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You can hack a PC just by looking at it, say 3M and HP

Robert McCracken

Not surprising.

Firstly how cute that they are Imarketing something that has been around for decades.

Secondly, hack just by looking, I can believe that as apparently users can break computers just by looking at them. " I didn't do touch anything" , " I don't know how that software got installed" and my favourite " no I didn't spill any coffee on the keyboard" as I pure a cup of latte out of it.

'Hi, I'm from Microsoft and I am GOING TO KILL YOU'

Robert McCracken

And this is....

Why I haven't got a landline phone. To clarify I have a landline for broadband but no phone plugged in just because of this crap and that I don't get anywhere near the zillion free minutes and texts on my mobile contract.

Women, your 'superpower' is ... NOT asking for a raise: Satya Nadella

Robert McCracken

Having visited the IP Expo on Wednesday I have to say I'm very disappointed with how companies behaved. It seemed that only the pretty ones in the sales team were allowed out and made to wear the shorted/tightest skirts they could find. For any women looking to work in IT its a bad example and I can see that mentality being applied to the pay. Too the naughty step IT industry.

Virgin Media keeps mum as punters fume at crippled web access

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IT Angle

haa, now that explains a few things.

On Thursday I was having some very strange problems. Couldn't connect to Google and a few random others mainly whois websites but I was trying to workout where the tracert was stopping.

Drummers: Looking for a throbbing BumChum?

Robert McCracken

what do you call...

.... a bloke that goes around with musicians.......

a drummer .

yes yes... mine is the one with the accordion in the pocket.

US airmen hornswoggled by Transformers email trick

Robert McCracken


Meet Megan, then blow stuff up loudly.. or have Megan blow stuff [cough] up loudly.. either way a fun day out.

Ubuntu's Lucid Lynx: A (free) Mactastic experience

Robert McCracken


have it look like Windows 3.11

Mines the one with the ZX81 in the pocket.

Early adopters bloodied by Ubuntu's Karmic Koala

Robert McCracken
Thumb Up

All fine here.

Not a single problem here.. Dell D830 works like a treat and its much better. HD access quicker and streaming video to another is machine very smooth (which it wasn't with Jaunty). For me its fixed a lot of the niggles that I had with Jaunty.

As for the install process. I clicked the network upgrade option and came back 30 minutes later, all done!

I wouldn't put it past MS to post a extra problems to make Ubuntu look bad.

Patent holders take 4G pledge of allegiance

Robert McCracken


I can't wait to see what twats (O)2 do with this....

Joe "Hello I would like a O2 phone [might happen] that has G4 what speed do I get."

02 lieing git "1 GB/sec!!!!!!"

Joe "Great I'll have one!"

Two weeks later........

Joe " I don't get 1 GB/sec rate infact I appear to be getting 28000 Baud! "

02 lieing git " Yep thats how much you really want, its a technical error, loads of other poeple are fine ( <- that would be 1 person, his gran in peckham), you're wrong. now sod off you nerdy git! PLUS I can drink Bill Ray under the table!!! and beat him in thumb wrestling!!! AND if you call me a liar then it will help me get into PR.

The last bit might be going to far but you get the jist.

Delhi's deputy mayor killed by monkeys

Robert McCracken

I'm ashamed of you all.

Just send in Chuck Noris.

I'll just get my cloak, pointy hat and thats my broom to the left.

3,000 chickens paralyse central Scotland

Robert McCracken


A : Spokeswoman Doreen Graham explained that "many of them could be in shock and may die".

Erm. weren't they on the way to the slaughter house, so what does it matter.

B: Bloke on phone to Wife "Darling I'm going to be a bit late the traffic is foul today"

Yes, yes ..

Mine is the full length leather coat,

Kiwi boffins prove that booze makes you clever

Robert McCracken

Drunk rats

1. I want a job where I can electrocute drunk rats.

2. Research now has to be done to find out if Real Ale is better for your brain power than Cider.

3. If this is the case then I should have a IQ of about 200

Microsoft shouts 'Long Live XP'

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Microsoft counters VMware insanity with optimistic frown

Robert McCracken


"For one, Microsoft can tweak its operating system to deliver the best possible Windows virtualization experience. You should expect Microsoft's own hypervisor to surpass rivals' software when performing basic slicing of Windows Server."

I'm sorry but that's just funny... They must have wet themselves with laughter when they came up with that one.

Nothing in the past 10 years of working with MS products has made me think that would ever happen.

Their idea of optimization is "must use as much RAM and CPU as we can get away with "

Strap-on stealth jetplane for special forces

Robert McCracken


Where and how much?!?!?!?!

Fancy an invisible dog that dances on stilts?

Robert McCracken


"You never know, in years to come, the a candlelit dinner for two might not be considered complete until the man produces a bunch of tropical arachnids and some crotchless panties for his lady friend."

LOL!.. the thing is most of my girlfriends freak if there is a tiny house spider somewhere within a 5 mile radius, thier reaction to a bunch of topical arachnids all in crotchless panites doesn't bare thinking about. What with all the running around in circles and the screaming.

Nepal fixes Boeing 757 with goat sacrifice

Robert McCracken

Oh yes...

I knew my method of computer fixes would catch on.. I've sacrificed a number of chickens at a users desk while working in desktop support. Worked a treat and they've never asked for their computer to be fixed again. ;-).

Love triangle kidnap pampernaut preps wingnut defence

Robert McCracken

Re :Edward P

I have the feeling that your plan might not be bonkers enough. You might have to say "Wibble" now and then with a pair of pants on your head and two pencils up your noise. Then you might just get away with it.

Livid woman torches ex-hubby's wedding tackle

Robert McCracken

A song springs to mind.

"Come on baby light my fire"