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The Register Lecture: What will drive our cars when the combustion engine dies


Re: Battery cars - a premature technology

Post-event - it was a fascinating talk by an evident expert in the field, with some very pragmatic views on how this and other alternative technologies will make it to industrial production and widespread adoption. Congrats and thanks!

Look on the bright side, Pebble fans. At least your gizmo will work long enough for you to get beach body ready


That’s good to know, as it has corrected my view. I understood that Fitbit bought them at a low price and shut them down in order to reduce the competition, leaving Pebble users with their own higher-priced watches as alternative. One or two other small manufacturers I have also looked into have also been bought and subsumed by Fitbit.

I had specifically avoided fitbit because I had perceived they shut down what for me was my preferred watch, but I’ll take another look now.

I love my Pebble. They were perfectly functional, and cheap to boot.

Nationwide UK web bank and app take unscheduled nap


Nope, it's down again.

"We are really sorry.

Your Internet Bank is not available right now. We are working to resume service as quickly as possible."