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Transport Dept. IT: 23 years late, £100m over-budget

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Sorry to disappoint you, but I actually live in London, not Yorkshire. That was why I made the point. Every day, I have to put up with cattle truck conditions on the underground and DLR. If living in this city is not to become impossible, we need to start moving things away from the city, not having more pointless and overblown events that are going to bring thousands more temporary workers and visitors to a city that can't cope with the numbers it has at the moment.


Olympics don't benefit the whole country

The Olympics will not benefit the whole country. The correct figures are that it will take around £200 million out of the rest of the country and move it into the London economy. That is why I was always against the Olympics. At a time when this country is already absurdly London-centric and access to underground stations will probably soon have to be rationed to stop overcrowding, having the Olympics just makes it even worse.

Plague: The new Black Death


No Evidence the Black Death was Bubonic Plague

There is no absolute scientific evidence that they were the same thing, so it is wrong to keep using the terms interchangeably. The precise virus or bacterium has never been formally identified. The Black Death was only assumed to be bubonic plague because of some superficial similarities between the symptoms described in the medieval texts and the symptoms of bubonic plague.

This article outlines some of the counter arguments:


Public says no to ID cards, No2ID says 'starve the beast!'


Enough Opposition

But if there is enough opposition that it becomes completely unworkable, as No2ID wants, it will be dropped. If it weren't for the huge opposition to the Poll Tax, we would still have it now.

Las Vegas crooks go mad for copper


It happens in the UK as well

As anyone who has the misfortune to travel on the rail network can tell you, train services are frequently suspended because thieves have stolen copper wires from the tracks. There is also a thriving trade in "recycled" road signs.