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Beware the trainee with time on his hands and an Acorn manual on his desk


Ahh the beeb.. great memories.

We had dozens of them at the secondary school i went to, one day we made a fake boot screen that looked identical to the normal one you got when you switched on a bbc micro and it went to basic.

This one of ours though logged all the text so people were putting in there *i am .... login and password. Our program logged you in as normal but secretly stored the login info in a file on another network account.

We got practically the whole school with this over time, including the admin account who was a computing teacher. Once he figured out this was going on he did a ctrl-break before logging in.

Intel peddles latest Xeon CPUs – E-series and 48-core Cascade Lake AP – to soothe epyc mygrayne


So a probable 7nm 64 core 128 threads Rome chip v's .... this...thing???

Lmao... jings it looks bad for the blue team.

Sysadmin cracked military PC’s security by reading the manual


So.. they had "secured" the pc by adding a line to autoexec.bat... lol

Then to secure the hole the changed a rom to stop you being able to abort it being loaded?

Wow that will take seconds to bypass with a boot floppy or taking the drive out and putting it in another machine.

They grow up so fast: Spam magnet Hotmail turned 22 today


Re: Useful in a willy waggling competition

Yes same here i got it many many years ago when Hotmail was just a youngun and it's going to be kept until i croak it ... or hotmail/outlook.com does..

My other spam magnet gmail account comes with a nice reminder that 37 other folk have the same name as me, that's likely 37 thousand now.

Git365. Git for Teams. Quatermass and the Git Pit. GitHub simply won't do now Microsoft has it



IBM memo to staff: Our CEO Ginni is visiting so please 'act normally!'


Leave a little present.

I would get everyone in the office to have beans, sprouts and cabbage the night before. See who can let off the best air biscuit closest to her.

Winner will be the person who gets to leave there grundle rumble in the lift seconds before she uses it.

Have YOU had your breakfast pint? Boffins confirm cheeky daily tipple is good for you


Re: What measure of 'drink' did these Americans use?

"Until we know more it's best to assume that a 'drink' is any amount you can hold in one hand."

So i can quite happily consume a half pint of Tactical nuclear penguin every morning?

Excellent, should make the drive into work interesting...if i can find the car that is.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich quits biz after fling with coworker rumbled


Screws an employee gets the sack, screws the customer gets pats on back.

'The capacitors exploded, showering the lab in flaming confetti'



Many many moons ago, when pc's had cluncky on off switches and techs still went out on the piss the previous night, i managed to electrocute myself so well it blew me off the seat.

A desktop i was assembling had power going to its front switch, the was in the days of 240v not wimpy 3v or whatnot to a soft button. They had little boots on the connectors, now normally i made flipping sure these covered anything "bad" but one day, slightly inebriated from a session the night before one of them was not doing its job properly.

As i grabbed the sides of the box to move it forward i touched the contact, as it was plugged in at that point there was a bit of a bang, i flew off the stool and all the lights (and everything else) went out.

I managed to the not only the workshop but the whole buildings breakers, once i managed to get up and stagger about a bit i felt well proud of my accomplishment.

Not long after one of the boys found out that the CRT screen he was attempting to dissipate was still powered producing a much louder bang and sparks accompanied by another lights out event - again i wonder if the previous nights alcohol might have been a reason for this foopar.

Nowadays i get a pfy to check things that might produce sparks and bangs, they are easier to replace.

User had no webcam or mic, complained vid conference didn’t work


Re: This one, every time

Seriously if one of my custards requested this i would go straight to there manager and demand not only for them to be sacked for gross stupidity but would also call the local nuthouse to have them picked up at the front door and given a nice padded room to live in.

BOFH: Buttock And Departmental Defence ... As A Service


Re: Danger zone

I cannot be the only one who has suspicions of collusion between said BOFH and PFY.... almost as if the whole thing was "arranged" hmmm

User asked help desk to debug a Post-it Note that survived a reboot



And as if speaking of the Devil, as i am reading this one of my techs takes a call from a user saying there pc will not come on.

A few seconds later it turns out that there is also a cable flopping around under the desk. Is it a kettle type cable? "dont know", How big is it? "abount 3 times the size of a usb cable...

Can you just plug it back in? "ohh i dont know how to do that".

And now a walk of 500+ m to another building to plug a pc in that some sloppy prat has knocked the power cable out...

Education.. where we train the next generation of genius with this generations idiots.