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That was fast... unlike old iPhones: Apple sued for slowing down mobes


Re: "To provide a better experience to customers"

"Given that this is a 'laws of physics' problem, it's guaranteed that Pixel, Samsung etc will have the same problem. They might manage it in a "

I dont think this is a "law of physics problems that other manufacturers also will encounter".

Every other phone manufacturer uses the same sort of batteries in their phones.

But its only apple who now seems to have such serious problems with 'standard' battery degradation over time , that they have to choose for the 'drastic' solution of reducing frequency.

I think this more points to or a 'ios' operating system issue, that they dont seem to be able to counter, or is this would be more worrying, a archtiectural design issue with their apple phone processors.

I was already wondered, that apple who is relatively new in the phone processor business could have been so successfull in designing processors, that beats out established phone processors players like qualcomm or arm.

Tesla reveals a less-long-legged truck, but a bigger reservation price


Re: re: Reliabity and Worth (of the truck)

"You mean like the 40 ton electric truck BMW/Scherm made has been doing for 2 years?"

60 mile range. 3 to 4 hours to recharge.

Parity's $280m Ethereum wallet freeze was no accident: It was a hack, claims angry upstart


Re: Whilst I have sympathy..

"A country doesn't have to cease to exist for it's currency to very quickly become worthless.

Well known examples include Weimar Germany and Zimbabwe."

Tell me one country in the last 50 years, that ceased to exist , overnight and that had their currency made worthless ? There is none

And both weimar germany and zimbabwe didnt have their currency turn worthless overnight, it took years and years. .


Re: Piece of p**s to think up a new crypto currency.

Not to rub it in, but there is a deposit garantie of a 100000 euro in most european union countries on saving accounts of banks. Maybe money in regular banks are not that bad after all.

Android at 10: How Google won the smartphone wars


market cap

HP Inc exec: Yes, we'll put a bullet in the X3 device


Re: HP... A mere shadow

HPE is still a great place to work for.

And HP Inc has still great products.

And windows phone mobile OS is still a great OS. And windows phones the best in class.

Microsoft will come back in the windows phone game, sooner or later. Its what microsoft does. Its what microsoft does best. Invent something, doesnt work completely, scrap it and later come back for a second try, a third try until it finds something that does work.

Ex-HP employee.


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