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IT admins hate this one trick: 'Having something look like it’s on storage, when it is not'


Re: Been there, done this for both styles of migration. They all suck

Have you looked into the VERITAS storage management products? -- they have a very fast and fully POSIX file system as well as comprehensive support for replication, snapshots, cloning, policy based storage tiering that is flexible to the directory or file level and is transparent and automatic, based on your settings. The product is vendor agnostic, working on all major UNIX/Linux and Windows server environments and all major DAS, NAS, and cloud suppliers.

Of course they have a web-based GUI to make management and visibility of all your data straight forward. They also provide direct command-line access to all operations that the GUI can perform so that you can easily script workflows.

I am not 100% sure this fits your requirements, but I was just curious if you had looked into their offerings and, if so, I would be interested to hear your conclusions.