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Gateway launches iMac-alike all-in-one PC


... and the freaks come out

Gateway, huh? <rotflmfao>

And it ships with Vista. That's why it needs sooooooooooooo much hdd space and ram.

I can see HUGE issues with the port replicator. I wonder how much the port replicator cable will cost if it gets damaged? (and you KNOW it will)

Also, what happens if the PSU has an attack of the zaps? Bye bye peripherals!

It's a very nice try but, there can only be ONE leader. And it AIN'T Gateway. Er, sorry, Acer.

Retailer sets legal attack dogs on protest website


He has a problem

He hasn't paid his bill.

In most circumstances (unsure if this applies in US) but, in Australia, title of goods doesn't pass until the goods are paid for.

Yes, he paid them to do a job and it wasn't done well. But he hasn't finished paying them for it. Even if the job sucks (like this one did), you still pay the amount owed and THEN go the jugular.

Technically, the fence isn't his - yet. He could be classed a defaulter (if he didn't pay the bill) and that would kill his credit rating.

I'd like to see what happens next. Put a $20 on Lowes for me, thanks. :)

NBC unveils self-destructing, ad-addled anti-iTunes service


Stevo couldn't care less.

NBC - a joke in itself.

Universal - absolute duckheads for thinking they could go alone from iTunes.

Like some comments already made, it doesn't matter WHAT it is, there will ALWAYS be a way to circumvent it - so long as its software-based.

Here's an "idea" - have the full-featured tv ep on the site and pay a fee. Say, $10/mth. The shows stay on the server for three weeks and you stream the tv eps. Here's the kicker - NO ads. And make it internationally accessible.

Even then, there are software tools to capture the stream and "rip" the vision.

My point? Going it alone exposes you to certain risks and no matter what happens, DRM (in ANY from) will ALWAYS be circumvented. For NBC/Universal, their piracy headache is about to get a whole lot worse.

And by the way, Steve Jobs couldn't care less.

MS shines Silverlight into thin AIR (and kicks 'beaten up' Google Gears)


The calm before the storm

I can just see it now....

2007 was THE year for Java/Flash/Browser vulnerabilities.

2008 will be THE year for Silverlight vulnerabilities.

The IT Tech's job has just become much harder.

What could M$ possibly offer over Flash et al?

Not much - oh, except ASP integration. Wow. <yawn>

Can someone tell M$ that the bigger you make the product, the higher the possibility of vulnerabilities. Please?

Given their track record with WGA and WIndows Firewall, I can't see Silverlight being THE kicka$$ product they want it to be.

Also, saying that Adobe is lock-in - that's true however, what do you call ASP integration? A feature? No. A proprietary standard.

I'm sorry, Silverlight looks dim to me. 0 stars.


James Bond ditches the Aston Martin


Bond loyalists

Alot of lol here...

I have the *perfect* idea that will satisfy everyone here - Bond: Licence to kill (carbon). He walks, runs, rides a bike to get to places. Plants trees to try and be carbon neutral, all the while still being sexed up, etc.. :)


(Can't wait for the next Bond, really! :)

Aussie gov anti-porn filter 'useless', says teen


Software ... tsk, tsk, tsk

First of all, politicians are doing "their" best to stop "filth" from reaching kids.

Once they wake up from "their clearly altered" perception of "reality", they will realize that software can be broken.

Think about it. How many software products do you know have ways to circumvent their operation or security features?

The only way this will stop is at the ISP end I can't see that happening anytime soon. But even then, it won't stop. Where there's a will, there's away.

Congrats on the guy that broke it. Hopefully, this will send a clear message to the Gov't that this is a bad idea.

But knowing the Aus Gov't, probably not. :(

(Disclosure: Yes, I am from Australia.)

MS: Zune 2.0 to arrive in time for Xmas


Killer or filler?

There's always one 'killer' device that sets the bar high up.

Then there's the 'filler' devices that all try to capture the 1% marketshare that is left from 'killer' device.

Guess what the Zune will ALWAYS be? (Hint: It starts with f. :)

Computer program to take on the Unabomber


Polaris 2.0

This is a MASSIVE step towards true AI.

All they need to do is to implement facial recognition software for the whole picture of poker and the machine will be hard to beat.

This is step 1. If they can get close or beat the pros, then half the battle has been won. Imagine going into a tournament and going head-to-head with a robot - it can see you, you can see the robot. It'd be hard trying to defeat a robot that has no tells.

Intelligence (IMHO) is a multitude of factors - it is NOT JUST how much knowledge you have retained/gained. Your senses also play a part in gathering "intelligence".

You may enter a room and have nothing in it - you know that by looking around. But there may be a certain smell/odour to the room. You have just acquired intelligence from your senses about the room. Or a certain surface may have a distinguishable "feel" to it. More intelligence.

Like anything, over time, the Polaris team will gather more "intelligence" and become better at it.

The reality of playing a robot on the poker table is closer than you think. Bring it! :)

Canadian iPod user struck by lightning


iPod causes lightning strikes

Geez, ppl!

The next article will be: Studies show RSS feeds of The Reg cause brain malfunction.

No actually - <insert country here> iPhone user struck by lightning.

Can we NOW move on from the iPod pls?

BOFH: Computer room deluge


Evil for the Computer Technician, Volume 2

This is at least chapter one. Have to start with a zinger straight off the bat.

Now, all I need is a building, basement sub-station and a bean counter to drill at the critical point... ;)

Core 2 Duo: Intel's insecurity blanket


de Raat needs to bring it

There's only one thing for it - for de Raat to produce a proof of concept.

Only then, will Intel take de Raat seriously. Let's wait and see....

Crocodile tears for under-fire Microsoft MVP


M$ encouraged this

M$ gave him his MVP status because of the add-in he made.

That statement started this whole thing off really. One thing I have observerd from a M$-point-of-view, is that they want him to go away. Why? Because M$ got caught dropping the baby (or ball if you will).

I can see both sides to this - just. Once M$ releases details as to why he broke their agreement, then this will all disappear. This smacks of a few things, one of them being about Linux and (alleged) patent-breaking.

Even if M$ "patch the bug", he might be able to claim other damages because of this course of action. Possibly being anti-competitive or something. (Having said that, I'm not legal eagle).

One of two things will occur: 1) The matter will disappear as M$ have "educated" him on the breach; 2) M$ will "nuke and pave" the guy (or at least try to).

Oz Big Brother in dead dad ding-dong


Her decision is final

Okay, I'm NOT a hardcore BB AU fan, BUT there are a few things I'd like to point out:

- Emma knew FULL WELL what was potentially going to happen and accepted the risk. The producers accepted her decision to go into the house with (one would assume) FULL disclosure. Ergo, (unforntunately) life happens.

- PM John Howard is NOT a reliable source for the majority of Australians. The two guys last year DID break the rules and GOT OFF VERY LIGHTLY in the eyes of the Law. It could have been MUCH worse for them, but that was clearly wrong.

People do different things all the time. What we perceive those decisions to be (whether right or wrong) , is NOT OUR CALL. Let them be and BB world wide should NOT be singled out just because of certain incidents. If the "teabagging" happened outside of the house, they would be punished severely, regardless. A situation like Emma's would NOT rate in ANY form of media if she wasn't in the BB house. Build a bridge and get over it people. :(

Microsoft too busy to name Linux patents


How do you spell...


Sabre tooths?


M$ doesn't own the world (like they think they do).

If it was serious, they would have had everything ready THEN went public THEN went legal. They haven't because of "administration" reasons. Crap and EVERYONE knows it.

Gotta love sensationalism at its best! :)

Dell deploys overclocked, liquid-cooled gaming PC


Apple Mac Pro close to Dell

An Apple Mac Pro with:

2x 3GHz Dual core Xeons (Woodcrest)

500Gb SATA HD (same spec as Dell)

2Gb RAM (667MHz)

23" Apple LCD monitor

16x Superdrive (16x double layer DVD burner)

2x Nvidia GeForce 7300 GT 256Mb

Mac OS 10.4 "Tiger"

for US$4774.

Add: 2x 3GHz Quad Core Xeons (Cloverdale) +US$699 (Total:US$5473)

or replace 7300GT with: Nvidia Quadro FX 4700 512Mb +US$1500 (Total: US$6274)

Sure, they may be small performance hitches but, it'd be more reliable than ANY overclocked machine (done by the factory or otherwise).

With the base specs, you still have change to buy Vista Home Premium (or XP Media Centre) and the Blu-Ray drive.

It's not all that far off Apple's offerings. It looks like you're paying extra for the "factory overclocking". Ho hum....

Paris and Lara share a cell with rude speeder


Re: Re: Nested Comments Please

Totally agree.

How about changing the name to SlashReg or TheRegDot. :)

Puhlease. Rather than asking for nested comments, how about asking yourself, "Where don't you see nested comments?" The answer is TheReg. IT works. ;)

MS stops hacked hardware accessing Xbox Live


M$ takes headshots - one console at a time

Wow. It's about time something has been done about this.

However, it'll be about a week or three until the next hack is done and renders this measure useless.

Nice idea, but not going to be effective in the long term. Reminds me of the XP and Vista keys and activation procedures - it was ok for a while but then, workarounds were developed.

So long there is software and people are developing it, there WILL be loopholes, bugs and cracks.

BlackBerry plugs in to Visual Studio


Good God...

Heaven help the Blackberry is all I have to say. ;(

Safari zero-day exploit nets $10,000 prize


Well, duh

Hang on a minute here.

What was the original purpose of this contest? To create a no user interaction hack.

So, what did they target? Javascript exploit through Safari.

Yeah, so what? Java is being targetted at the moment, in which Safari uses it. I would suggest that the same exploit "could" happen with ANY browser that uses Javascript.

Hell, it's happening on Windows, Linux and now this alleged "contest" has found the same for Macs.

Did I just feel my earth move slightly? NO!

Let me know then there's a PROPER malware and/or virus threat on the Mac that KILLS THE Mac COMPLETELY.

Human error to blame for demise of Mars orbiter


NASA can't even get it right

If NASA can't get the programming right on their space craft, what hope does Microsoft have of "getting it right" with their security?

It makes you wonder...

MS India bids for worst corporate anthem title


The WoW starts now - I think...

They spent ~$6bn on this OS, about ~$500m on avertising and they come up with THIS bilinugal version?!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! I thought KPMG was bad enough but this rates 10/10 for corporate tackiness.