracks by attacking from a different IP than their own.

If you're being probed from chinese/russian IPs that just means that either their security is generally poor and there a lot of hosts that were taken over or that hosting in either country is nice and cheap and no western intelligence agency is ever going to be getting the real IPs of the people actually using the hosts that are used for these probes.

As long as the real perpetrators don't travel to either Russia or China themselves they should be fine as nobody in the west will lift a finger to stop them (as it's not in their interest to do so).

Oracle plans US database for electronic health records

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Re: time to choose

I don't give a fsck about the for-profit healthcare if they're run into the ground through incompetence.

I do care about the government-run healthcare system.

Stopping politicians from having cushiy 'jobs' on the board of directors of these companies would probably go a long way in preventing 'incompetence' in government-run healthcare.

World Economic Forum wants a global map of online crime

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Re: Competition

Sociopaths don't see other people as people.

Only how they can be used. In this case I am sure that they think they don't need to placate anyone who they haven't compromised already.

All the pieces they need are already in play.

Taiwan bans exports of chips faster than 25MHz to Russia, Belarus

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Re: Addendum

and people don't think of it as a big country.

Dude. Please check a map. Bangladesh is nit that big of a country.

It's much smaller, has the a similar population, which equates to less natural resources and income per capita.

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Blockading a neutral country, just because they don't choose your side is an act of aggression.

Very certain that they would not have done that to a country if it would have the capability to actually do something about those ships blockading the ports.

If you think this is a 'normal' thing to do you're the same type of person as GW Bush with his 'if you're not with us, you're against us'.

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made to see reality

You mean after Germany declared war on the US, because of the attack of the japanese on Pearl harbour.

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The requirement for faster hardware and more RAM comes from the inefficiency of the code that's written.

I've seen heavy (at the time) appiications that were only modifiying and reformatting clear-text data.

The (Java) application was using 8GBs of RAM.

The same could have been done with an AWK script of just a few kB. Probably would have performed a lot better too.

New York to get first right-to-repair law for electronics

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Re: A start

Or clog up the courts indefinitely over the definjtion of a 'tool'.

Software that allows serialised parts to be updated wit a new serial number? That's not a tool.

Engineer sues Amazon for not covering work-from-home internet, electricity bills

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Re: UK isn’t EU

Maybe taxed, but also compensated.

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Yes. You understand it perfectly.

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Countres I know of The Netherlands and Switzerland.

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Re: Can of worms

Is that some sort of double Whooshing sound I hear?

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Re: Can of worms

I have been known to fall up the stairs on occasion

Is that you Joe?

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Clarify "travelling expenses" ?

Commuting to/from work.

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Travelling as day-to-day commuting or travelling from base (home or office as appropriate) to some other work site?

Yes. Day to day commutes are compensated. As is a percentage of internet expenses. Usually the company either provides equipment for home office or contributes financially.

If these rights are embedded in legislation, there is no can of worms to open.

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In large parts of Europe, workers are compensated for traveling expenses.

It's just that in the US workers usually.have zero rights and think that's normal.

It's not. Neither is not having universal healthcare or going in debt for 100k to get an education.

California Right-to-Repair bill quietly killed in committee

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Re: Instead of 'right to repair', manufacturers should have a 'requirement to warranty'.

In The Netherlands the wareanty of a devuce is its expected lifetime.

This means at least 5 years on devices like washing machines and dryers and 2 years on cell phones and laptops.

You might need some legal insurance to enforce that with the vendor though.

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Re: Doubt it was Apple

Last thing I heard, apparently they only allow 'certufied' repair companies to get these parts and then they're only allowed to order whole boards or screens instead of a single chip.

Check out Louis Rossmann's youtube channel to get the latest info on right to repair.

Actually Reg, why don't you go to Louis for expert commentary? He definitely is an expert on this whole right to repair issue.

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Gordon-Byrne speculates that California lawmakers are worried about the cost of implementing the bill, in the form of lawsuits from product makers. "I think that people have been threatened with litigation," she said.

Government fearing business. This is what 'corporations are people' and 'money is free speech' have brought.

If the large corporations threaten with litigation you slap them down with multi-million dollar penalties. If they start litigating you freeze their accounts pending the outcome. They did that to people supporting canadian truckers.

In civilised countries, the government has a monopoly on legally doling out violence. It's time they applied some to the corps instead of their citizens.

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Re: Instead of 'right to repair', manufacturers should have a 'requirement to warranty'.

This is a very interesting idea...

Cheers mate.

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A law that prohibits people from sleeping under bridges apply to poor and rich people.

It"s only that the latter are not affected.

US won’t prosecute ‘good faith’ security researchers under CFAA

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Re: Who cares about the US DOJ?

Yup. Everyone who's critical of what happens in 'the west' is a Putin bot...

There, there... get some dried frog pills and a tinfoil hat..

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Re: Who cares about the US DOJ?

Because the US will ask for extradition if you fart the wrong way.

Assange is meant to be an example to anyone foolish enough to expose inconvenient truths.

Sadly the only places where you're free to do these things (expose US inconvenient info) is in Russia and China... how's that for irony.

Though the other way around it's the same, Russia and China don't proclaim to be fighting for Democracy and Freedom(tm).

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The one line that essentially means they'll do whatever they want, to whomever they want, whenever they want it:

"Prosecution would serve the Department's goals for CFAA enforcement."

This will be enforced if the enforcer doesn't like you and you'll be let off the hook if you're doing things on behalf of someone powerful.

This is banana republic level legislation.

It's time to kick China off social media, says tech governance expert

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Pot meet kettle

commissioner of The Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace, and a member of Microsoft's Digital Peace Now Initiative.

This guy is a MS shill... the same MS that has been working with the NSA since 2007.

Not saying that China is not using tech this way, but this guy is only jealous that China already is where people like him want the western internet to go as well...

OpenVMS on x86-64 reaches production status with v9.2

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Re: I wonder how many people still remember how to use it?

Though I completely agree, that this is impressive compared to current practices, this level of interaction should be the base-line when developing, not the exception.

It seems now that IT is full of people glueing together pieces of code with sticky tape and pushing it out to production with the threshold of pushing it out being as low as 'it works'

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Re: I wonder how many people still remember how to use it?

There must have been a impressive team churning out and updating all that documentation.

No, just developers who don't claim their code is their documentation.

Putin threatens supply chains with counter-sanction order

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Re: Black Magic -- counter-spells

As for ministry of Truth, it looks like the US now officially has one as well...


For your protection of course...

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Re: Black Magic -- counter-spells

Radio Free Europe is a CIA cutout...

If that's where you're getting your information from, it's not surlrising that you don't know what's really going on.

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Re: You want to play hardball?

Find reliable sources, cross-check the information you find there and use your knowledge of history to cone to your own conclusions.

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Re: You want to play hardball?

"a small but violent, centralised, and heavily militarily-backed-by-Russia subset of the people in Donetsk en Luhansk"

Are you quoting from a reliable source or just pulling stuff out of your arse?

My guess though, would be that they didn't want to be part of this anymore.


Source: BBC

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Re: You want to play hardball?

Cheap in this case means just 'a little bit less than the market rate'. With oil prices skyrocketing, it seems that from an economic point of view, invading Ukraine may have been one of the best moves to bolster the Russian economy.

There is no doubt in my mind that if companies like Shell or Exxonmobile could buy 'cheap' oil throigh a series of intermediaries, that they would jump at the opportunity.

Laissez faire capitalism...

One in five employees at top Indian outsourcers left in the past year

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Wipro project manager...

"We're halfway through the time allocated to this project so we're 50% done with.the work."

Logging and monitoring can be a form of bullying, and make for lousy infosec

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Re: Surveillance and bullying

We had something similar in one of the support roles I worked in.

We had one team queue where all support tickets were logged and once an engineer had time to pick up a new ticket, they'd pick up a new ticket.

Some of those were easy pieces of work, but most were medium to quite difficult.

One of the 'team'-mates, was constantly monitoring the ticket queue and as soon as he saw a simple ticket come in, he'd pull it into his own queue. This meant that he constantly had the highest ticket closure rate, which was the only metric that was checked on at the time.

Needless to say, this individual was nor very popular with the rest of the team. I believe thos guy still works as a manager now at the same company, probably still abusing other staff with his 'work ethics' now that he's in a position of some power.

China turns cyber-espionage eyes to Russia as Ukraine invasion grinds on

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Re: Stealing thunder

You must be a USian...

Jung explains this sort of reasoning as 'projection'.

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Re: Stealing thunder

That's because the mental midgets of the Empire du jour have been in the spotlights for so long and they don't want to get of the stage, even though most of tge audience is tired of their performance.

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Re: ... if I were writing malware ...

Sure, becasue spook agencies always do all their work in the clear and make announcements beforehand...

Dude, misdirection and obfuscation *are* their bread and butter...

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Re: Hacked Hackers?

You mean like what the NSA is doing with their hacking tools as Edward Snowden has revealed?

Now why, would the US try to sow dissent between China and Russia...

Oh wait...

Under pressure, SAP shuts down Russian operations

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Re: Fight back / ramp down

Right, that's why inflation in US and EU is rising rapidly, while the Ruble bounced back with a month.

We're goimg to see severe shortages and price increases.

Only last week, the official inflation rate in the Netherlands clocked in just under 12% (which means the real rate is higher).

The US and EU are fscked and our leaders did this by being shitty shallow idiots who know have usually no discernable skills aside from being electable.



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