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As HPE trousers soaring profit, new CEO looks at cost-cutting Next plan and thinks: More of that!


If your only tool is a hammer...

"Neri said, he is so encouraged by the Q1 returns that he's going to drive the cost-cutting Next campaign even harder."

It makes you wonder what he would have done if they had seen poor results in the quarter.

Boss visited the night shift and found a car in the data centre



A few years ago the company I worked for at the time was taken over by one of the large multi-nationals whose only expertise these days is making staff redundant, replacing them with more expensive contractors and paying obscene bonuses to the CEO.

My team got told one day that we were now responsible for supporting a few large server rooms in one of the UK offices. Basically, the company had laid off all the permanent staff, leaving a couple of contractors to do the work. The contractors were then let go to reduce cost. I met the last one to go on his last day and had a 20-minute handover and told that there was no documentation at all.

When I looked around, I found one of the server rooms had barely-functioning air conditioning, so somebody had decided to open all the external windows. There was a load of bird mess all over the floor and racks. I guess a warm server room makes a nice place for a pigeon to nest.

Dying! Yahoo! loses! fight! to! lock! dead! man's! dead! account!


Re: No need to rule on terms of service

Dead users aren't very profitable.


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