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Florida Man… pockets Uber cash to keep quiet about data breach

Peter Gordon

What a shit show. But fair play to Khosrowshahi for coming clean.

Five ways Apple can fix the iPhone, but won't

Peter Gordon

Can they make it have a slide-out physical keyboard, please? Oh, and can they make it run webOS?

Oh well.. :-(

Elon Musk reveals Mars colony rocket capable of bringing pizza joints to the red planet

Peter Gordon

1m asses to mars


Huge if true: iPhone 8 will feature 3D selfies, rodent defibrillator

Peter Gordon

"Galaxy, Lumia, Nexus, Moto Z or Priv."

.. and the Pre before that. How soon we forget :-(

Samsung sets fire to $9m by throwing it at Tizen devs

Peter Gordon

I would say "don't forget webos"

... But then I would think about webos and cry.

Nokia taps former Rovio man Rantala to market relaunch

Peter Gordon


"... bought back earlier this year from Microsoft, which will continue to try and sell handsets under the Lumia banner."


Google's brand new OS could replace Android

Peter Gordon

Re: Mmmmmmm webOS!

Remember it? I still use a Pre 3 as my only phone. I do try out new phones in the phone shop occasionally, but they're all the same boring slab with the same inelegant OS on them. Just in different sizes with a different name on the back. :-(

In mourning for Nano, chap crafts 1k-loc text editor

Peter Gordon

Elevated by RGBA and TBC


Puls by Rrrola

Reavers! Google patent would affix pedestrians to car hoods

Peter Gordon

Umm.. what if the car hits a pedestrian

Then plows into a bus? Pedestrian sandwich. At least without the glue, the pedestrian might have been thrown clear.

Also, I can see ne'er-do-wells throwing things at google cars trying to make it stick. Soon you'll see them driving around with beer cans, traffic cones etc. adorning every surface.

Microsoft's Windows 10 nagware storms live TV weather forecast

Peter Gordon

Yeah, but then she just would have had a Guru Meditation instead ;-)

A third of Brits would cough up £300 to ransomware peddlers

Peter Gordon

Backup, people!

If you value your data, back it up.

Which reminds me. I must get around to backing up my data at some point.

VW floats catalytic converter as fix for fibbing diesels

Peter Gordon

There was a fascinating talk about dieselgate

at 32c3:


Alu Alu! Nokia gobbles French rival Alcatel-Lucent in €15.6bn deal

Peter Gordon

Re: Finns gonna pay the fat redundancy cheques again

Good luck moving anything from France. Closing French operations is really hard.

Lenovo: We SWEAR we're done with bloatware, adware and scumware

Peter Gordon

Well that was a rollercoaster

As someone who bought a Lenovo G50 laptop with the crapware on (incidentally, I think its otherwise a really nice laptop), reading this sentence was like this:

"Lenovo is now offering all customers who had Superfish ..."


"... (those who bought a consumer PC between September last year and January)..."


"... a free .."

Ooooh. I like free stuff!

".. six-month subscription to McAfee Livesafe security scanner"

Oh :-(

Analysts claim itty bitty iPhone Mini to land next year

Peter Gordon

Nothing wrong with small phones

The HP Veer was lovely, it just needed the software bugs ironed out, but sadly it was never to be...

Pirate Bay admins 'couldn't care less' about police raid

Peter Gordon

Re: Sadly...

Not true. I held back on open sourcing hivelytracker (http://code.google.com/p/hivelytracker/) for years because the code is truly horrible. In the end I caved because people wanted to port it, but the comment at the top of gui.c says it all:


** Abandon all hope all ye who enter here

** (consider this fair warning)


and I have other projects that I would want to seriously refactor before opensourcing :)

Sinclair is back with the Spectrum Vega ... just as rubbish as the ZX

Peter Gordon

Re: RCA? Pah. Young 'uns know nothing

wrong on two counts:

1) it was not better than the speccy or c64. It had only 8 colours, low resolution, odd colour attribute system and no vsync. The sound was better than the pre-128k speccy, but that's about it. It also had far fewer games, and a lot of the games it did have were poor.

2) it wasn't french. It was english, but sold better in france and was eventually bought by a french company.

I still have a soft spot for the oric, though. So much so that I wrote an emulator for it (oricutron).

Wireless Power standards are like Highlanders: There can be only ONE

Peter Gordon

Can't they all just

support the Palm Touchstone? I've got loads of those ;-)

BlackBerry will pay you $$$s to be its friend and dump that iPhone

Peter Gordon

I think the Passport is lovely

My wife just got a passport since she was fed up with touch screen keyboards (something I can sympathise with, I'm going to miss my Pre 3 when I finally give up and upgrade).

I think its a really nice phone. I'm quite tempted to get a Q10 after seeing the passport (unlike my wife, I don't have a handbag, so I need my phone to be pocketable :), but really I'd like to see a "Q20" or so with the touch sensitive keyboard idea from the Passport.

6 Obvious Reasons Why Facebook Will Ban This Article (Thank God)

Peter Gordon

What about the Arapaho?

Do they have a word for Facebook clickbait?

French telco takes on US rival Netflix... with whose dongle?

Peter Gordon

Re: Broadcom 7225

I think they mean 7325:


although that was 5 years ago, so I imagine they'd be using a newer chip now (?).

Remember Anna Kournikova? Come with us on a tour of bug-squishing history

Peter Gordon

"Something wonderful has happened!

Your Amiga is alive!"

Those were the days ;-)

BuzzGasm: Cloud Internet Of Stuff As-A-Service!

Peter Gordon

Well, it seems the most important question is not answered by this infographic....

Do the Arapaho have a term to describe the Cloud Internet Of Stuff As-A-Service™?!

BuzzGasm: 9 Incredible Things You Never Knew About PLIERS!

Peter Gordon

Re: Not correct!

Ahh yes. I think "chaka demas" is a southern Arapaho variation.

Peter Gordon

Not correct!

Actually the Arapaho term for pliers is "chaka demas"

LG to bring Palm's webOS BACK FROM THE DEAD in TVs next week – report

Peter Gordon

I love my pre 3

its still my only phone. I don't want a smart tv, I want a pre 4 :(

NORKS breaks ground on new high-tech industrial park

Peter Gordon

Indsutrial? Silcon?

Is this the Grauniad? ;)

Circling the RIM: BB10 becomes chamber of horrors for BlackBerry

Peter Gordon

Re: Really sad..

To be honets, I'm kind of tired of backing the dead horse. As much as it pains me (I never liked Android at all), I'm probably going to join the Android crowd. Its a lot better than it used to be, and maybe when I finally can't hold on to webOS any more, maybe it'll actually be nice to use :-)

Peter Gordon

Oh yes

An insider retrospective would make fascinating reading, I'm sure. I really enjoyed a Nokia one, that I think might even have been here on El Reg.

Peter Gordon

Re: Have a BB for work

To be fair to BB, BB10 is (imho) a LOT nicer than the traditional BlackBerry OS!

Peter Gordon

Really sad..

BB10 looked really nice. It was always in the back of my mind that I'd probably hop over to BB10 when I finally gave up on webOS.

It seems, if you want to know what technology is going to die, ask me what my preference is (I'm still using a Pre 3 as my only phone, and have an AmigaOne XE-G4 that I still use occasionally :)

Grand Theft Auto V: Violent, sweary and amazingly ambitious

Peter Gordon

I wonder if he's looked at the multiplayer yet,

and if not, why not?

Fanbois shun 'crappy plastic' iPhone 5C

Peter Gordon

Re: *sigh*

That is exactly why I still use my Pre 3 as my only phone. I've never found any other phone UI to be so fluid, it just never feels like it gets in the way.

I am the technical support for my family, and between them they have various Android, Windows Phone and iPhones, and it always feels nice to use the Pre 3 after using their phones...

Peter Gordon


I'd queue for a Palm Pre 4. But then i'd probably be the only one, so it wouldn't really be a queue :(

Ghastly! Yahoo! Groups! gripes! grip! grumpy! gremlin! grumblers!

Peter Gordon
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Lovely to see the slanted exclamation marks!

Especially since I suggested it last time :)

It's Grand Theft Auto 5 day: Any of you kids remember GTA the First?

Peter Gordon

Apparently, it was originally developed on the Amiga, but as the Amiga market died, they moved to the PC.

Later, an unofficial clone was released for the Amiga, which was called "Payback", and while it suffered a bit from being developed entirely by one person, it had a certain charm and was fun enough to play. It was later ported to the Gameboy advance.

New! Yahoo! logo! shows! Marissa! Meyer's! personal! touch!

Peter Gordon

surely ! is close enough?

Note to El Reg: Please update your headline with slanted exclamation marks! :)

10,000 app devs SLEEP together in four-day code-chat-drink tech orgy camp

Peter Gordon

sounds dreadful!

I'd much rather go to a demoparty like revision or sundown!

Wow, the future is HERE: Charge your phone (wirelessly) in your CAR

Peter Gordon
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Re: Bumpy Road Ahead

Can't speak for GM, but the Palm Pre/Touchstone combination works great in cars. The magnets hold it fine.

The Pre 3 made it a bit trickier since they changed the curve of the back made the touchstone not have such a great grip. Some people filed down the plastic a bit to get a flatter curve, but I found in my VW Passat it was fine because the Touchstone perched neatly on the flat bit between the gear knob and the climate control panel, so it held the Pre 3 in a good gravity assisted position.

I would assume that any in car built-in wireless charging would have some method of stopping the phone going flying across the car on roundabouts and bumpy roads.

Peter Gordon


Every time I get in my car, if my phone power is low, I plonk my HP Pre 3 onto the Touchstone. It really is excellent to be able to do that without fiddling with wires. Its also very tidy since I installed it with the wire to the touchstone hidden.

Microsoft shoehorns Skype into Outlook.com - we quickly kick the tyres

Peter Gordon

Re: You might as well complain that Microsoft isn't support Windows 98 either...

But Safari isn't supported either ;-)

Peter Gordon

Doesn't work in IE for Mac? Doesn't work in Windows RT?

Even Microsoft don't support Microsoft products!

Big Beardie is watching you: Lord Sugar gets into facial recognition

Peter Gordon

Given that "Amstrad" is "Alan Michael Sugar Trading", "Amscreen" must be "Alan Michael Sugar Creen" (or at least a word that starts with creen). I don't know what a creen is!

Not work! - Firmware hacks

Peter Gordon

Re: still love my V3

I suspect that actually what happens is that your phone rings and nobody cares, then the beat drops and you flip it open, and they still don't care.

Review: HP Slate 7 Android tablet

Peter Gordon
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Re: Gazes over at Touchpad...

At least the touchpad had a differentiators, even at its original (admittedly ridiculously high) pricepoint, namely webOS and a really good inductive charging solution.

This is just a generic "me too" product.

Firefox OS: Go away fanbois, fandroids - you wouldn't understand

Peter Gordon

Re: Its an interesting strategy

I'm well aware of how HP massively cocked it all up, but its not like webOS ever set the world alight before that.

(also posted from my beloved pre 3 :)

Peter Gordon

Its an interesting strategy

but it is also the same strategy that webOS used, and it didn't get them very far, even though webOS was (and, to me, still is) excellent.

The IT Crowd returns to Channel 4 for a final episode

Peter Gordon
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A fire?

At Sea Parks?!

BlackBerry bets fans are willing to upgrade skills

Peter Gordon

gimme a portrait slider

and I would probably be tempted to move on from my Pre 3.

certainly android, ios and windows phone have failed to tempt me away from webos so far.

The Oric-1 is 30

Peter Gordon

Ahh the Oric

I had one briefly before upgrading to a C64... its an interesting machine...

Many years later, I wrote an emulator for it entirely from scratch, just for something to do on my train journey to work...