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IT consultant gets 4 years' porridge for tax fraud


Justice or injustice?

Billy Khan is a freelancer as it s mentioned here clearly, now my question is if his all belongs are taken away from him as a penalty for his fraud( though very hard word to be used here) as sentenced him jail, will it not be sufficient for any person? why such posts are created in number of online sites with culprit name and hence take away all the rights to re live a better life? to me such people are as unlawful as the culprit himself. but why there is no penalty for such people who provoke such things?

there i can see 36 posts but none of them was replied by the reporter herself.

in religion even when anyone pays for his sins he is purged but here it is reversed. such actions takes the rights to relive.

now if you google Billy khan, billy khan crawley or hamauon khan you would see all these links right there on front, in such circumstances how anyone can live a better life after he is all clear from penalties?

i would appreciate if anyone can answer.


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