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Tesla share crash amid Republican bid to kill off electric car tax break

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Charge time & Range

People are not going to buy, in enough numbers, cars with slow charge times and low range of miles per charge. ALSO you're going to need 20+ years to fill every dead spot on the roads with charging stations. Haven't you noticed how close together and easy to find gasoline stations are these days? Well the electric charging stations would need to be just as prolific and priced the same per mile. So if it costs you $30 to fill your gasoline tank now and you get 300 miles this would mean a charging station could not go over an equivalent amount per mile range unit.

Also WHY don't they just standardize all e-car batteries and have people pull into bays and have automated systems remove your low battery and replace, connect a newly charged battery in under 10 minutes, no wait for charge??????

And why buy one Tesla when you can buy 2 or even 4 gas guzzlers with high HP?


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