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Wii not the way to lose weight

Rob Gemmell


It doesn't give you hairy palms; I've done the study. And it was official because I had my lab coat on at the time.

With losing weight in general, it comes to your intensity while doing the activity. If you're playing the Wii and moving around and using your entire body, its more likely that you are getting slightly fit then someone who sits on the couch waving their arm around.

Note: I accept the captain obvious nominee in advance.

Greenpeace slams next-gen consoles

Rob Gemmell

computers not cnosles require more power

I find it humorous that gaming consoles are getting attacked ... yes, they may consume more power; however, one have to consider the amount of power a computer consumes. People with gaming machine are toting 800w-1Kw PSUs. I don't know what the average consumption rate of that ... I know that they don't run at they're full capacity all of the time, but I'm sure the average consumption of those bad boys make the consoles pale in comparison. What about the average users computer ... offices and colleges/universities run their computers non stop all year round ... that's some major consumption. And if they're so worried about the power consumption, then look into other modes of "eco-friendly" power sources such as solar and wind power ... I'm sure it wouldn't take much to build a combo wind/solar power and invert it to a power generator. I'm not knowledgeable in electronics, but I'm sure something liek that can be done.

Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage

Rob Gemmell

title is misleading

For those who can read ... they have pulled the ads because they don't want a shortage in the UK and Europe. There's already shortages in the US and Canada (I haven't seen a store here have one in stock for 3 weeks.) Outside of the title I found no reference that there actually is a shortage except when the American spokesman talks about the shortage.

Mother launches attack on epilepsy inducing video games

Rob Gemmell

Not Black & White

As a few posters have mentioned already, it's not as easy as turning off the epileptic seizure sections in the game. For one there are many types of ways that one can get a seizure, not to mention that some are more sensitive than others.

And it's not as simple as testing the game and removing the sections that probably will cause them still doesn't guarantee that it won't cause seizures anymore. There's always the possibility that the game will cause a seizure because of an abnormality in coding.

I rather see a rating system that judges the possibility of a seizure. There's some definite things that will cause a seizure, so the company can base their scale on that.

But in all reality, those who know they have it, or a family history of it, are smart enough to know that they are taking a risk every time they play a game. They can't blame the company because no one forces them to play the game in the first place.

LG monitors to attain 5000:1 contrast ratio

Rob Gemmell

Your Mistake, not theirs.

$85 if for the 3000:1 contrast ratio. It's well into the $300+ range for the 5000:1.

Designer breaks up trad PC design

Rob Gemmell

Old idea indeed

I have an old Sun SparcClassic sitting in my closet. It takes up lots of space not to mention that it requires is own monitor which is another monster altogether. I fail to see the logic of breaking up the CPU from the HD other useful prefs. Mini Towers, the Mac Mini and Laptops come to mind if you want to have a small package. If you want to add to it then you can buy external perfs. This is a just another repackaged idea that people with money will buy for nostalgia purposes.


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