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Sonos will deny updates to those who snub rewritten privacy terms



While, for what I can understand by reading this article, in your country SONOS is telling to customers that they will not recieve updates if not accept the new privacy (but seems that the app is still working), here in ITALY things are different: there's no way to use the device (Play 1) anymore if you don't accept the new privacy policy. The app (I'm on IOS) simply lead you to the screen where you have to accept the new rivacy policy, and if you don't do that, it brings you to the initial screen who says that "Sonos app needs to update to last version in order to have full functionality". That's it. Maybe they think that, as we are Italians, we agree by default. I paid over $ 200 for my device and I can't use it anymore. It's a shame. I'm going to sell my Play 1 on Ebay.