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Big Blue shoos Db2 blues before rogue staff turn the screws in hijack ruse (translation: patch your IBM databases)


@Shaun - congrats for selecting a 1980's PC as your headline picture. Obviously you have a lot of sympathy for IBM ;-)

So all I can see is a business-as-usual security update that fixes a vulnerability as it happens frequently across all software and vendors. (When was the last time your android or iOS phone received an update?).

Much ado about nothing. And Db2 clients will be happy that the problem was identified and corrected.

Consistency is key to Oracle and Microsoft's hybrid cloud clout


Research matters

Chris, nice article and definitely a hot topic. But your comments on IBM seem to lack knowledge about what we really offer in respect to Hybrid clouds. A few examples:

1. IBM's on-premise presence goes way beyond the mainframe. Our distributed SW business is much larger. For example on Db2: the Db2 family on the distributed side with Db2, Db2 Warehouse, the new Integrated Analytics System (running Db2 Warehouse) represent tens of thousands of clients world-wide.

2. DB2 became Db2 in June this year. It now stands for a family of integrated data management offerings and capabilities that clients use to build their data architectures. It covers ground and cloud, i.e. former dashDB cloud services are included as well (Db2 on Cloud, Db2 Warehouse on Cloud). They share the same technology stack for consistent working behavior, can be talked to with a single shared client driver, and a common console for a unified management and monitoring approach. If that's not hybrid enough - what is??

3. You can procure the Db2 cloud services via Bluemix already. And you can download Db2 digitally onto your laptop or DC server already. Later this quarter you will be able to purchase Db2 digitally as well.

4. The Db2 on Cloud service has arguably the best provisioning, scalability and price/performance in the market relative to Aurora and Azure SQL. Have you tried it yet?

5. As someone else already posted, Bluemix Local has been IBM's answer to the question how you consume IBMs (and 3rd parties) SW behind the firewall while enjoying cloud benefits. We are lauding the next generation of that later this quarter.

6. We just launched a paradigm-changing Integrated Analytics System which combines the next-generation data warehouse technology with an optimized POWER-based infrastructure but also tightly integrates Spark and our Data Science Experience product to deliver a unique and superb self-service experience for Data Scientists and Analysts to crunch tons of data in less time with less dependencies on IT to get their job done. Sounds fabulous? Yes - because it is!

7. You didn't mention Open Source databases. Unlike MSFT and Oracle, we already offer several open source repositories in our IBM cloud via Compose. And we are going to offer those also on our private cloud platform stack. It gives you more flexibility to build, and with our data virtualization features built into our Db2 family offerings, one can tap into all these repositories and bring them together. Including 3rd parties like MSFT and Oracle. Isn't that a lot of value and flexibility?

So, would you still say that "its hybrid cloud offering is less advanced than Oracle's.".?


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