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Nominet shakes up system for expiring .uk domains, just happens to choose one that will make it £millions. Again


Presumably if we end up with this distasteful Nominet auction model we can expect the start price for all auctions to begin at the 1 year renewel fee. At least then only contested names will be adding to the already embarrassing pile of cash that Nominet is sitting on.


Re: The real problem

Names regged including words like "easy" or "virgin" will clearly be likely to be contentious, with or without content, but in their own right either of these words would amount to excellent acquisitions, TM's or not. From then on it's about what content you use, holding page with For Sale sign, no worries.

123-Reg customers outraged at automatic .UK domain registration


Re: Leaving

They'll probably charge you £10 per name to do this, so don't let them create those .uk's just yet!


Once these "free" .uk domains have been auto-registered so kindly for you, if you decide to move your names to another registrar in the meantime, because you're sick of 123-Reg, then the transfer away fee of £10 will no doubt be applied to every name - Ouch!


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