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Why have just one firewall when you can fire all the walls?


Can tell it's a Monday!

"requiremnet" indeed...

Shipping is so insecure we could have driven off in an oil rig, says Pen Test Partners


Re: It will be fine

Underrated comment. It's fine, they'll tow it outside the environment.

Yet another reminder: When a tech giant says its AI listens to you, it means humans listen to you. Right, Facebook?

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We're good!

All they need to do is redefine AI as "artificially intelligent", as in "we make someone seem intelligent by giving them a script to follow". Problem solved.

Not very Suprema: Biometric access biz bares 27 million records and plaintext admin creds


Re: Why no whistle blower’s?

Lol! I doubt that even ten people knew how the data was stored - it was quite possibly a couple of people, and neither one was actually a decently trained and experienced DB designer AND aware enough of what cloud best practices are. It probably ended up online because the business started screaming CLOUD a lot.

Exclusive: Windows for Workgroups terror the Tartan Bandit confesses all to The Register


Re: Changing Wallpaper can have career enhancing effects

Totally one of my favourites.

The other one was the BSOD screensaver. Which reminds me of a story... I did that to a colleague once while he was in holiday, and then forgot about it. I noticed him being increasingly grumpy for the first couple of days when he got back, and I asked what's wrong. He explained that his computer would BSOD a lot, usually while doing nothing, and he just couldn't figure it out. We spent a good 10-15 minutes trying to diagnose it before I actually remembered what I'd done.

That's how good my pranks are, I even get myself.

Amazon robot fingered for bear spray leak that hospitalised 24 staffers


Re: offtopic but reminds me of an old joke

I don't think you mean "stealing", maybe "cultural appropriation"? :o

Azure MFA falls over, Windows 10 struggles with Intel drivers, and Microsoft gives us... more Sticky Notes?


Massive kudos...

...for the "Hey Duggee" reference! It's hard, this being a parent thing.


Russian computer failure on ISS is nothing to worry about – they're just going to turn it off and on again


In Russia...

...computer reboots you.

America-China tariff tiff could flip the switch on Cisco price hikes


Re: nope

LOL, Netgear...

Email security crisis... What email security crisis?



That's because someone in devops set it up on their not-work domain. Obvs.

Home Office seeks Brexit tech boss – but doesn't splash the cash



Take job, take blame when it all inevitably goes TITSUP, move to EU and have a successful career and some great inside stories to tell.

Sounds good to me!

Coat, because it's increasingly unlikely that staying (as an EU citizen) is A Good Idea.

'Can you just pop in to the office and hit the power button?' 'Not really... the G8 is on'


Re: London Riots

For the Greater Good!

Psst, says Qualcomm... Kid, you wanna see what a 5G antenna looks like?

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Re: Stupid

Yes, yes, yes, etc, but no. Kind of. It depends.

I very much doubt that they're planning on replacing all the current 4G spectrum with 25GHz+, but then again I'm not an industry 'expert'.

What I would imagine is that there will be a high number of relatively very small 5G cells, covering anything from a patch of street to an open office area; small because of the inherent frequency limitations, but fast.

To complement this, 4G LTE will carry on alongside, to fill in the larger yet sparsely-populated spaces and also the numerous areas that don't have dedicated 5G cells. I would hope that this would also mean that the 4G cell bandwidth will be less congested, which ideally would mean better service. I've long lost count of the number of times in Central London that I had full 4G+ signal and yet I couldn't get any data through.

It'll be a small miracle to see clients roam between 5G & 4G cells seamlessly though, and for the telcos to actually provide the required backhaul to each cell...

Church of England will commune with God for you via Amazon's Echo


I don't believe it...

We're on the second page already, and no one has mentioned that you wouldn't be able to have the CoE and the Church of Job... Er, Church of Cook on the same device, it's theoret..sorry, theologically impossible.

US Senator Ron Wyden to Pentagon: Encrypt your websites


Lack of encryption in this case doesn't necessarily mean a vulnerable website - it does, however, mean bad security practices and a distinct lack of giving a toss about the site visitors'privacy.


Re: Why is self-signed such a bad idea ?

While your utopian idea is all well and good, the problem is that the largest PKI trust chain out there - which includes the most common Web browsers - doesn't recognise the DoD as a trusted root CA. So, you know, might want to fix that first - provided they can satisfy the other members that they're trustworthy.

Trust me, I'm a network engineer.


Brit ISPs get their marker pens out: Speed advertising's about to change


Re: WiFi

Mmno, with the vast majority of home WiFi setups, the transmission medium and therefore bandwidth is shared. The more concurrent users you have the worse it gets too, due to overheads and the way that WiFi protocols work.

Fixing a printer ended with a dozen fire engines in the car park


Better safe than sorry?

A bit like almost two months ago, when someone left a microwave out on the pavement in the City, causing lockdowns, Police cordons, and a bomb disposal robot to blow it up. I imagine someone got quite a b*ll*cking for that... It's OK, I was forced to sit in a cafe (some distance away, just in case) and have breakfast, thanks for the concern.


Spine-leaf makes grief, says Arista as it reveals new campus kit


What who now...?

I think your descriptions are all over the place... The 7050X3 is a 1U fixed configuration switch, and the 7300X3 comes - I believe - in 4 and 8 slot modular chassis versions.

Details of 600,000 foreign visitors to UK go up in smoke thanks to shonky border database


Digital ID

I am fully aware that a proper form of UK Government Digital ID would be a powergasm for 'The (Wo?)Man', but it would also mean that you could tie everything important into it: Passport, HMRC NINO/records, hypothetical ID card, DWP benefits/etc, DVLA driving license, and so on. You could use it to electronically sign and encrypt documents too - such as bank account setup agreements, employment contracts, lease agreements, etc.

You want to come into the UK and live here? You need to get a UK Digital ID, otherwise you won't be able to set anything up. No, this doesn't solve the issue of tracking non-residents, but that should've been resolved a long time ago by whoever was in power; I'm sure it's not the same Party that's now in power or the Party that made this Brexit mess a reality in the first place, after all that would just be hypocritical.

Again - I fully understand that it could also serve as a surveillance wet dream, but there are so many darn benefits. If only someone had already done something like this, they could serve as inspiration - maybe the Germans, or the Swiss, or Estonia. Oh, wait...

BOFH: Turn your server rack hotspot to a server rack notspot


And that is called...

...outsourcing your problem resolution!

Wish you could log into someone's Netgear box without a password? Summon a &genie=1



It's 2018 and it's still deemed acceptableto have these kinds of bypasses? Awesome.

I'm all for a bypass which requires physical access to the device - after all, once you have that it's pretty much game over anyway - but URL bypasses are just so last decade. *cough*

Apple's top-secret iBoot firmware source code spills onto GitHub for some insane reason



Oh no it's not!

User had no webcam or mic, complained vid conference didn’t work


Re: This one, every time

Not unusual at all, unfortunately. It's not as common as the "sending a screenshot by saving it inside a Word document" trick though.