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Ex-Amazon manager jailed for stealing $10M using fake vendor invoices


There's only one silly error really: assuming they can't be caught.

No, the silly error is a failure to work out their final return on their investment, should they be caught and punished.

Google accused of ripping off advertisers with video ads no one saw. Now, the expert view


Re: It Pays to Advertise?

I now actively try not to buy goods that are advertised and certainly not from the advertisers.

TCS bags £234M Teachers' Pensions deal as Capita set to end 29-year run


Re: Darlington

It's a suburb of Bombay

Capita wins £50M fraud reporting contract with City of London cops


Didn't realise that the City of London police committed that much fraud.

UK government proposes legislation to regulate umbrella companies


Re: Drunks in charge of the brewery

I hadn't even noticed Parliament was sitting - has anyone mentioned this to our representatives?

Activists gatecrash Capita's AGM to protest GPS tracking contract


Re: Sorry to be dim

and if they weren't here in the first place then we wouldn't have to pay Crapita to monitor them.

Child-devouring pothole will never hurt a BMW driver again


Re: Tedious WARNING!

Please don't give the local council yet another excuse to avoid sink/ potholes. The Elf and Safety goblins will be delighted that their grottoes remain untouched.

Turns out people don't like it when they suspect a machine's talking to them


Re: Politics is really for Morons say Machines, and they know you know, you know ‽

Every time I use the 'phone I get some mindless machine on the other end telling me to press button #1 to hear further stupid choices. Isn't it intelligent enough to know that I have used the same telephone for the last fifty years and it doesn't have buttons, just a dial.

After 11 years, Atlassian customers finally get custom domains ... they don't want


Have some sympathy

Neither computers nor customer service had been invented when we shipped the first boatloads down-under.

UnitedHealth's buyout of UK's EMIS could reduce competition: UK watchdog


Re: WTF!

As a civilian customer I hate EMIS, I wish the local surgery would get some software that works.

Chinese biz banned from buying US tech rent it instead


That's no way to describe a lawyer

Let's play a game: Deepfake news anchor or a real person?


The AI Man

He looks nothing like the AI man, he has not even bothered to shave.

In my youth, the AI man came round from the Ministry of Ag. and Fish with a long glass tube, with the necessaries in his brief-case, to inseminate the cattle. This saved on the cost of keeping a bull. So it can be said that we never got any bullshit from the AI man, things seemed to have changed.

Microsoft shells out for 2.5GW of solar. Not that it'll make a big dent in its emissions


Shine light upon the Omissions

Let's just change the headline to omissions; we can then discuss what else Microsoft doesn't do.

Surely you can't be serious: Airbus close to landing fully automated passenger jets


Re: Can be done - small boys doing it already

I got worried when they dropped the rule that only four-engined aircraft could be used for transoceanic flights, that was after they had booted out the navigator and flight engineer. I'm staying home if they introduce a Tesla type system, especially if it is as short-lived as Dragonflies are, as they only fly in the summer and spend most of their lives at the bottom of a muddy pond.

Brit MPs pour cold water on hydrogen as mass replacement for fossil fuels


I've never liked hydrogen since my father told me how a good friend of his perished in the R101. I still charge batteries in the open air.

Five British companies fined for making half a million nuisance calls


I suppose that writing a chit for the petty cash is a bit inconvenient.

Washington DC drags Amazon to court for 'yoinking' driver tips


Re: Tips?

Not since I have to put my bin out on the road They got tipped in the days when they collected the bin from the house.


Re: Tips?

The postman has always had a Christma box and despite the strikes this year he's still getting one. Anyone who provides a personal service gets a tip or a Christmas box --- apart from the Amazon driver who threw my parcels down on the drive, outside my front gates. His tip is that I haven't yet sent the security video to Amazon.

90+ groups warn US Senate of 'damaging consequences' from Kids Online Safety Act


90+ Groups

and the Senate is going to take notice of the over 90's ?

Meta fined $275m after data-scraping fiasco leaked 533m Facebook users' profiles


Re: Cost of doing business

Wouldn't it be nice if the €265 million came out of his pocket.

Guess the most common password. Hint: We just told you


Re: With a little help from the server

Being an old git with memory loss I do find 123456 the best password for NHS sites that ask me for random letters from my password, it saves counting on my fingers.

Massive energy storage system goes online in UK


Re: Per home usage

That's enough to keep my CPAP running as I freeze to death.

Someone has to say it: Voice assistants are not doing it for big tech


Talking to a computer?

At my age, I'm not about to talk to an inanimate object, I have enough trouble in talking to myself. Anyway, these things have to be biased and prejudiced. Asking Ms. Alexa for a cheap thrill will always send me to Amazon, whereas Ebay do them for 50% less.

Amid losses, Uber driven to become advertising network


Who Uber?

I have always assumed that Uber are an anti-trust conspiracy of minicab drivers. The last minicab I used to get to Heathrow, some 25 years ago, stank, even though the rear passenger window was missing. The driver neither spoke nor understood English, French or Arabic, and demanded a tip at the end of a hellish journey.

Uber's own advertising obviously doesn't work for I don't know which counties suffer their presence, and I have no desire to find out.

IMHO Advertising executives are less useful to society than minicab drivers.

OK, Google: Why are you still pointing women at fake abortion clinics?


Free information and advertising should not walk hand in hand. The answer is simple, Google has to abort advertisements (and advertisers, for they are not sentient beings)

Blue Monday for Blue Origin as rocket bursts into flame


Re: They must of

Sarf Lundun possibly?

Amazon drivers unionize after AI sends them on 'impossible' routes


My supposedly updated GPS in my car will, on a specific route, try and persuade me to leave the main road and follow a route that the main road replaced some 30 years ago. This can add half an hour to the journey. It also has a penchant for several overgrown farm tracks that might once just have been roads in the days of horse and cart. I refuse to be enslaved by an inefficient bit of software. I still use a printed map.

Microsoft Azure cloud region settles over desert in Doha, Qatar


Re: Just what the planet needs

and what happens when the sand gets into the works?

British intelligence recycles old argument for thwarting strong encryption: Think of the children!


Re: Only the Guilty?

I believe in the WWII Pacific theatre that Native American Indians were used to relay massages between ships and naval command.

No, massages would have been provided by locals, no Native American Indian would have been exploited in that way.

Microsoft, Apple, Google accelerate push to eliminate passwords


So that I have a chance of recognising it and being able to copy it. With two screens open I can manually copy a password; with only one screen I cannot remember the password long enough to transfer it.

Car radios crashed by station broadcasting images with no file extension


Re: GIGO for the goddesses sake!

Wouldn't that be the Light Programme that I can't find on the wireless these days?

UK government responds to post-Brexit concerns and of course it's all the fault of those pesky EU negotiators


You're not suggesting that there are Guardian readers who are also are users of this forum?

Shut off 3G by 2033? How about 2023, asks Vodafone UK


Re: Rural coverage

A good thing for people in some rural areas would be to get any sort of coverage.

HMRC tool for measuring IR35 status is so great, employers are ditching it in their droves


Re: Horribly broken - not by accident

They can't get the legal aid they need since they changed the rules.

On Christmas night, a computer logs a call to say his user has stopped working…


or the Field Marshall, but which caused the most casualties is hard to tell.

Wifinity hands customers bills for Wi-Fi services they didn't want but used by accident after software 'glitch' let 'fixed term' subs continue


Where today can I make a 'phone call for 4d through a friendly operator?

MPs charged with analysing Online Safety Bill say end-to-end encryption should be called out as 'specific risk factor'


Re: Sigh,

I presume that government ministers will not use their scrambled telephones. GCHQ can lay off half its staff because there will be no cipher traffic to monitor and let's re-establish Civil Censorship of the mails in case anyone has the temerity to send a coded letter.

(With memories of my late mother who worked for part of the war excruciatingly censoring the Irish mail)

Assange extradition case goes to UK Home Secretary as High Court rules he can be sent to US for trial


Re: "[he will be] transferred to Australia to serve his sentence without the US objecting"

And to think, we used to send them out to America by the shipload until they started demanding independence, then we had to switch to paying for their transport to a holiday in Australia. Plus ça change.

Thought NHS Digital's wind-down meant it would stop writing cheques? Silly you. It's gone on an IT buying spree


Re: IT helps administrate treatments

From memory the NHS ran faster and more efficiently before computers were invented

Say what you see: Four-letter fun on a late-night support call


Re: The joys of the phonetic alphabet

"Anonymous as I'm a Senior PM and supposed to be a grown up"

............ Yes, Boris.

Sovereignty? We've heard of it. UK government gives contract to store MI5, MI6 and GCHQ's data to AWS


Does that mean that as a Prime member I can get delivery of what I want tomorrow?

EasyJet flight loadsheet snafu caused by software 'code errors' says UK safety agency


Re: Weight of passengers

In my army days I had to declare either my personal weight or all-up weight with kit and weapon, to any pilot who bothered to ask. The ones flying those liitle dinky rotary-wing aircraft seemed to be more concerned when several of us piled into the last seat.

Sharing medical records with researchers: Assumed consent works in theory – just not yet in practice


Take no notice of patient opt-out

Years ago I opted out of having my medical records shared beyond the local surgery. Recently I find that the hospital, the duty doctor that 111 put me in touch with, all have access to my medical records, they can read my prescriptions, tell me the results of blood tests, etc. So much NHS regard for patient opt-out.

I was wrong to have opted out, for the local sharing of information is very much to my advantage. However, this shows how poor and meaningless privacy is to the NHS and our choice matters not a fig to them.

Fake 'BT' caller fleeces elderly victim of £30k in APP app scam


Yes, but some of us are no longer smart enough to use them or understand the damn things.

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou admits lying about Iran deal, gets to go home


Bending the truth

Since when did bending the truth deprive someone of their liberty?

It is daily practiced by businesses, by politicians, governments, police, criminals, advertising agencies and even, just possibly by IT bods.

Over 9 months late, England's highways agency launches contract to buy £1bn in IT



what happens to the potholes?

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns


Awei with Iphone

I now feel really safe with my Huawei for they are never going to admit that they look at anything on my phone - even if they do. Images of my small dog rolling on its back may confuse Apple but look like a menu to other censors.

UK spends £36m on 18 little 'bullet-proof' boats to protect Royal Navy assets


Re: Feh.

My mother worked for Fairmile Marine at some stage during the war, ensuring that various boatyards had the bits and pieces to build the MTB/MGBs

Bristol's bus stops can run Chrome and Internet Explorer, but no, Windows and public transport do not mix well


Re: XP to the Rescue?

"it's 7 in classic mode"

So Bristol's bus shelters are no longer supported?

Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log


Re: Though that one is easier to fix

Bet there's a problem at US border control especially after a transatlantic flight when everyone looks grey.