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Re: What about the copy in the British Library?

I imagine that if you wanted to hold any given MP to account you could also rely on Hansard as the official record of parliament, which will include references to policies proposed in speeches by both government, opposition and independents


Chubby-chasing sex trolls ran me offline, says fashion blogger


Re: Not just women.

Free speech is not the same as freedom to abuse and insult


Re: Welcome to the real world, kid.

Actually in the real world bystanders would react negatively to these kinds of explicit comments and it is the public shock and negativity that is missing from these forums. Probably because they are so specialist only the trolls and victims see them. Therefore it is our duty as normal people to stand up and point out to the trolls that their behaviour is ill-informed and unwanted - not to tell the bullied victim to shut up and take it

Germans brew up a right Sh*tstorm


I imagine that they do use Shitstorm, but that if it becomes popular enough the English may start using 'scheissesturm' as a jocular / politer version. Then we need to see if the Germans adopt our dodgy translation of their own language as an Anglicism!

Flogging an iTunes app? Just 4k downloads will get you in Top 10


Not as bad as it sounds

$12 per day in the US alone, so presumably a better wage if you have good translations or your app is not language specific.

I'm guessing that the potential rewards for a genuine success are big enough given the size of some of the companies producing apps (and of course if you port over to andriod you have another market to exploit)

Who's to be the next Dr Who? Sherlock beats Maurice - says you


Re: Why not Damien Molony?

Agreed - fits the bill; currently lesser known actor who can do charming and charismatic.

Hitchhikers' Guide was WRONG, Earth is not in a galactic backwater

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Re: @PhilF Wrong?

Thanks - didn't have a copy to hand and the old memory is not as sharp as back in the day



I was lead to understand that the H2G2 contained much that was unreliable, if not wholly apocryphal?

PEAK iPHONE? Apple mobe growth slumps to ‘lowest in its history’


Profit is opinion - cash is fact

(although Apple are doing very nicely for cash)

Ten ten-inch tablets


Re: expandable memory

Definitely go with your gut on this. I have been using an Xperia Arc phone for over a year now and although initially the 512kB memory was enough I am now having to regularly choose which apps to keep as a) not everything will move to the SD card and b) all apps get bigger over time with updates, patches and stored data (which you may not care to discard)

Official: Sky to buy O2 and BE's home broadband product in £200m deal


Re: O2's email is sidestepping all the important questions...

As a voluntary Sky customer the package I have (which I think is more or less a default package) gives me uncapped allowance and as far as I can tell the traffic isn't shaped. Sky are heavily pushing SkyGo as their media streaming service so they want their broadband customers to be streaming media, hence no cap and probably no shaping.

I am on a small exchange just outside Sheffield and when I switched to the Sky LLU my speed doubled to about 6 meg from 3. Obvoiuosly if you are in the more densley populated south your experience may not be as good.

Hands on with the Motorola Razr


+1 to that!

I got caught the same way and there are enough clues in this quick overview (great build quality, poor camera, old software that will be upgraded) that makes me think this is going to offer the same experience we got from the Dext / Cliq i.e. worth a punt for the US market but avoid with the proverbial 10' pole in Europe.

El Reg commentards offered extra iconography



All these comments and nobody has used the WTF icon!

Reg readers in Firefox 3 lovefest


Compulsory Punishment

Much like anonymous from Mars I also browse from work where I am forced to suffer the iniquities of IE6.

At home it is anyone of FF3, Opera 9.5 or Chrome depending on my mood.

History shaped Google's Trojan Horse


@Alexander & others who are thinking like a short-trm corporate

Google are not necessarily trying to fight MS in the corporate space directly (as you say it would get messy). Rather they are fighting and beating MS where it counts, the next physical generation of users. If Google make their online services indispensible then in 10+ years IT departments will be looking 'strategically' at how they need to upgrade perfectly serviceable applications to Google ones because the standard new recruit is only familiar with the Google way.

Compare with 80's green screen apps that run lightning fast and are rock solid but are being replaced with slower GUI ones becasue new starters don't take to green screen any more.

Leeds thieves target Ford Focus chips


A simple solution

As a Ford Focus owner based in Sheffield I can recommend a simple solution to this problem.

About a year ago I left my car on the drive (in a quiet cul-de-sac) and woke up in the morning to find the window smashed and the radio missing. I am therefore protected from further theft by the absence of a Ford Focus radio as I obviously didn't replace the under-specced factory version.

Interestingly I did gat a letter from the police about 9 months latter indicating that somebody had asked for the offense to be taken into consideration - so obviously the guilty have been punished!

Big Climate's strange 'science'



The geologists are right -there are negative feedback elements to the climate cycle. In a few million years carbon released now will be trapped and stored again. The oceans may be highly acidic and the surface temperature may have raised/lowered markedly, but so what? Life will go on as it has for millions of years.

This is only an issue if you have an interest in the future of the human race and more specifically the maintenance and improvement of the western way of life.

Sony unveils PlayTV telly tuner for PS3


So let me get this straight...

I don't own a PSP or PS3 but from comments I have read elsewhere; you can watch DVDs (&blu-ray) on the PS3 but are prevented from transferring them onto the PSP.

How come Sony are preparred to let you transfer TV? After all you have paid (in some way) for the content in both cases.