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US judge debenched for jailing entire courtroom

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They DID protest!

Read the scathing report for this judge's removal and you'll see descriptions of several people who protested that this was unfair:


In the USA we call this unlawful imprisonment. These individuals were robbed of their liberty. I especially feel for the person who begged to be incarcerated later so that he could pick up his little girl from school.

Air France compensates 170kg passenger

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A mile

Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. Then, when you criticize them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

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Sheesh! What insanely insulting and juvenile comments. The point is that the airline HUMILIATED this poor person. That kind of treatment of a customer is NEVER alright. The world still sees it as *okay* to discriminate against 2 groups of people, and even encourages it... those 2 groups are left-handed people and the obese. Sometimes being obese is a choice and sometimes it is not - a dear relative of mine is obese because of medications she needs to save her life, not because of what she chooses to put in her mouth. So unless you have walked a mile in that person's shoes, shut it.

Interpol launches worldwide hunt for abuse pics man

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Hey, I think they did an outstanding job with the un-swirling of the criminal's face! I'm praying as a parent that this sicko is found and put to justice. I'm with Alan - I think the guy probably wants to be stopped or he would have cut his face right out of that picture rather than swirling it. As a graphic designer though... I must admit that I thought "I could clean up that photo some..." after I saw it. Still, though it may not have been restored magnificently, it's been restored to the point that a pedophile might be stopped - and saving even one child from a sexual assault is magnificent, indeed.

Adopt this dog or we'll kill it

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Adopting pets

When I did the search, I didn't find any dogs in danger until I expanded it to "Any breed" and "within 500 miles" of my ZIP code! We are looking for a dog - we want a rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback (preferrably a lab mix, actually, because they are a tad smaller but with the desirable qualities of a Ridgie). I specifically want a RESCUED dog for just the reasons this article points out.

Come celebrate the web...

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I am aghast! Mortified! Perhaps the woman would have lived if they'd called an ambulance rather than torturing her! Well they have created the noose - let their government hang them with it. They have the video evidence provided by the perpetrators - now let it convict them. I hope to see an update indicating this.

Women say no to pink tech toys

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I love my girly gadgets.

I guess I'm in the 9% of women who love my gadgets to sparkle. I have a pink Razr phone with matching pink case and even my car charger is pink. I was aghast that my Blue Tooth headset, cables and such were black - if they're selling a package it should all match, after all.

Truth be told, I'd rather have purple than pink, but pink and silver gray were the only choices at the Verizon store for the Razr phone I wanted. It's not the pink that matters - it's getting a nice bright color that appeals to me. Anybody can have a gray or black cell phone - big whoop. My husband wanted the lime green Chocolate phone but they were out so he got the black.

I love the pink laptop & would buy one! The jewel-encrusted shower head, maybe not.

And by the way what is up with people in Europe not wearing deodorant or shaving their legs? When I was there these things were painfully obvious... eeuw!

Aussie stumps $100k for Airbus A380 tickets

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@ Retro Movies

You forgot the "marooned on a desert island following a plane crash" scenario!

Nashville strippers finger net forger

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Frank, thanks for the link. Australian currency is gorgeous! I like the colors that the US government has added to our currency in recent years, but Australia outshines us in technology and beauty alike. I hope our money notes get such a stunning makeover in my lifetime!

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Another stupid criminal...

I have NEVER had a cashier hold my $1 of $5 notes up to the light or do any type of authenticity check on them. However, it's rare that I hand over a $100 bill and someone DOESN'T check it out before putting it in the till. The fastest way to get busted committing a counterfeiting crime is getting greedy. Then again the dude with a stack of singles isn't likely to get much attention at the strip joint!

Yahoo! Unveils! New! Mail! Service!

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We! already! have! this!

Am I the only one here on Verizon? We already have this. I use it all day long... sending emails that my husband gets as a text. I just log in to vtext.com and off I go. Then people can send an email to myusername@vtext.com and I get it on my phone, or I can send one that comes from my account. If they hit "reply" I get it on my vtext.com web page and on my phone.

Serial eBay fraudster jailed for two years

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Well if he was smart enough to pull of these scams, he should be held responsible enough for REAL punishment!

Teaching hacking helps students, professors say

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Hacking vs. Cracking

When I attended my first web programming course at college, one of the first things he said was, "Hacking is encouraged. Cracking will get you expelled." In other words - be smart - but be ethical, and don't destroy anything. He warned us that anyone who messed with his grading files would receive an F and be expelled. I don't think anyone tried to hack into his stuff!

US man flies 193 miles in deckchair

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There's a song about this...

My friend Bryan Rivers wrote a song about Larry Walters' flight in his lawn chair - it's called "Up in the Air." http://www.bryanrivers.com. Good song, great album (his 1st one, eponymous). Anyway, not something I would try, and I'm rather amused that someone would want to repeat the stunt!!!

Geek Squader gets fruity with customer porn

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In my opinion...

This is the equivalent of inviting a plumber into your house to fix your sink and having him rummage through your dresser, finding your private porn stash, and making photocopies to take home. DUH! That should simply not be allowed!

If, however, that plumber were to see something in plain view that was illegal, like a dead body, while in the course of his plumbing duties, it would be his duty to report that to police. Thus, if while repairing a computer the technician happens to see something illegal, I think it's the same situation.

Once I had to do some work on a coworker's work PC and when I did I found it riddled with pornography. I wasn't being nosy either! I was embarrassed, shocked, and frankly humiliated! The coworker knew I would be working on his PC and didn't bother to hide anything. There were icons for porn programs on the desktop, porn wallpaper, you name it. I don't know why I wasted my breath on a gasp since he had a Sports Illustrated swimsuit calendar hanging up in his cubicle. Anyway, I REGRET not saying anything to his supervisor! He ended up leaving the company a few weeks later as rumors swirled that he was billing 65 hours a week but no one could figure out what he was doing. Unfortunately I KNOW what he was doing and it wasn't work!

But I digress! Snooping is human, but unprofessional. It should be illegal in cases like these - it's a privacy violation. If, however, it leads to catching criminals, I'm all for it!

BA edits Branson from Casino Royale

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In bad taste?

Precisely why would the sight of this particular billionaire upset the passengers on any flight? I've heard of censorship, but come on! Cut out the things I don't want my 4-year-old to see, like people in speedos and thongs, excessive lovemaking scenes and gun violence. I watched Branson's reality show and liked it, except for the twit he picked to win the thing. He seems like a stand-up guy and I can't imagine why this totally idiotic cut was made!

Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage

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How Ridiculous!

If it were my family and we found a tag like that on our furniture, I would have returned the couch, complained and accepted the apology from the company that mistranslated (or misspelled) the word. And yes, even though I am caucasian, I do find the "N" word deplorable. Why sue, if it really was an honest error? I saw a news story where this family was interviewed. I don't think I would have called the news media. It's unfortunate that her child had an exposure to this word in this fashion, but is that really worth a lawsuit?

Senator demands US create morally superior light bulbs

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Energy saving devices

Chris, amen to everything you said! I just wanted to give some kudos to whoever "they" are - the people who have come up with these awesome ways to save electricity and money.

I don't know how much energy my light bulbs consume in a typical month, but I do take care to buy the new light bulbs that are supposed to last 5-7 years and cost pennies on the dollar to use compared to regular ones. We just purchased a package of 8 13-watt light bulbs (75-watt regular bulb equivalent, I believe) for about $15 at Sam's Club. The 50-cent variety of 75-watt bulbs need to be replaced every few months, actually making them not only less energy efficient, but vastly more expensive as well.

When we were in the market to purchase a room air conditioner, we chose one that was most energy efficient. That's a top priority for all our appliances - dishwashers, refrigerators and so on.

I have to admit that my primary reason for wanting energy savings is a selfish one - I want a lower energy bill! It does make me feel better, though, knowing that somehow we're helping out the greater good by (hopefully) helping to prevent power outages.

Family converts dead dad into diamond

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You're welcome

D Crunkilton, you're welcome and I've enjoyed reading your intelligent responses! I have a tremendous amount of hair - Locks for Love made 4 wigs from one cutting for cancer kids! The LifeGems website says that they can make diamonds from a lock of hair! I think that would be so cool! Or maybe if I put all my childrens' hair locks together and combined them to make a diamond to put in a necklace for me. WOW! But of course I would want the 1-carat size and I don't have $18,000 to blow right now. *dreaming on*

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More information...

The Family Plots show has a website:


The company that makes the cremains into diamonds is called LifeGem. Here's a link:


Hope this provides help & insight. What a beautiful thing.


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Wow, that's an amazing theory! You are obviously a scientist, or some sort of genius.

There is a show called "Family Plots" that highlights a real-life family who run a funeral home & mortuary. It's wonderful. I love it. One of the episodes was about one of their employees whose son had died; the parents had him turned into diamonds. Each family member got a ring or pair of earrings (yellow diamonds, for sunshine) and the dad got a pair of cufflinks. It was a beautiful thing to watch and I wouldn't mind at all if my family decided to do this to me after my death!

US lifts lid on world's largest toilet

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How funny!

I drove past this every day for as long as I lived in Orlando. How funny, that it looks like a toilet from above!!!

Plastic surgeon sucks out belly dancer's buttock

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Sick! This award does not do justice!

This poor woman! The judge should have made the defendant pay to have her plastic surgery nightmare FIXED PROPERLY by another facility, PLUS damages for her embarrassment, suffering and total loss of her career!!! 12,000 pounds is a joke. She should have been awarded much more. I hope she has some avenue of appeal since after being deformed by some incompetent "doctor" she has lost her career. Maybe I'm just much meaner than she -- I'd have been threatening all the negative media exposure the clinic could ever hope for, making worldwide appearances on every morning news & talk show and naming names until I got my way.

Lawn mowing ex-policeman cannot claim spy breach by private eyes

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He was in plain sight!

Well.... I don't think he should be able to complain about anything that he did publicly being filmed. Anybody walking by on the street could have seen him mowing his lawn. I don't believe his rights were being violated. The private detectives filmed him doing public, outdoor activites - they did not invade the privacy of his home. Conversely, I have to say that he might have a legitimate injury but still occasionally be able to do a chore or two. Even when I had a bad back injury, I HAD to get into my car and get around now and then, because I lived alone and had no one to take me to medical appointments or the grocery store. Police officers have to drive A LOT and also be physically fit enough to give chase and lots of other things that a healthy back is required for.

British porn domain mastermind fights US Government

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Why would anyone want to block this?!

I can't imagine why anyone would NOT want porn sites to have their own .xxx internet domain. This is coming from a Christian mommy of 2 (soon to be 3)! The .xxx websites would be easily identifiable to the average user; I myself have occasionally stumbled upon a .com address that contained porn when I thought I was looking up something else. It would be a simple matter for me as a parent to block all .xxx websites from my children. YES, give them their own top-level category! I would love to see this measure to go through. It is what the porn producers want to have and also what I want them to have, as it will make it easier to categorize them out of my family's internet content. I also like that 1/6 of the registration fee goes toward PROTECTING CHILDREN ONLINE. Any responsible porn producer should be acutely aware of this problem and I hope more of them will make their content harder for children to access, and also be sure that ALL of their content is of people age 18 or older. I think porn is a cancer on our society but as long as it's going to be around anyway, let's keep it in its place.

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censoring vs. categorization of pornography

eros, I am not interested in censoring your pornography, only in keeping it appropriate to viewing audiences who are old enough to view it responsibly (18+) and who WANT to view it. What's wrong with confining the porn to people who are looking for it? Heaven knows there's enough of them out there.

Cow poo: the building material of the future?

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On whether Vegans would use Cow Dung Board

A J Stiles said, "Interesting idea! But what, I wonder, will the vegan community think of this?"

That gave me a smile. Since nothing with a face or a mother had to die in the production of cow dung board, I don't see why they wouldn't use it. Would they rather have the dung spread in the field next to their house? It's an ingenious use of a smelly, natural byproduct of happy, healthy, living cows.

Curiously, Vegans don't seem to mind wearing and using Petroleum products such as Vinyl, plastic, and Polar fleece... which was made from... FOSSILS! -- many of which had faces AND mothers.

I'm so glad I'm not a vegan. And yes I would use the dung board furniture as long as it didn't smell bad!