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Giant 3D printed human

Andy Kay

Print your own

...if you really want to


BMW i8 plug-in hybrid: It's a supercar, Jim, but not as we know it

Andy Kay

32.9mpg? For a hybrid?

Gid E-Up? Vulture's claw presses pedal to metal on VW's 'leccy motor

Andy Kay

Car gets 2 year warranty?

How can in 2014, a [very small] car with just an electric motor get just 2 years warranty?! I thought manufacturers were aiming for 5, 8 or even 10 years on their IC engined cars? How has it suddenly dropped to 2?

Minecraft players can now download Denmark – all of it – in 1:1 scale

Andy Kay

As a 29 year old who doesn't quite 'get' MC...

Maybe I'm too old to understand but will they be improving the resolution of the game any time soon?

I NEVER DONE BITCOIN, says bloke fingered by new Newsweek

Andy Kay

Re: Tax on cryptocurrency

If you read the HMRC briefing released earlier this week, you will see that UK citizens will not be taxed:

1.Income received from Bitcoin mining activities will generally be outside the scope of VAT on the basis that the activity does not constitute an economic activity for VAT purposes

2.Income received by miners for other activities, such as for the provision of services in connection with the verification of specific transactions for which specific charges are made, will be exempt from VAT

Apple to grieving sons: NO, you cannot have access to your dead mum's iPad

Andy Kay

This isn't doing Apple any favours

Wanna use Bitcoin on your site? BitPay's open-source library wants to help

Andy Kay

Re: Exactly!

$280!? Tell me where. Current price is above $600 just about everywhere.

MANIC MINERS: Ten Bitcoin generating machines

Andy Kay


"For a start, you are not earning £100/month - you are earning a perceived £100/month"

Actually if he's doing it correctly, he really is earning £100/month.

I have some GPU's setup mining alt-coins. Each day I trade my mined coins for BTC. Once a whole BTC is accumulated, and if the market is good ($800+ per BTC), I sell. I then withdraw that money into a bank account.

But please go ahead and tell me how this isn't actually 'earning £xxx'...

Paying a TV tax makes you happy - BBC

Andy Kay

Re: Having a TV and TV Licence is not compulsory....

I totally agree with you. But be prepared to be downvoted by the BBC lovers.

Yes I know it's 'the law' to have to pay this TV tax, but times change and this should too.

I have Sky, but don't watch anything BBC. They have, what 2 channels, then another 2 after 7pm? Prime time they have 'The One Show' and Eastenders? Erm. No thanks. The odd imported US show on BBC Three maybe?

I prefer my Knowledge pack from Sky where I can record documentaries and watch them whenever I get a few minutes. I like most people with a PVR fast forward adverts so no bother there.

If I had the option, I'd prefer an opt-out of the BBC TV Tax.

Yes I understand there are a lot of BBC supporters out there who can't live without it, so there should be a subscription service so you can keep your 2/4 channels advert-free.

It's about time the TV Tax stepped into the 21st century.

The DIY spy-in-the-sky: From kites to octocopters

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Re: Low Orbit Helium Assisted Navigator launch, a GoPro HD HERO???

Or use some anti-fog solution? Fairy liquid works well

Ten smartphones with tablet ambitions...

Andy Kay

Note II always had multi-window

It's the Note 1 which has recently been upgraded to have multi-windows.

Watchdog halts Toyota Grand Theft Auto-esque advert

Andy Kay

"chased by a police helicopter"?


Fans' loyalty questioned as iPhone popularity plummets

Andy Kay

RE: sticking with the brand next time

surely it depends what the manufacturer has available at the time. I thought I'd get another HTC after 3 years of ownership. I saw the Samsung Galaxy Note II and what it could do so I bought that last week. One thing is clear: it won't be an Apple device

Apple introduces 'next generation' MacBook Pro with retina display

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"No because for once Apple are genuinely offering something nobody else is."

Yes, I often think the one thing missing from my laptop is another 2,500,000 pixels.

There's a reason nobody was offering it before this...

Shuttle Enterprise comes home to New York

Andy Kay

let me introduce you to TimThumb

loading full size images into a reduced size box on the article = fail

Himalayan glaciers actually gaining ice, space scans show

Andy Kay

Hmmm, I'm beginning to see a trend

5 days ago:

Amount of ice in Bering Sea reaches all-time record


Just saying...

'Super rogue wave' scuppers Lego pirate

Andy Kay

re: Anyone know what this new 'discovery' has added?

that you shouldn't go to sea in a boat made of Lego?

Andy Kay
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.mov played fine in Windows Media Player

I don't have the awful Quicktime installed on my PC

New iPad: Crack open your wallets, fanbois, here's what it'll cost

Andy Kay

Re: Wow...

lol - chocolate milk? What are you, 8?

GoPro HD Hero 2

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re Clive

I wouldnt say 'clearly upped the low light capabilities in the mk2' - 14 seconds in on that direct comparison video from the first post shows - you can't see any more than you could with the mk1.

The left of the bed is still dark. Sure the picture is more yellow, but no increase in light sensitivity.

Andy Kay
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120 fps?

Surely you need an extreme amount of light to be able to shoot at 120 fps? As others commented that the light sensor isn't the best for normal shooting anyway, it seems an odd thing to add.

Minecraft upstages Portal 2 in arty game prize

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I don't get it either...

its like using MS paint to create a picture, pixel by pixel.

Samsung shows second second-gen 7in Galaxy Tab

Andy Kay

Aside from all the legal discussions...

it seems a bit 'out-of-date' already with "1024 x 600 display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor". HTC have a 1.5GHz dual core out for their mobiles, and are about to release a 720p on a 4.3" screen.


Andy Kay

Molotov thrown in..

...then shut the door? I believe a flame needs oxygen to burn, thus by shutting the door, you'd de-flame the 'cocktail'

Dirt 3

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Dirt vs GT5

I'm glad you kept comparing Dirt to GT5. Having owned Dirt 2 for a few months, and only recently played on a friends GT5 I find the 2 like comparing COD MW2 to Doom. GT5 is awful. Dirt 2 allows you to get a 'feel' of the car around the dirt tracks, spinning wheels, oversteer etc. Trying a rally track on GT5 was like taking a Smart car laden with lead weights around Silverstone.

Virtual Facebook thief jailed for two years

Andy Kay

Give the man credit*

*Zynga credits

But really, "People rely on the security of systems and anyone who comes before the courts who has gone through these security systems from their own ends can expect custody," - he should be offered a job, not a prison sentence! He'd be a great asset to have on board for security testing!

BBC iPlayer iPad app out this week

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still no BBC iPlayer for Xbox

so the BBC make an 'app' for a device which has been out for only a few months, yet still havent developed the iPlayer for a media device which has been out since 2005!?

We could compare numbers here....

....so I will. 7.5 million iPads, 45 million Xbox 360s. Great. BBC TV tax well spent!

Motorola Defy Android smartphone

Andy Kay

Android 2.1? New phone?

Welcome to 2009!

Zuckerberg's Facebook page hacked

Andy Kay


Its his FAN page, not personal page, which was hacked (apparently)

Bookeen CyBook Orizon

Andy Kay

Made in Yorkshire?

'Orizon? By 'eck

DisplayLink tools up iPad as wireless Windows screen

Andy Kay
Jobs Horns

Price perhaps?

Air Display which as a few have mentioned is currently available on the App store - at $9.99.

This new app is $1.99.

I'm guessing if they do the same thing, there's the answer

Motorola uncloaks 10.1-inch Xoom fondleslab

Andy Kay
Paris Hilton

If it was 7 inches

...people would complain that it was too small (re: Samsung Tab).

The Fruit company seem to have made a very popular 10" one, so why not copy the successful model? I for one would prefer 10" rather than 7"

Paris because she prefers 10" (allegedly)

Facebook trains self to recognize your face

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Google's Picasa already did it

Picasa has had this feature for ages and I think its great.

Your report said its being rolled out across FB's US users over the next few weeks, well I've already uploaded a few at the beginning of this week and had a play with this face recognition - It really saves time! Not 100% accurate though (although that could be because it was the office xmas party and we were looking rather...er shall we say...well fuelled!!)

Sarah Palin calls for US to stand by North Korea

Andy Kay
Paris Hilton

Obama Beach

Gordon Brown, D-Day remembrance service, in front of the prez himself. They're all puppets*

*can be substituted for the word muppets

Google search rolls out 'instant' site previews

Andy Kay
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I like

Am I the only one who actually likes this new feature?

I usually have to open up a few results in different tabs because I know a few of them wont be what Im looking for - this saves the hassle!

Microsoft waves Zune Pass at UK

Andy Kay

Unlimited Downloads != 10

"...for £8.99 delivering "unlimited downloads" .... There is no mention of of the 10 songs a month that Zune US customers can get to keep..."

Wow, where do I sign?

Mitsubishi eyes Middle Earth for 'early' electric car roll-out

Andy Kay

RE: Let me guess...

There is a cheap 40mph electric only car available - http://www.nicecarcompany.co.uk/my-car.html

shame it looks like a dogs dinner though!

I'll wait for a Tesla for my 1p/mile motoring. It'll probably take a few years to save up the stupid £92,000 price tag though. The Yanks get it for only $108,000 (today's exchange rate makes it £60,000) - and its built in the UK by Lotus!!!

Google cedes Belgium to Germany

Andy Kay
Paris Hilton

They obviously been...

...tracking Mr Hitler Jr's web surfing habits.

Paris - because she's probably in on it too, being of German origin an' all

English Channel defeats one-armed Frenchman

Andy Kay


"For me it's a great success and not a failure."

I successfully didnt swim the channel too - can I have my medal?

Google's Street View spycar clocked in London

Andy Kay

car photographer caught out?

Judging by the angle of the shot of this GoogleCar, it seems it was the driver who took this photo, and looking at the quality, it must be from a camera-phone, therefore slap a nice 3pts + £60 fine to Mr Ziad al-Hasso and posting it on the web ;)

mines the one with the blue flashing lights

Andy Kay

I was following this in Leeds

it was the same car (tell by reg plate) on 12th June. btw he was quite rude in assuming I'd let him out of a junction - typical southern driver! he then proceeded to snap away without prior permission!! (LEDs flashing on the camera equipment) whilst merrily strolling along past the main white building at Leeds University.

I didnt pull a face or flash anything a) because I was driving and b) quite shocked at his cheeky junction-exiting manoeuvre

O2 prices up the latest iPhone

Andy Kay
Jobs Horns

iPhone 2 for £5?

Didnt Jobs say the iPhone 2.0 will be $9.99 for iPod touch owners? No news from O2 about this?

Sony promises 27in OLED screen

Andy Kay


so who sits 3 inches away from their TV to notice the difference in this anyway? Isnt the norm to sit about 4 metres away from screen? shorter lifespan than normal LCD? how the hell are they going to sell?

Boeing starts leak tests on nuke-nobbler raygun jumbo

Andy Kay

protect your ICBM with...

the same stuff on the space shuttle - all the laser does is heat the skin of the missile - so if this is highly insulated, then the ABL is a bit useless! ;)

Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

Andy Kay
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Rio! hahah

I still have my 32MB Rio in some storage box :) ahh how I loved to hear the same 8 tracks over and over again at school... everybody thought the MiniDiscs were the next big thing - at a time when I was running around with my non-moving part MP3 player.... - oh how I laugh now ;)

UK presses car ferry to ship powdered plutonium

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Good weather for it

hmm - high sea winds this week - really good choice! No risk whatsoever, as we never have ships running aground..

isnt there still that ship on some sand bank in Blackpool?

HD DVD fights back in the US

Andy Kay

HD and Blu-Ray player?

....and why hasnt some boffin invented a Blu-Ray and HD DVD player seen as though both discs use the same wavelength blue (well violet)-laser? Whats the big problem?

Germans launch flights for nudists

Andy Kay

Baltic Sea Island???

Baltic Sea Island of Usedom?!? I suspect a con here somewhere....

Video games blamed for England Euro flop

Andy Kay

Re: Lewis Hamilton

"If thats the case how come LH is doing so well racing in F1?"

because F1 is actually like a video game - didnt he even say he'd never been on a particular track in real life, just learnt from a video game - then proceeded to win 1st place.

Football actually requires physical movement of those things under the desk called "Legs":