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New UK counter-terror laws come into force today – watch those clicks, people. You see, terrorist propag... NOOO! Alexa ignore us!


Entrapment ?

Secret police wants to frame you... pulls you over.. "Please sit in the back of my car and look at something". "Right ! You're nicked!!"

Please say that this is not possible in the scope of this law.

Sysadmin shut down the wrong server, and with it all European operations


Shut down wrong data center..

Once knew a fella who usually worked in a small data center where the staff door exit release was a big green button.

The data center that he rarely went to on the floor below had a similar looking button, but was for emergency power down.

You can guess what happened...

User asked why CTRL-ALT-DEL restarted PC instead of opening apps


Re: Feeling Old...

I think the third cdrom interface was for a mitsumi CD drive, popular at the time.

Intel finds critical holes in secret Management Engine hidden in tons of desktop, server chipsets


What about the compilers ?

I'm sure I read an essay from either Brian Kernighan or Dennis Ritchie, where they speculated that you could insert bad code into the compiler source, then compile the compiler, then drop the old compiler. Now all you have is a compiler that even with just a 'Hello World' will create a binary that might not be what you think it is..

How would we know if this has already happened ?


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