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Britain's home front must go green, study

Roly Gross

Ahhh, the reasoned argument....

....of an AK47 and a noose.

I think you'll find that we environmentalists are doing you a favour. If you reduce your energy use, when oil reaches $300 a barrel you'll start claiming to have been one of us all along :o)

Melting ice kills polar bears, say boffins

Roly Gross


Nope - still nothing......and I generally don't comment on anonymous(ish) posts anyway but in this case....

My view is if you have something that's better than the conclusions of several thousand climate scientists that support AGW, I think I might be able to spot it. It's not for me to reiterate the accepted science but for you guys to put in the effort to understand that science and put forward something worth commenting on.

Maybe take some advice from Abraham Lincoln 'Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt'.

Roly Gross

Nope - Not going to make a comment...

...until there's a decent climate denial post worth rubbishing. The few on here so far have been pathetic!!

IPCC's final report on climate change due tomorrow

Roly Gross

Sceptical eh?

For those of you that have, in your wisdom, decided to ignore the research and conclusions of 2500+ scientists (many more if you include the national academies and other scientific bodies that support them) why don't you let us know what level of expertise you have that would make anyone want to listen to what you have to say on this subject.

I think I prefer the total self interest of the 'I don't give a rats about you or your kids brigade' to the 'i read a scientific article in the daily mail/exxon web site/climatesceptic blog' lot.

Most of the sceptic rubbish can be seen to be a scam if you bother to google it but some of it actually requires you to learn a bit about the subject......I would recommend it before spouting off.

Take some advice from Abraham Lincoln: "It is better to stay silent and let people think you are an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Gore wins Nobel Peace Prize

Roly Gross

Well done Al and the IPCC

After the daft ruling in the UK courts this is valuable support for the IPCC and An Inconvenient Truth (the science has never been in serious doubt).

I'm sure there will be a flurry of climate denial pieces to try to counter this award but I've noticed that these are getting more desperate and bizarre. There's a definite sea change.

Green taxes are a rip off says low tax lobby group

Roly Gross

I agree with Rich

Although he missed the concept of tax as a deterrent but that would presuppose the govt was willing to set the tax at the appropriate level.

Nope, the only way to do this is work out how many tonnes of CO2 (and equivalents) are emittable without causing dangerous climate change, divide that figure by 7 billionish people and that's your allowance.

Then there's no pretence, you can jump on that plane but you'll have to sell your car when you got back.....simple.

Tropics getting extra rainy, NASA boffins say

Roly Gross


Not sure you mean oxymoron, the main problem with making climate predictions is that nobody can predict how the hapless subjects of this in vivo experiment are going to react.....looking at the evidence to date, not very intelligently :o(

Roly Gross

Sea levels....

I think you'll find that the water comes from the sea in the first place :o)

As for 'global warming' being a scare story I think you'll find that the latest evidence shows the IPCC estimates are conservative and they don't cater for some significant 'tipping points'. The news is only going to get worse and scarier (there are some 10 year forecasts that predict that warming will level off but then take off again in 2009).

Comment about data I don't understand at all and mother nature rushing to our rescue would be nice but again the evidence is the opposite - push her too far and she snaps......I'm not going to make the obvious sexist comment

Tidal power project fails to start on schedule

Roly Gross

Bridge Watchkeeping eh?

I was in tongue biting mood and about to move on (thinking I might take The Register off my favourites since this article isn't the first with an obvious bias) when Mr Page chips in.

You may be an expert at watchkeeping bridges but I don't think you've got your head around renewables. In case you hadn't noticed, there's not going to be much option in the not too distant future (things like cold fusion nothwithstanding) so we'll have to get by with some pretty drastic energy conservation plans (probably 80-90%).

If you plan to keep fossil fuel generators I'd like to hear where you suggest their fuel's coming from.....Russia's about the only realistic future supply for our gas generators and they've just started sending long range bombers over to shake us up a bit. And the Mid East is going to be busy supplying the real world powers USA, China and India.

And claiming something is 'economically unflyable' says absolutely nothing about the subject, burning huge amounts of valuable hydrocarbons will certainly come to be viewed as economic madness.

And tides are not just water sloshing in and out, when ocean basins, the coriolis effect and planetary vorticity are factored in you get a tidal wave rotating around an amphidromic point which does give a large variation to tide times (especially in the north sea).


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